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    Redstone sponges! - Makes sponges react to redstone!

    v0.6 - Download
    v0.45 - Download
    v0.4 - Download
    v0.3 - Download
    v0.25 - Download
    v0.2 - Download
    Source-Code is inside the jar-file!

    In Short:

    This plugin allows to let sponges react to redstone! (oh and it also let the sponges work like in the classic MC)
    A sponge with NO power == a sponge and sucksup (default) 3 block of water/lava, however apply a redstone current to it and it stops to work! So letting all water/lava trough! You can also choose any id you want the sponge to convert into (and even use wool-colours)

    • Sponges remove water and lava (3 blocks by default)
    • A unpowered sponge works like a sponge!
    • A powered does NOT remove any water
    • Think of the nice things you can make :) shower, 'door', traps, ...
    Config file:

    Config file (open)

    This is the default config file created by the plugin:
    #Minecraft bukkit server plugin properties
    #RedstoneSponge Plugin!
    #Sun Feb 06 17:53:58 CET 2011
    convert-id -> let you choose the ID you want the sponge to convert to.
    water-sponge -> enables or disables the water-sponge.
    redstone-sponge -> enables or disables redstone support.
    convert-when-powered -> set this to 'true' to let the sponge convert to any ID you choose!
    sponge-radius -> the radius of the sponge :) (note the sponge counts as 1)
    lava-sponge -> enables or disables the lava-sponge
    wool-colour -> if you choose convert-id 35 then you can set the colour of the wool you want!

    Available colours:


    Version 0.1
    • Releasing of the plugin
    Version 0.2

    • You can now place redstone UNDER and ON TOP of the sponge/wool
    • It only converts YELLOW wool
    • java-code improved :)
    Version 0.3

    • Added serveral extra options in the config file
    • Sponge stays sponge, no need to convert to cloth
    • Used the new "isBlockPowered()" instead of checking if there is any redstone near the sponge (better performance)
    Version 0.4

    • Several fixes: automatic config file creation, debug messages, not-converting cloth
    • You can now set "convert" to true or false to choose what you want!
    • You can now choose the ID you want the sponge to convert to
    • If you choose ID 35 (wool) you can set the wool-color ("YELLOW,LIME,...")
    Version 0.45

    • Fix for bukkit 293!
    Version 0.6

    • Fixed for #440
    • Removed the stupid long blah blah blah...

    • Not just convert to cloth but set the range to 0 or something 
    • Add config file to change the range
    • Let the users decide what range on power (0 default) and what on unpowered (3 by default)

    • Placing a redsone-torch ON the block WILL power it. However removing the torch doesn't seem to generate a event so the block will NOT convert back to sponge. Redstone on the side should work fine though, aswell as a lever on any side.

    Feel free to copy/paste/use my code (just include my name "Matthijs/Mattie112" somewhere in the source) (basicley this licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ will add this in the source)
  2. Maybe some sort of command? Like a sponge won't change until you type '/sponge' and punch it or something.
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    can you place back source water/lava when the sponge is powered/removed?
    that way I can use it without breaking the smooth ocean (secret base ! :p)
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    In that case I really need to save the location of the sponges (and the source-blocks), but it should be possible. Don't expect a verry fast release but I will try it!
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    link is broken
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    The link works fine here. I've uploaded the 0.4 version to the forum so you can try download it from here aswell. However i can only upload a .zip so just rename it to .jar!
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    I'm having troubles. When I place a sponge, the water around it dissapears, but then just flows back to were it was. I can power it with redstone, then cut the power and it will do the same thing again, removing water but then the water just comes back and replaces it. Same thing with lava.

