[INACTIVE][MECH] SkyPirates v1.2.4 - Planes, submarines, hoverboats and more! [766][Permissions]

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    Take the whole world, above, below, and in between, as your own.

    Download the latest (ZIP): v1.2.4
    Older: v1.2.3, v1.2.2, v1.2.1, 1.2, 1.11, 1.1, 1.0
    Recommended texture pack (shameless plug for a friend): Euphoria's Texture Pack

    SkyPirates is all about freedom in vehicles, about doing what you never thought possible. In Minecraft, boats have long been considered flawed. Ungainly, slow to turn, and ultimately limited, boats are rarely used.

    SkyPirates is the game changer.

    Now, the sky is literally the limit, with boats becoming planes, land vehicles, and submarines.

    Fly through the air with a swing of your arm, fly to the next building project, and swoop to a graceful landing. Experience the unbridled joy in just leaving the confines of the earth below.

    Jump onto land, and watch as your boat smoothly transitions into an amphibious driving machine. Use for faster transportation, or simply for fun as you jump your way through the landscape.

    Dive into the ocean as a submarine, moving silently through the squids, surfacing at will. Explore the ocean depths, build the next underwater city, and surprise other players by popping up next to them.

    Hover over land and sea with the new hoverboat mode. Simply control with the arrow keys and float serenely over any obstacles in your path. Floats one block above the ground.

    Glide down to the ground with the glide mode. Floats slowly down to the ground, useful when you don't want to simply drop from a great height.

    Drill to great depths with the new drill mode. Get ores, endless stacks of stone and more underground... just be sure to watch out for lava!

    Of course, permissions are included, with full integration with Nijikokun's Permissions plugin. Control who can have access to SkyPirates, who can fly and who can submerge. If you don't like Permissions, boats will be restricted to the ops of your server.

    Turning speed is also increased, so no more painstakingly slow arcs to avoid that obstacle.

    SkyPirates - the ultimate in transportation plugins.

    • Six different modes of boats - amphibious, plane, hover, glide, drill and submarine.
    • Easy to learn, arm-based movement controls.
    • Permissions support.
    Known issues:

    • Due to missing Bukkit hooks, the player must be holding an item to right click and move down in flying or submarine modes.
    • Also due to Bukkit issues, even if invincible permission is given, boats will still die on block collision. Nothing I can do to alleviate that at the moment, but rest assured, it will be fixed when possible!
    • Currently, it can be hard to start moving on land from a still position. Just keep jumping and moving, and it'll kick in. I'll fix this issue when I can!

    SkyPirate is designed to be as easy to use as possible. To change modes, use the SkyPirates command detailed in the commands section of this post. If given the appropriate permissions, every time a player steps into a boat, the default mode will be enabled. Simply swing your arm to jump, and once on land, you will also be able to drive as normal.

    Once in flying mode, use arm swings to fly up, and right clicks to head down. The boat controls are otherwise exactly the same. The only limitation, due to missing Bukkit hooks, is that one must be holding an item while right clicking to go down. An easy to learn control method, without breaking the flow of immersion.

    While in submarine mode, the boat will automatically sink slowly towards the bottom. If given the infinite air permission (look below), you will never run out of air. To swim towards the surface, swing your arm in any direction. To drop faster, use right clicks.

