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    RedRemote v0.3
    RedRemote is a simple but effective plugin that can be used to remote control your redstone logics.
    Show Usage (open)

    You have to build something like this:
    This is the sender block, a redstone Wire is in front of it. The side on which you place the redstone wire is important, if thesSignal should be sent north, the wire has to be on the sourthern side of the block.
    This is the receiver block, the lever is required!
    Now, when you give an input to the diamond block, the lever will switch and you have a redstone signal at the other side!
    This works into every direction (up, down, north, east, south, west), so it can be used also to travel a signal up- and downwards.

    Thanks @jamescosten for this nice review!

    Example Configuration file
    Show Configuration (open)

    The config-file has to be created in plugins/RedRemote/redremote.cfg
    If there's no file, the standard configuration will be used.
    The block-type depends on the Material-Enum-Types. You can find them here.

    Source on github.com
    Show Changelog (open)

    Version 0.3
    • Configuration file added.
    • Debug messages removed.
    Version 0.2.1
    • Levers can be used again!
    Version 0.2
    • If there's no lever at the receiverblock, it will trigger a redstone event to support plugins that can handle this event (for example my other plugin MagnetBlock)
    Version 0.1
    • First release!
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    I am going to add to this when i warp from anypoint after updating to .3 with cb 556 this starts and goes and goes and goes until i kill the process.

    if you need more i have 24mb of file i can put up.

    I have switched back to .2 for now.
  3. A quick update on my previous post - Although this wasn't what triggered it the first time, I also have Wormhole Extreme installed, and every time I went through a wormhole, the console spam as above happened - its a non-stop scroll of the above which brings the server to a grinding halt. Eventually I've had to take your plugin off because the whole Wormhole system was unusable.
    Not sure if this is anything you can fix - appreciate it if you can. Will understand if you can't.
    ........ many thanks ...........

    My suggestion is to try setting your config file back to the default :

    and then restart your server, now try making up a send / receive using glass & cobblestone - if that works, then its the way you are spelling 'DIAMOND_BLOCK'. Unfortunately, I've no idea how it should be spelt, but the plugin author is going to change to block id's rather than names soon anyway - you can't get it wrong with those !! ;) (or you could always go back to ver .2)

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    Looks like you managed to produce an endless loop.
  5. Not sure how it happened the first time, but my second post suggests a conflict with Wormhole Extreme - or at least thats what can cause a repeatable fault to occur. .... hope you can help ........
    I'm thinking of re-trying ver .2 as @bastion is doing .........

    An update for you - I tried going back to ver .2 - had no problems using a Wormhole, so just to double-check, I changed back to ver .3 and found I could use a wormhole without triggering the console spam ...... ??
    Unfortunately, this indicates that it may be a combination of things that causes the problem to occur ..... which only confuses the issue at the moment ..... I won't be able to do any more testing until late tonight.

    A further update - I managed to get my logfile open (a mean feat considering its now 445megs in size) The error starts with this line :

    [SEVERE] Could not pass event REDSTONE_CHANGE to RedRemote
    at sun.security.action.GetPropertyAction.run(GetPropertyAction.java:84)

    This is at the start of the non-stop scrolling. Hope this assists.........

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    As I said, it seems that you have produced an endless loop. This can happen when you place two diamond_blocks (or whatever you've configured) directly against each other and do something with redstone around them. To fix it, you could uninstall RedRemote, then fix the blocks, then reinstall RedRemote. I will soon provide a fix that prevents an endless loop.
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    can you make plugin with sign transmuttering ? and Receivering ?
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    That feature has already been asked for and it's on my imaginary TODO list :D
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    thanks :) and btw if you could would you be able to add me on msn [email protected] if you have msn ? Thanks for replying :p
  10. Apologies, I did not understand when you said I'd created an endless loop ?
    a quick description of the setup - glass block at ground level 2 redstone in a straight line leading to it & a lever to activate. 36 blocks straight up, cobblestone receiver block with 5 redstone in a straight line going to redstone torch, which gets switched on / off when I pull the lever on the ground, which in turn, switches a rail track junction. There is no other redstone involved anywhere near this setup, and its the only link I've setup, since I haven't had time to do anything else since your update (we didn't have enough diamonds to carry on with ver .2. If you could assist with where I've gone wrong, I'd appreciate it.
    .......... many thanks again ...........
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    I just found this plugin browsing for this very feature. It would totally fix the Redstone highways running through a ton of worlds!

    Would also be very nice if you could have multiple send and receive signs with the same number :)
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    Oh no! The config file was there that you edit it. Not to that you just copy-paste it. You should chose some reasonable values and not glass or cobblestone because they are used too often in normal buildings and this can lead to unexpected results.

    I don't even know what I should do with this shitty piece of MS-Software :p

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  13. /goes and cowers in the corner for being such a noob .....