    I'm on craftbukkit build 241.
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    Changes needed for new Bukkit build

    onBlockRedstoneChange(BlockRedstoneEvent event)



    void redstoneSpongeConvert(BlockRedstoneEvent event)


    World world = event.getBlock().getWorld();
    Block blockTo = event.getBlock();

    void redstoneSpongeToggle(BlockRedstoneEvent event)
    World world = event.getBlock().getWorld();
    Block blockTo = event.getBlock();
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    Oh wait, forget my previos post. I didn't realize it was neccicary to put a redstone torch on the side of it.
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    Hmm, the plugin does not seem to work for me. It just acts like a regular sponge no matter how I wire it up.
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    I was wondering if you could make a setting to switch the behavior of when redstone is active on the sponge and not active.... so that the sponge will let water be around it by default and will act like a sponge with redstone active on it. I feel like making underwater cities would be way too easy with sponges.

    On a side note: My players would love the plugin if I implemented it so they could control water flow.
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    Yes sir!


    note: mostley untested because i have limited time at the moment.

    You should make a "block-water-when-powered=true" option in the config file if you want it your way :)

    I didn't put this in the start-post because i need to test it first :)
    'false' == default!

    Please let me know if it works properly!
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    it would perhaps make more sense for this to be block-liquid-when-powered since it works for both?
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    Thank you! How stupid :p
    I'll change it in the next 'update' (so tonight with some small bug-fixes and code-improvements)
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    I made did the "block-water-when-powered=true" change in the config... still parted water when placed
    Then I tried adding...
    'false' == default!
    ... and it had the same result.

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    I have seen something simular as a client mod, i think this is a really awesome plugin for bukkit.

    My thoughts are: that an awesome addition to this plugin is to make it so that sponge can naturally appear with in the world. Like at the bottom of the oceans. That way the standard players on the server that don't have the /give or /i commands will also be able to experience the beauty of this plugin, by finding "sea" sponge on the ocean floor and harvesting it.
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    Solid idea, couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Wow, that's a nice idea! I will definitely take that in mind however at the moment i have no idea how to "find" a ocean and let sponges grow ;p So if anyone has an idea please let me know ;)

    The option to change the 'unpowered' sponge-action will be fixed today ;)
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    Not sure if im doing something wrong, however i have a stream of lava falling down from a high place, i then use a sponge to open a pathway to a secret room. The sponge turns from wool to a sponge again using correct wiring, however when it turns into a sponge it doesnt want to suck up the lava.


    Nevermind i fixed the problem, was using the redstone ontop of the block, forgot about what you said on the first page. Using it on the side works fine. =)
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    Quick fix:
    (note: redstone-torch on the side does NOT work, a lever however does.)
    It sais it's version 0.5 however i'll release it again using the same number when i find a way to make the torch work.

    The config file should be this if you want sponges to block water/lava when powered:

    #Minecraft bukkit server plugin properties
    #RedstoneSponge Plugin!
    #Fri Feb 11 10:35:38 CET 2011
    note2: i changed the option to "block-when-powered" because it also works on lava :p
    (thanks for reminding me)

    edit: tested with CraftBukkit # 304
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    Hey man,

    I just tested the most recent release, and I've noticed a small problem. It's very simple, once a sponge is placed, it removes ALL lava within the squares. When power is turned on, lava begins to flow again. When power is turned off for a final time, while lava won't invade more squares of those squares are within the radius of the sponge, the sponge doesn't actively remove the lava that's currently there!!

    I'm going to see if I can fix it myself, but odds are I can't. Do you suppose you could do something about this?
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    How do I install the class files? In the minecraft jar or in the plugin folder?
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    put the jar file you download into the plugin folder.
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    I didnt get a jar, only a zip
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    Check inside the zip for a .jar

    If it's not in there, just look on the second page, a couple of posts up, and the author of the plugin made a link directly to the .jar file. Download that, and place it into the plugin folder.
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    Could you make it so all the water flowes back in when the sponge is removed or turned off
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    thanks, i'm pretty sure i read it somewhere else so not really my idea just something i would like to see implemented in multiplayer. I have been looking around and there are a few client mods that produce coral underwater. maybe there are similarities in the code that u could use?
  29. How's it going, guys? :3
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    On bukkit 457 the sponges don't work properly. When I place a sponge water is pushed back as it should, but then fills back in.
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    I just got home from my vacation so the update/fix will be there this week!

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