    Please note: the '|' character means you can use the command before or after the
    '|', and they'll do the same thing. IE. /sp m p is the same as
    /skypirates mode plane.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky plane|p - switches to plane mode.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky submarine|sub|s - switches to submarine mode.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky hoverboat|hover|h - switches to hoverboat mode.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky glider|g - switches to glider mode.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky drill|d - switches to drill mode.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky (anything) - for normal mode.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky clear|c - clears all empty SkyPirates boats.
    /skypirates|skypi|sky help - lists available modes.
    skypirates.admin.invincible - stops damage to boats.
    skypirates.admin.clear - allows access to the clear command.
    skypirates.player.enable - enables default functions of SkyPirates. (jumping boat,
    mode change command access)
    skypirates.player.air - gives unlimited air while in submarine mode.
    skypirates.player.changemode - allows a player to change modes.
    skypirates.player.help - gives access to the help command
    skypirates.modes.plane - allows a player to change mode to plane.
    skypirates.modes.submarine - allows a player to change mode to submarine.
    skypirates.modes.hoverboat - allows player to change mode to hoverboat.
    skypirates.modes.glider - allows player to change mode to glider.
    skypirates.modes.drill- allows player to change mode to drill.
    skypirates.items.* - allows access to item abilities - detailed later in the post.
    Possible items are: obsidian, snowblock, diamonds, coal, and helmets.
    Use the names for specific items access.

    Item abilities are special effects given to boats when certain items are held or used.
    • Obsidian (passive) - for admins who don't want to give invincible permission lightly. Will grant the same effects as the skypirates.admin.invincible permission when held.
    • Snowblock - right click with one in-hand to stop your boat and set throttle to 1x speed. Useful at high speeds!
    • Helmet (passive) - for admins who don't want to give unlimited air underwater to everyone. If a helmet is worn while underwater, a player will get unlimited air.
    • Coal (passive) - boosts jump height, fly height and hover height when held.
    • Diamonds - left clicking with these held will boost throttle, right click will lower it. You can't jump, fly or swim up and down at the same time though!
    Changelog (open)
    v1.2.4 - fixed some minor clicking glitches.
    v1.2.2 - fixed command only displaying in boats.
    v1.2 - bugfixes (super high flying), glider, drill mode.
    v1.11 - added clear command.
    v1.1: Added Hoverboat mode.
    v1.0: Initial release.
    Credits (open)
    Most major functionality is written by me, but people, either unknowingly or not, helped with the making of this plugin. Some credit must go to Afforess, some of whose Minecart Mania code I used as a starting point. The author of PickBoat too, for his damage boat code I used in an attempt to stop block collisions killing boats. The testers I pressganged into helping me deserve thanks, as does Redecouverte, whose boat turning and speed up code I adapted for my plugin. Lucagd, who came up with the idea for the name, wanted credit, so here it is.
    Video (open)
    Made by IAMWIN

    Pictures (open)

    It's been a great deal of fun working on this project. If you want more boat modes or other features, tell me! I'm always looking for great ideas, especially new item abilities.
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    Try redownloading it, fullwall has a habit of making changes and uploading it with the same version number.
    (it would make me happy if he wouldn't do that, but I'm not complaining, i love this plugin)
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    Thats the thing with Multiplay, I don't need to download.
    Multiplay got an admin panel, where I got a list of updated mods, which I can either add or remove to my server, and I'm currently using the SkyPirates 1.2, so it should work.
    I can try to suggest them, to update it though.
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    thats what i mean, the original 1.2 didnt have the newest modes, he made changes and enabled them, but left it 1.2, thats why i recommend redownloading. :)
    but if you're sure your version is equal to whats on the site right now, i dont have any other recommendations
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    That means you don't have permissions for gliding. By the way, the glider is just for air travel, just gliding down to the ground. Hoverboat is more for car style traveling.
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    I'm admin and OP on the server, so I should be able to do all of them.
    Also, it does say that its in glide/hover mode, but it doesn't do anything.

    Like this:
    Enter boat, type command, text appears that its on, nothing changed.

    When I try with plane or drill, it works, and I haven't given myself permission for that either, since I'm admin.

