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    Redstone sponges! - Makes sponges react to redstone!

    v0.6 - Download
    v0.45 - Download
    v0.4 - Download
    v0.3 - Download
    v0.25 - Download
    v0.2 - Download
    Source-Code is inside the jar-file!

    In Short:

    This plugin allows to let sponges react to redstone! (oh and it also let the sponges work like in the classic MC)
    A sponge with NO power == a sponge and sucksup (default) 3 block of water/lava, however apply a redstone current to it and it stops to work! So letting all water/lava trough! You can also choose any id you want the sponge to convert into (and even use wool-colours)

    • Sponges remove water and lava (3 blocks by default)
    • A unpowered sponge works like a sponge!
    • A powered does NOT remove any water
    • Think of the nice things you can make :) shower, 'door', traps, ...
    Config file:

    Config file (open)

    This is the default config file created by the plugin:
    #Minecraft bukkit server plugin properties
    #RedstoneSponge Plugin!
    #Sun Feb 06 17:53:58 CET 2011
    convert-id -> let you choose the ID you want the sponge to convert to.
    water-sponge -> enables or disables the water-sponge.
    redstone-sponge -> enables or disables redstone support.
    convert-when-powered -> set this to 'true' to let the sponge convert to any ID you choose!
    sponge-radius -> the radius of the sponge :) (note the sponge counts as 1)
    lava-sponge -> enables or disables the lava-sponge
    wool-colour -> if you choose convert-id 35 then you can set the colour of the wool you want!

    Available colours:


    Version 0.1
    • Releasing of the plugin
    Version 0.2

    • You can now place redstone UNDER and ON TOP of the sponge/wool
    • It only converts YELLOW wool
    • java-code improved :)
    Version 0.3

    • Added serveral extra options in the config file
    • Sponge stays sponge, no need to convert to cloth
    • Used the new "isBlockPowered()" instead of checking if there is any redstone near the sponge (better performance)
    Version 0.4

    • Several fixes: automatic config file creation, debug messages, not-converting cloth
    • You can now set "convert" to true or false to choose what you want!
    • You can now choose the ID you want the sponge to convert to
    • If you choose ID 35 (wool) you can set the wool-color ("YELLOW,LIME,...")
    Version 0.45

    • Fix for bukkit 293!
    Version 0.6

    • Fixed for #440
    • Removed the stupid long blah blah blah...

    • Not just convert to cloth but set the range to 0 or something 
    • Add config file to change the range
    • Let the users decide what range on power (0 default) and what on unpowered (3 by default)

    • Placing a redsone-torch ON the block WILL power it. However removing the torch doesn't seem to generate a event so the block will NOT convert back to sponge. Redstone on the side should work fine though, aswell as a lever on any side.

    Feel free to copy/paste/use my code (just include my name "Matthijs/Mattie112" somewhere in the source) (basicley this licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ will add this in the source)
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    Dude this sounds like a cool thing for water and lava gates!

    I'll try this out later
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    This looks oddly familiar.
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    I still need to add some comment to the code ofcource i got a huge amount of information from sk89q (will add his name!) however its nog 100% copy/paste.
    Oh and WorldGuard does not have lava-support i've added that aswell.
    The redstone support is 100% NOT from someone else except some help from topics on this forum i did everything by myself


    oh and i made this plugin because a friend of mine (SuperMonkey) asked if i could ask sk89q to implement redstone support. He said: i'll look into that (see: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/wo...ges-block-fire-creepers.790/page-9#post-15218) But i was thinking: hey i can programm java so why not try to make a plugin myself :)
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    The download link seems to be offline. Could you please fix?
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    Yeah sorry, I'm currentley in the datacenter restoring the broken harddrive. It should work in a couple of hours!
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    Yep =( Broken link
    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 5:43 PM ---
    Saw the update..... darn
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 5:19 AM ---
    Testing now! =D
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 7:35 AM ---
    Ok, I can't get this working.

