[INACTIVE][MECH] SignEdit v1.4.8 - Remote-edit signs (with Colors!) [617]

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    SignEdit v1.4.8 (LWC, GroupManager & Permissions support)

    Built against:
    Latest recommended CraftBukkit #617
    LWC 2.1
    GroupManager 1.0 alpha 5
    Permissions 2.5.4

    With SignEdit you can edit the text of a sign without having to re-place it.
    You can register names for the signs to edit them whithout seeing them.
    This is very useful for sign-plugins like CraftBook!


    • Use colors on signs!
    • Edit whole signs you´re looking at.
    • Edit only some lines of signs.
    • Edit signs out of range with a self-set name.
    • Clear signs with ease.
    • Add/Edit/Remove names for signs to edit them from everywhere.
    • Full LWC & GroupManager support
    • Much more planned...
    • Switch between texts by clicking the sign. (if wanted)
    • Switch between texts of another sign by clicking the control sign.
    • Redstone-Wire the control sign.
    • Save texts & sign-names per player.
    • Allow multiple signs per name.
    Using it:
    The main command is /signedit or /se
    ( <> = needed; [ ] = optional )
    Add an ID to the sign you´re looking at:
    /se add <name/id>
    Edit the ID of the sign you´re looking at or by ID:
    /se edit [Name/ID] <newName/newId>
    Remove the ID of the sign you´re looking at or by ID:
    /se remove [Name/ID]
    Clear the text of the sign you´re looking at or by ID:
    /se clear [Name/ID]
    Set the text of the sign you´re looking at:
    /se set <text>
    Set the text of the sign matched by it´s ID:
    /se setid <name/id> <text>
    Save the text of a sign.
    /se save [Name/ID] <SaveName>
    Load a text on the sign.
    /se load [Name/ID] <SaveName>
    Remove a saved text.
    /se rsave <SaveName>

    Syntax of <text>:
    "first line" "second line" "third line" "fourth line"
    - Two quotes mark one line.
    - You dont need to put a space between the quotes.
    - A line can contain any character except for a quote.
    - A line can be empty
    - You dont have to set all lines.
    Setting specific lines:
    2"second line" 4"fourth line"
    - The number before a quote is the line-number. (1-4)[/size]
    - None-set lines will keep the text they have.

    signedit.add - Add Sign-IDs
    signedit.edit - Edit Sign-IDs
    signedit.remove - Remove Sign-ID´s
    signedit.edittext - Clear/Set/Edit signs
    signedit.savetext - Save sign-texts
    signedit.loadtext - Load sign-texts
    signedit.removetext - Remove saved texts
    See http://wom.thatgamer.com/colorguide.php for Color-Codes.

    Example commands:
    /se add MyPluginName
    /se edit MyPluginName MyNewPluginName
    /se remove MyPluginName
    /se set "First line" "" "Third line"
    /se set 2"Second line" 4"Fourth line"
    /se setid MyPluginName "First line" "" "Third line"
    /se setid MyPluginName 2"Second line" 4"Fourth line"
    Change Color of a line:
    /se set "[ColorCode]"

    Download v1.4.8 #617:

    Download v1.4.7 #602:

    Download v1.4.6 #556:

    Changelog (open)
    V 1.4.8
    - again
    - Latest Bukkit and LWC 2.1
    - Compiled with LWC 2
    - And again
    - Built with latest Bukkit, GroupManager, Permissions & LWC.
    - Built with latest Bukkit, GroupManager, Permissions & LWC.
    - various bugfixes
    - Added Multiworld support for name-based sign editing.
    - Updated to b493jnks
    - Update to GroupManager 1.0 pre alpha 3
    - Update to Permissions 2.5.2
    - Changed to new save-format for sign-names
    - Added Permissions 2.5.1 support
    - Added Save/load/remove of sign-texts (atm only one savefile for all users)
    - Added GroupManager support
    - Recompiled with new bukkit
    - Fixed TSLPC
    - Temorary disabled permissions (LWC still active)
    - Added LWC-Protection support
    - Added Permissions support
    - Rebuild with new bukkit rev.
    - Colors now usable without the command (Right-click sign after placing)
    - Registered ID´s will be removed if the signs get destroyed.
    - First release

    Reuploaded... sry 4 missrelease ^^

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    LWC 2 isnt supported yet. I dont even saw that v2 is out.
    Update comes tomorrow.
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    Thanks spirit :)

    Great support for a great plugin from a great dev

    Totally manly man love to you <3

    edit: Using LWC 2.0 with sqlite (not mysql)
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    Retracted - didnt see the two above posts.
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    Updated with LWC2 but i have no time to test it.

    Would you pls test it with a protected sign and see if it works?
    I edit the first post as soon as i know it works but it should work without any problem.

    Download: http://software.sp1rit.de/Minecraft/LWC2/SignEdit.jar
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    Tested it on 556 with LWC2
    Works fine :)

    Lwc also can protect the sign and make it unbreakable.