    Anyways, sending a ticket to Multiplay about updating it.
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    Just in cause you don't know, your plugin doesn't work with cb#560+
    Maybe you can make a fix, so if a new recommend build is released your is already working with the new version.
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    I find the "drill" option not the funnest experience, half the time it does nothing, other times when it "works" it glitches like mad and im stuck inside blocks for ages.
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    hey dude it says tht its not up to date? will it still work?
  10. ok plz make an update for this i really like this update wish i could donate
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    Err. Apparently I have to nag you about this:

    onVehicleUpdate has been replaced with a new signature, (VehicleUpdateEvent)
    CB RB 617
  12. 22:02:01 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'fullwall' of 'SkyPirates' about the following: on
    VehicleUpdate has been replaced with a new signature, (VehicleUpdateEvent)

    Appears on bukkit #621 as well !
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    Argh... It seems that controls are a bit buggy on the Mac... I must continuously wave my fist by left clicking instead of clicking once for how many blocks high you want to go like on the PC. Here's a video - I also show my permissions for reference. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18187962/Screen Recording 2.mov

    On another note, I will be more than happy to be a dedicated Mac tester for this plugin, due to small minor problems that are arising. Email me if there is a solution or you wish to take me up on my offer - [email protected]

    Almost forgot - Latest version of Skypirates, first Minecraft 1.4 Craftbukkit build.
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    Steve Member

    Erm there's two different jar files in the 1.2 zip file which ones the right one?
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    Does it works on CB 617?
  16. It works on #621, which means it should work on #617 ........
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    I have a mac too and I cannot maintain my altitude. As soon as I stop clicking in the air I fall back to the ground.
    Using 1.2 sky pirates, 1.4 minecraft, 617 bukkit
  18. [SEVERE] Nag author: 'fullwall' of 'SkyPirates' about the following: onVehicleUpdate has been replaced with a new signature, (VehicleUpdateEvent)

    I'm nagging - as per request .........

    Sorry - just noticed I'd already nagged previous - please ignore this latest nag ! :p
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Happens on PC as well, appears to be some bug, usually fixed by breaking the boat and trying on water.
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    I have both this and permissions, and everytime I use a command nothing happens. Even /sky help does nothing.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Ok, the right-click landing isn't working, item or no item. Everything else... is Ok. Of course, I have to put my boat in the water, and have it moving when I type /sky p to fly my boat, otherwise it descends immediately after not left-clicking. Hopefully you can work on this, unless it's something that can't be avoided. Also, the boosters do not work in plane mode, as I believe I reported before. To compensate, maybe you could make the hover height higher? Or configurable? Wish I could use the boosters in plane mode.

    As I sort of said above, maybe you should add this:
    For best results, place boat in still water, and have it moving a little bit before attempting a command.

    I've had no luck getting a boat up on land, only in water...
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    Is it possible to build around the boat and make it look like an actual plane and it'll actually fly? :D
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Nope. Check out the MoveCraft plugin if you'd like stuff like that.
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    2011-04-13 13:38:10 [SEVERE] PLAYER_ITEM loading SkyPirates v1.2 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: PLAYER_ITEM
        at com.fullwall.SkyPirates.SkyPirates.onEnable(SkyPirates.java:52)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:127)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:578)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:216)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:115)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:93)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:215)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:202)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:142)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:257)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:375)
    2011-04-13 13:38:27 [INFO] [SkyPirates]: version [1.2] (Caribbean) disabled


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    Show Spoiler
    for errors
    2.Try the second SkyPirates plugin that was provided in the ZIP file.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Ya, there's two versions - the one in the root directory is 14 days newer... I didn't know they were different though... maybe it will work now...
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    Will fullwall update this to build #733?, I really like this plugin :)
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    Would it be theoretically possible if we were able to attach blocks to the boat?
    So that maybe I could imitate wings and the tail of a plane.

    I find that the two types of vehicle movement simulation is either from moving entire cluster of attached blocks together (which provides more variety in shapes, but choppy movement), or turning the boat into a flying/swimming/land-roving vehicle (which is practically a floating box, but it does have smooth movement and controls).

    EDIT: nvm, I just realized a boat is technically not a block but an item.
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    Would be great to have this updated for 1.5. Or even if a source code was released.
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    is this updated to 1.5 and if not when?
  31. If you click on @fullwall 's name, it lets you know he'll be back in 2 weeks - that's from 14th April, so he's probably on his hols or something, anyway, he's due back any day now ....... (hopefully). ;)

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