[INACTIVE][MECH] NoFarm v0.1.1 - Prevents mob farms. Only mobs killed by players drop items. [860]

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    NoFarm - only mobs killed by player drop items
    Version: v0.1.1

    Just put in plugins directory away you go.
    Built and tested with Craftbukkit 860.

    • Prevents players from building mob farms by only allowing items to drop from those killed by players themselves.


    Version 0.1.1
    • Updated to CB 740
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release
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    Thank you very much. This should fix a lot of problems I have with SMP right now.
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    please update to latest RB
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    Updated to 670.
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    Just a quick question to resolve something, but why wouldn't someone want people to be making mob farms?
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    Sulphur. Lots of sulphur.

    Last time I checked sand was real easy to get though...

    Ring a bell now? [tnt]
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    Oh, OK. If that's it then, then NBD. TNT's disabled on my server. I just wanted to know because a fellow admin on my server was arguing with me over whether we should allow this one person to keep a mob trap they built.
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    If TNT is disabled, than they're pretty harmless. I like to keep TNT enabled on my server for the sole fact that BigBrother would tell us who griefed with it anyway (if they did) and the fact that it's normally not super easy to get a lot of sulphur. Of course, unless you've made a mob trap...
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    The main reason I wanted this was because everyone was making a mob trap which resulted in tons of items laying on the ground and lagging out the server. This seems to work like a dream although it feels like monsters have a smaller drop percentage but that is fine as well.
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    Getting a 404 on the .jar download.
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    I see a problem with this plugin. What about getting golden/green records? You know, a skeleton shoots a creeper with an arrow and the creeper drops either a gold or green record? You should put in an exception for those 2 drops, because even though getting green/gold records is EXTREMELY hard it's still possible and I remember people trying to do it. Even though the rarity of a player TRYING to do a RARE task on a server that EVEN HAS this plugin, I still think it would be nice for the plugin to not completely eliminate this possibility.
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    Quoted for justice.
  15. if you run a pvp server like me u could enable player damage and remove block damage idem with creepers
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    welcome - figured I'd post it since his link was wrong but it was NOT down :)

    Also - very awesome plugin. Don't let it die :)
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    Yep, this plugin is great, can't die.
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    Great plugin for my server! I was looking for this. Many thanks , sir :D
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    @SeeD419 @cjbh1996

    The code uses "ENTITY_ATTACK" damage to determine drop. Mobs killing other mobs are still classed as an entity_attack. So it shouldn't interfere with records.

    Also, fixed the link, sorry i forgot to update that when I updated the plugin.
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    Small bump for a great plugin.
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    Nice !!!
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    Ahh. Silly me. I should've realized that. But I don't know all the hooks, so I can't feel dumb.

    Cool plugin though, I'm gonna use it.
    WOW! Chrome doesn't see "gonna" as a misspelled word.
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    Dont now how to thank you for this gem, I've been looking to nerf traps for a long time now.
    Good job !
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    Tested with CB-677 Win XP 64bit
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    Tested - works with 714.
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    This is a real usefull mod for survival servers with economy.
    Working like a charm, grats.
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    For test 740 - it doesnt seem to work - i'll have to give more tests.
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    please update for 740 this plugin rocks, like peaced said, its basically essential for any server with a serious economy
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    Yeah... I'd like to know why its borked :(
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