    Thanks Spirit
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    bug: i can't set a line empty. i wanted to change 3rd line of sign from "test" into "". but /se set 3"" doesn't work. can you please fix this?
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    Updated for #602 and LWC 2.1

    @Kartus I cant retrace the bug. It works fine for me. Any error message in the console?
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    Sorry, i don't know why, but with 1.4.6 now it works fine. thank you :)
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    For all who cares: SignEdit v2 just got Right-Click-SignEditing.
    v2 still goes forward ;)
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    was a bit going around and tried a plugin and found it would be nice to have the option to write a text to a sign and make it transparent, so it is still written but can not be seen (usefull for some of my plugins using signs)

    And the secound thing, it is nice to edit a sign, but how about set a text for a sign and simple type something like
    /se preset xyz and it writes the text to the sign that i defined earlyer by the name xyz?

    Maybe it is possible to do, not sure, but would be nice to hear if you maybe can add it.

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    first off all: It is not possible to make the text transparent afaik. I can just use the colors they are already defined in mc.

    The second request is already possible if i understood it right.
    /se add SignName <- while you are looking at a sign
    /se setid SignName "Line1" "Line2" "Line3" "Line4"
    /se setid SignName 3"Line3"

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    Well ok for the transparent stuff ... but well then it is like it is.

    For the other part, what you wrote sounds like i edit a sign from some other point on the map after i gave it an id, thats fine as it is.

    But i have for example some ICs running that all need the same text on the sign, it gets boring after some time to type it all over again and again, so something like set the text once and with a short command put it on a sign would be nice.

    /se preset TextID "Line 1" "Line 2" Line 3" "Line 4"
    to save the text

    /se usepreset TextID

    to write the preset Text to the Sign i am looking at or
    /se usepreset TextID SignName
    to write it to a saved Sign

    So long
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    what you want is already built into sign edit.

    Create a sign with the text you want to use as a template.
    /se add <SignName/ID> <- while you are looking at a sign
    /se save <SaveName> or
    /se save <SignName/ID> <SaveName>

    Create your new sign
    /se add <SignName/ID> <- while you are looking at a sign
    /se load <SaveName> or
    /se load <SignName/ID> <SaveName>

    All your saved sign templates are saved in the plugins\SignEdit\savedTexts.dat file.
    It has a strange format, so you may not want to edit it directly.
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    thx for that, now i a go and find a dark room to hide myself in and let no one find me ....
    How st....

    I think some other plugins messed up my mind and my users did the rest in the past days and i fear the 1.5 update ...
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    Not sure if this has been reported yet but if you edit a sign below a sign thats on a sign, it edits the top sign.
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    I didnt really unterstand it, but its a getTargetBlock problem ob bukkit.
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    When looking at the sign to edit, are you sure you are "looking through" the top sign block to the bottom one and thus are really looking at the top sign to edit?

    to test this, try digging a hole in front of the sign stack, so you player is in the 1 deep hole. look at the bottom sign and then try to edit it. Does it still edit the top sign?
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    Anyone know a colour chart? I can't find one for the life of me and the one on the OP is broken..
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    &4 = Dark red/Brown = RGB(190,0,0) #be0000
    &c = Red = RGB(254,63,63) #fe3f3f
    &6 = Yellow = RGB(217,163,52) #d9a334
    &e = Light Yellow = RGB(254,254,63) #fefe3f
    &2 = Green = RGB(0,190,0) #00be00
    &a = Light Green= RGB(63,254,63) #3ffe3f
    &b = Light Blue = RGB(63,254,254) #3ffefe
    &3 = Cyan = RGB(0,190,190) #00bebe
    &1 = Blue = RGB(0,0,190) #0000be
    &9 = Deeper blue = RGB(63,63,254) #3f3ffe
    &d = Magenta = RGB(254,63,254) #fe3ffe
    &5 = Purple = RGB(190,0,190) #be00be
    &f = White = RGB(255,255,255) #ffffff (this text is obviously not white, but you can read it)
    &7 = Light Gray = RGB(190,190,190) #bebebe
    &8 = Gray = RGB(63,63,63) #3f3f3f
    &0 = Black = RGB(0,0,0) #000000

    if you can't see the color information above, highlight the lines.

    @.$pIrit, could you please put this in your OP. It would help a lot with future questions. I just took the values from the page you linked.
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    anyone getting Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (16 > 15)
    this ?
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    This is when you try to set a line on a sign with more than 15 letters/spaces.
    Don't put so many letters on the sign line.
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    Yeah I know but it creates a crashloop, the only way to get back into game for me was to stay away from that sign... if i go close it creates a crashloop again
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    Are you using MinecartMania? If so, they have discussed this issue as it relates to MM there.
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    Oh, hmm.
    Then I apologize. I was almost sure it was because of SignEdit. Thanks :D
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    i discovered a bug and i thought lets register and tell u what bug i have found:

    i have a space in my world name. this couses to put a / in my world name in the save file signs.dat
    so the next time i reload my server and i want to set a sign's text by its id it says no sign with that id found or something. but when i tried to register the sign again with the same id as before it says: there is already a sign registered with that id.... so.. i hop you can fix this.

    what i am doing now is after creating a new sign, edit the signs.dat and removed the / in my world name and everything works perfectly.

    and 1 more thing: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for creating such a nice plugin :)
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    That will be fixed in v2 because im using the built in bukkit database.
    I cant tell an release date yet but it will be soon.

    Thx for registering ;)

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    So how do I get rid of this? Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (16 > 15)
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    For the moment... dont use more than 15 cahrs. (color = 2 chars i guess)

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