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    Development discontinued due to the ability to shift move items naturally in Minecraft 1.6+

    The plugin is open source, feel free to work or borrow it's code.


    In my defense, I'm a lazy person. An incredibly lazy person. And that laziness has driven me to great lengths to avoid doing work. Work like opening chest GUI windows, just to drag stack of cobblestone after stack of cobblestone into my chest. Things like intuitive GUI's with fancy click and drag mechanics are just too tedious.

    What is QuickStash:

    It's item management for lazy people. Place a sign, with the name of an item on one of the lines, and tap it with your characters hand/paw/thing. Then tap any chest. All the items in your inventory that match the item on the sign will be placed into the chest, and the game will tell you how many items were "stashed", if any. If you tap a chest, then a sign, the reverse happens, and you withdraw all of the items on the sign available in the chest.

    But wait, there's more! One item at a time would be tedious. Which is why I used to lazy route, and simply borrowed my perfectly good item listing code from Minecart Mania. Okay, not borrowed so much as imported. (Yes, that means this plugin requires Minecart Mania).

    So you can do fancy things on signs, like "All Items" on line 1, and "!sugar cane" on the next to deposit all the items except sugar cane. Or use item ids, instead of names. Or just partial names, like "obbston" for cobblestone. You can use ":" to list multiple items. You can use ";" to give items a separate data value (like for bonemeal, wool, dyes, etc). You can use "!" to add an exception from the list. You can use "All Items" to deposit everything. You can use "-" to list a sequence of items. Perhaps most importantly, you can use "@" to decide how much to stash or withdraw. It's all documented here.

    What isn't QuickStash:

    QuickStash is a simple plugin for stashing items, nothing more. It does not affect retrieval, you still need to use the tried and true GUI for that.


    Change Log:
    • Version 1.0
      • Initial release
    • Version 1.1
      • Updated for CB 561+
    • Version 1.2
      • Updated for MM 1.08
    • Version 1.3
      • Supports quickWithdrawing of items
      • Respects Lockette and LWC chests.
    • Version 1.3.1
      • Fixed 0 item glitch
    • Version 1.3.2
      • Bug fixes
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    Could be wrong, but can't seem to deposit items anymore, anything I do either does nothing or withdraws items.
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    When using wool and dye item codes 35;1-35;15 and 351;1-351;15 I get random wool colors and random dyes back. One of the times it happened I got a stack of invisible items which crashed my client whenever I hovered over it. Had to delete chest then when I picked up the invisible items I could drop them. I killed them with lava.

    Edit: I also just randomly duped bones by withdrawing then depositing. had 74 now have 148.

    35 also ignores black wool.
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    Found the problem, there's a version detect and didn't bother spitting out an error for the improper version. Either rate, in short biometerrain requires you to overwrite meta-inf and hence also changes the version number along with it. Re-edited the manifest, and depositing started working again.
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    Any chance for storage cart functionality?
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    @Afforess Maps don't seem to be stored with 'All items'. Haven't checked with the item id yet, because I just heard from my friend who is online right now.
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    Yeah, probably because I forgot to include maps in the item list. :eek:
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    Hahaha. Alright.
    It's not that big. I told him to stop whining and just manually put it in there but..
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    What isn't QuickStash:

    QuickStash is a simple plugin for stashing items, nothing more. It does not affect retrieval, you still need to use the tried and true GUI for that.

    • Version 1.3
      • Supports quickWithdrawing of items[/quote]
    Are these the same thing? In which case you can change the first text to reflect your wonderful, laziness-enabling feature. (=
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    Bit of a shame it's been discontinued since it's quite indispensible when dealing with multiple inventories. Difference between spending 1 second between each chests, or having to open all 9 inventories, and going through checking and moving each stack. Not to mention all items is a great way to reorganize your backpacks. Would be nice if someone could pick it up, though I suppose it is dependant on mmc.
    I suppose nothing's really broken yet, nothing much a revised items list can't fix.
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    It would seem that @Afforess has disapeared.
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    Disappeared not entirely, busy working on other crap yes, given up on everything else while working on that, maybe.
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    Given how nothing has changed in the API with the inventories, should work if you an find a copy of MMC that works too. Nothing changed to break it, I just don't maintain it.
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    The plugin still works, and it's abolutely awesome, yet the list is incomplete, and with the newly added items (like Raw Beef) it doesn't work.
    Please Afforess can you fix this addon? I guess it doesn't take much time after all, tt would be truly awesome from you!

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