    It turns to cloth, but it wont turn back.
    Also, It removes the water for a few seconds, and then the water flows and fills on the removed water. Odd
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    Perhaps it's broken with a bukkit update. Wich version are you using?
  9. Yeah, 90% of the time the cloth won't turn back into sponge. Also, could you add an option to change it into something other than cloth? It's very flammable...
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    Ok, i think i can add the option so you can change the material. However i'm currentley sick so i won't be doing it today. i hope i can do it tomorrow!
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    Fantastic plugin. I use BlockDrops to make sand drop sponges and then this to make sponges have a use. Really makes the game more interesting, I can finally control water.
  12. I hope you're feeling better.
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    This working fine on b186?
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    Oh, i'm really sorry i didn't reply. I was sick for a long time but i will update it tomorow ;)

    What do you prefere:

    - a option to choose witch block it should turn in
    - a sponge that does not change

    (or perhaps i can add both :p)
  15. Both.
    Or release two versions.
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    Just a little update.
    I changed the plugin so it stays a sponge :)
    I'm currentley working on something to choose if you want to convert (and an option to set the id you want) or if you want to keep the sponge).
    However i don't know if i can fix it today. If not i'll do it first thing tomorrow!

    note: the version in the url contains some debug-messages. If i don't finish today i'll upload one without messages!
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 5:08 PM ---
    Quick release:

    -extra options in the config file (delete it and it will create a new one)
    -possible to change if you want to keep sponge or use convert (atm it converts to yellow wool)

    not done yet (i have added the options in the config file):
    -convert-id change
    - if convert-id is wool, set wool-colour

    Unfortunatley i don't have time right no to properly test it so it may still contain some bugs or debug messages. I use it with craftbukkit 223 so it should work with any new version :)

    I will finish it tomorow and make a good description of the config file!

    let me know what you think, and if you find any bugs!!
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    I love the concept, and will test the "newer" versions as soon as I get a chance. However, for the future, could you please put the changes/current version/date/etc. in your original post? So we have a general place to look for current changes or what not.

    Thank you kindly!!! Will test it out asap and let ya know :p
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 5:45 PM ---
    Okay. We downloaded the 5527 one, and it seems to kill the redstone thats powering it whenever we power it.

    For example, if I (to test) place a redstone torch on top of the sponge, which owuld give it power, it just pops right off.

    Console says it is powered, then not lol.

    Any ideas?
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 6:09 PM ---
    mmmk with further evaluation, I found that you cant put the redstone on top. It has to be on the sides >.>

    Works like that! Awesome!!! :D
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    I found a strange issue.
    There HAVE to be two pieces of redstone dust between the sponge and a redstone torch. If there is only one piece or more than 2 the block will not change to sponge anymore.
    I did not test anything with other sources than a torch (lever/buttons).

    I hope this wil help to find the bug.
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    There is a varying use of case in the code used to find the properties file and create it/directories. This doesn't jive well in linux and caused problems in self creation. Was able to fix by creating a Plugins/RedstoneSponge directory to fix the catch and the RedStoneSponge directory inside of the real plugins directory for the properties file. Fix would be to use the string 'plugins/RedstoneSponge' in both instances. Other than that, perfection!
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    A Quick reply


    The redstone on top-bug is just a quick-and-dirty solution to force the water to "update" (set to air, then set to sponge). However i did find a solution for this when it was version 0.2 so i'll fix this ;)

    Oh and i will update the first post tomorrow when 0.3 is 'finished' (so when it's 0.4 :p), i just forget it this time:p


    Strange, i'll try to reproduce!


    Thank you, i did not test this release on linux but the previous did work on my server. I guess i excedentley changed something I will look into this!
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    okay what the heck am i missing? where's the download?
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    just a note...
    I am not able to change the settings because every time the plugin loads it overrides the current file... the console shows this message

    2011-02-05 21:46:06 [INFO] RedstoneSponge Config-file does not exists... creating...

    even though the file is there and if i make a change, it "creates" the file anyways and only defaults will work.

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    I am on windows, so i assume it happens on both since you found it on linux :)

    Thanks for this plugin by the way, will make for some nice water gates and fun building

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    Best version for now :D
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    Updated the start-post, i included the default-generated config file so you don't need to re-generate it when you upgrade. If you are missing any information please let me know and i'll update it!

    (and ofcource: reporting bugs is really appreciated)
  28. Ok, I found that if I were to set the thing the sponge changes into to something, then put down a bock of that type and power it, it turns into a sponge.
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    True, i dont "save" the location of sponges so there is no way for the plugin to know if a block is converted or not. In my opinion the 'convert' option is just somekind of bug because i couldn't let it stay a sponge in the previous version. I don't know if more people consider this a problem? If anyone has suggestions on how to handle this it would be appreciated.

    The only thing i can think off is to store the location of a sponge in a text file, when someone want to convert a block the plugin checks the file to see if it was a sponge and only then convert it back to sponge.

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