[INACTIVE][MECH] SpoutBackpack v1.2 - Give your players a Backpack w/ Spout [1000]

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    SpoutBackpack - Give your players a Backpack w/ Spout:
    Version: v1.2 - JarDownload


    I ported captainawesome7s cool BCBackpack plugin to Spout.
    The plugin provides an inventory for your players, that are using Spout!

    I just added some functions to save the inventory at different points, so that some bug with duping and loosing items should be fixed!

    • Pressing "B" opens and closes your backpack
    • Size and name can be customized
    • Saved on server
    • Works even on reload
    • Drop on death (configurable)

    This plugin requires Spout which you can find HERE.
    If your players don't have installed the client mod, they just have no access to the backpack.

    DropItemsOnDeath: false
    InventoryName: Backpack
    BackPackSize: 36
    SaveInterval: 5
    LogSaving: false
    • The InventoryName is the name of your Backpack that appears when opened - just change it to your needs (I call it Rucksack).
    • Your BackPackSize is the size of the inventory. It's like a chest so try using a multiple of nine and a maximum of 54 or the game will crash!!
    • With DropItemsOnDeath you can configure if the player looses the items in the Backpack when he dies.
    • SaveInterval is the delay between inventory saves of all players in minutes (default: 5 minutes)
    • LogSaving enables or disables "Saving" messages in server log.
    • SpoutBackpack v1.2 - JAR (Source included)
    • All credits go to captainawesome7 for his awesome BCBackpack plugin!! If you want to donate, send all of your money to him!
    • Permissions!
    • multiple chest sizes
    • Multiworld
    • iConomy
    • close on "B"
    • Fixing game crash when inventory is too big
    • If you put something in your Backpack and close Minecraft by clicking the "X" without closing your backpack, all items you put in since opening your Backpack are lost. That's not a bug - It's a feature to prevent duping.
    Version 1.2
    • Now the Backpack closes(!!) on "B".
    • Fixed Drop on Death bug
    • Inventory size is automatically adjusted on wrong values
    Version 1.1
    • Many dupe bugs fixed (hopefully all)
    • Save timer
    • Player inventories get stored in memory until next save
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release!
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    You're welcome! If you need a feature, feel free to ask!

    Edit: Version 1.5 released.
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    Im using this as soon permissions is supported
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    Read my post.
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    Well, the feature would be the economy, so players could buy bigger backpacks. Configurable cost the bigger the backpack! tier 1 pack 9 slots: cost of "1", tier 2 pack 18 slots, cost of "10", or whatever configurable value ;)
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    thnx ! didtn read all :), works!

    i have given permissions for 54 slots, but the user says he only has 9..

    Though me with '*' have 54

    sorry, he restarted and now it shows 54

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    I'm on it. Command will be like that : /backpack buy [Size]. Permissions & iConomy will be needed. Price will be configurable in the configuration file. That's all.

    You're welcome!
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    hmm could you hook into MobArena and disable the Backpack while the player is in the Arena? :/
    Cause it ruin the whole arena gameplay if a player use the backpack to get unallowed items to the arena battle.
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    we use dreamland with the options to take items to dreamland, but if you go back you get the items form before.
    will this work with that ?
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    I'll add this on my TO-DO list.

    I think it'll work, but to be sure of the answer, try by yourself.
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    Ok...if you develop the plugin now, i don't have to invest my time for this anymore.
    Then open your own thread for Backpack and i ask for a close of this one.
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    Aww can't we get 2 cool devs to work together? :D
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    You can find the new thread here.

    Why not, but I think he's probably going to develop a new cool plugin.
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    Yep...i gonna code something else. I already have an idea, but i need some time for this or even more developers.
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