    ...... sorry ........ I'll do that & try again ...... thankyou for being patient with someone in need of a brain. !
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    First, I'd like to say I enjoy MagnetBlock greatly. An excellent piece of work. I was quite excited when I learned of RedRemote. I've been reading the various posts to see if my particular problem had been experienced by anyone else, thus far nothing seems to quite match.

    I'm running Craftbukkit 544 on Fedora 14. I've installed RedRemote, and made certain that there is a redremote.cfg file. I'm getting no errors of any kind during startup, no obvious conflicts that I can detect in the log files. However, I can't seem to get a response from the designated blocks following the tutorial.

    At first, I tried using the default configuration as noted in your posts. Making certain that the redstone wire is diametrically opposed on both the sending and receiving blocks. No response. So, following your advice to change the blocks to something not typically used in construction (or indeed anywhere near where I was testing), I changed the sender and receivers to WOOL and LAPIS_BLOCK resectively, restarted the server (though I suspect reloading the plugin should have been enough, I decided to play it safe for testing purposes). I've even gone so far as to remove every plugin except for RedRemote itself to insure no interference. Sadly, still no response.
    Am I overlooking something? I've made certain that the path to the folder and config file is correct. Is there any chance that running it in a LINUX environment could be having an unforeseen consequence?

    I've run out of things to try myself. I'd appreciate any input anyone has to offer.
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    Hi, Great Plugin. It helps a lot.

    Would it be possible, to make a reciever, which has the lever on the side of the incoming signal?
    Also a sender with the cable on the "Send-side" would be a good thing. Would save a lot room for Redchips!
    Maybe with another block material than the normal ones.
    That would be Great!
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    There has to be a lever intead of redstone wire on the receiver block. Redstone wire on receiver is not working, since I can't simulate a redstone emiter in craftbukkit.

    By the way, if there is no config file or if there is any error with loading it, RedRemote will fall back to the default diamond-block and 100 meters of distance.

    The variant with another material for the other direction should work. I think I can implement that.

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    This works with build 602.

    Also tested with b612 and it works.
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    Working with B 618. Awesome plugin
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    Mitch C

    Alright no need to tell me but i am a retard but could someone please tell me wher i can find the config file
    thank you
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    Just look in my first post, copy the contents into a new file which is located in plugins/RedRemote/redremote.cfg
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    Mitch C

    Again retard do i create a new file called redremote and put the actuall redremote file in it aswell as a config file cause i cant open the actual redremote.jar thing. By the way the redremote file is saved with Java Platform SE binary
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    There's no config file in the redremote.jar .
    It is also saved with the kind of Java that comes with the macs.
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    @Mitch C: RedRemote doesn't make it's own folder like other plugins do. You would need to make it yourself. Assuming you're using windows, then you would need to go into your "Plugins" folder, and create a new folder called "RedRemote" (Case sensitive), then go into THAT folder, and make a new text file called "redremote.cfg". Again, assuming it's windows you're using, you can do so by right-clicking in the empty folder, and selecting:
    New>Text Document (NOT Rich Text Document).
    It will by default create an empty text file called "New Text Document.txt". You can open this with notepad by double-clicking on it. It should be empty. At that point, just copy and paste the following into notepad from here:


    Once you have that done, save it. Now you can right-click on that file again, and rename it to "redremote.cfg",
    windows may warn you about changing the extension, that's fine, just do it.

    At this point when you re-run your server, RedRemote should no longer warn you about the missing config file,
    however you're still using the default settings! If you want to change which blocks do what, then you'll need to edit
    that file again, and change the sender and receiver block names. You can still open the file with notepad, but
    double-clicking on it may not be setup to use notepad by default on .cfg files. Hope this helps!
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    Mitch C

    yes it does thank you
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    OK i think you onely have to destroy thous to wires in the top of thous blocks^^
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    thx it works now.
    but now I fell a bit stupid^^

    but now i´be got an other question:
    can I send the signal in all direction with only one sender and as few wires as possible??
    (if you answere please use a simple english thx)

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  28. Quite simply, No. If you look at the 'Show Usage' screenshot at the top of this page, it'll indicate that a signal can only be sent in one direction with one send / receive block.
    [brickblock] [redflower][redflower][redflower][brickblock]
    Ignore the underscore lines - they are only there for spacing purposes, and the roses represent redstone - this is an overhead view of one possible way to send a signal in 4 directions - by powering the centre redstone ( best done from below ), if you were using brick as your sender block, this would send the signal in 4 directions, however, I've never tested this, but in theory, it should work ........
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    Could you auto-generate configuration files if they're not found..?​
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    I really like this plug-in but it seems to have some stability problems with the latest CraftBukkit builds. Do you plan to update it (Maybe when the first 1.5-compatible build is out) ?
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    seems to be working with bukkit 706

    continued testing... lever now required even when triggering redstone events but only in horizontal transmissions... vertical do not work with lever

    Great plugin keep it up

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