[INACTIVE][MECH][SEC] Ex-Explosions 1.0.0 - prevent TNT from exploding [677]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CruzBishop, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Ex-Explosions - The ultimate explosion prevention
    Version: 1.0.0

    This plugin disables all explosions, including TNT, creepers, and custom-made explosions

    • Stops all explosions before they affect the server


    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release

    Video of TNT nerfing:
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    OMG DUDE THIS IS AMAZING, Possibly a Log File To See Who Placed TnT?

    EDIT: Just Tested Works Good, multiple tnt works but if multiple tnt is set of (hitting more than one block) the tnt stays after.. Do you get that?
    EDIT: Yeh Double Checked if the Tnt You Hit, hits the surrounding Tnt It Doesn't Dissapear
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    @Razor: It doesn't affect the other TNT because it cancels the explosion from the first block. I might put in a check to include surrounding blocks of TNT in 1.1
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    Hey, could you add an option for enabling damage? So you place TNT, it doesn't destroy the blocks but does damage the player.
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    Sure, Jochum. I'll have a play around in a few hours and see what I can come up with

    (It might have to wait until tomorrow, though, because I could have to take someone to the hospital)
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    Hey this would be really great if you implemented damage with both tnt and creepers.
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    Is creeper blocked?
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    hey i need this plugin for creeper please... i want the creeper to explode like the tnt but to restore the blocks that way people can still make funny traps but not ruin the world i hate creepers explosions not effecting the world and reverting they just disappear. and i want the tnt to hurt please? so people can still make deadly traps maybe as a optional txt file in the config? :)
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    I like the idea proposed above of creeper explosions behaving like TNT. With the blocks being replaced after the explosion.

    You get to blow stuff up, but no consequences... how cool is that?! Nice mod.
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    Creepers should already be blocked <,<
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    they are but we want them to explode like your tnt and is it possible to have a config where tnt and creepers still hurt you? we want them to explode and damage people in the area... tnt and creepers BOTH but have the blocks be redrawn like in your video not just creepers vanishing or just not exploding. but exploding making a hole then that hole closing up soon after like your tnt does in the video its SUPER COOL! and i love tnt and creeper traps its fun but makes a horrible mess so basically... could you make creepers do what your tnt does? explode then redraw the area only have a option to enable or disable damage on tnt/creepers?
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    I'll have a go and see what I can come up with :)
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    I turned off all of worldguard's global protections and just use this for anything not a region (No mans land). I hate creeper craters and people using tnt to mine. This stops both. But creepers are null now. Damaging users and redrawing the damaged blocks FTW.
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    Update For 670 Please!
    Much <3. Amazing Plugin....
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    greate plugin .. griefer = fuck this server
    plugin = fuck u
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    Just thought I should say this will work on 677. I'm still trying to get damage working as an option, but it might be a few days yet
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    Question, can we specify which things can't be exploded? I would like creeper explosions off but TNT explosions on.
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    That will be in version 1.1 :) Hopefully tomorrow or the day after
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    make it so the tnt disappeares ....... its ennoying to have to destroy all the tnt plced
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    Why would he be mad? You my friend need to learn how to read.

    OP: Does this work with 714?
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    cb 677 - inactive
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    Is it possible to make Creepers allowed to explode?

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