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    Hey guys i finally ported my plugin SignEdit to bukkit! i Renamed to MySignEdit:D
    twitter to check for new versions and plugins!
    support this plugin :D
    with MySignEdit, u can easly change/clear the text of a sign.

    put the MySignEdit.jar in the plugin folder.

    How to use:

    To change/clear SignText:
    use /mse <line number (1,2,3,4)> <text>
    for save/loading a text :
    point to the sign
    /save [name] <o> o is optional, use it to overwrite older saves
    /load [name]
    For Colors:
    use the colorcodes in the text field
    example : /mse 1 $4 red and $1blue


    V1.2 - Colors added!
    V1.1 - Added save- load function
    V1.0 - MySignEdit Release!
    Found bugs or u have suggestions!
    and i need some feedback:p
    Follow Me On Twitter:
    its 85% about my plugins and server, 10% for answering qeustions! and little 5% of my life!

    bump need feedback :p bugs etc?

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    Would it be possible to add functionality to have color text on signs? like SignPainter did for hmod? Plugin seems great so far, thanks!
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    its on my todo list :D but need to wait until it can be do in bukkit
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    Can u change the size og the letters ?, or is that on your todo list ;)
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    how big the letters are 0.o?
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    Hey, nice... I request SignPainter functions too.
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    SignEdit v1.1 released
    save-load function added!
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    yep ;)
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    SignEdit v1.2 Colors added!
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    Would it be possible to allow colors to be added during the normal creation of the sign? I know it may not be possible in bukkit yet, but its what i loved about signpainter :D

    also, the OP says use "$b" etc for colors, when its actually "&b" etc

    awesome work on such quick releases jordanske!

    EDIT: not sure if you're aware but using a long string of text makes the text continue off the sign (but still centered). Its actually extremely damn cool and I hope it can stay that way!!
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    Can't get colours to work...do they still work with latest Craftbukkit?
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    Ah, the documentation is wrong.

    You use a '&', not a '$'.
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    Can I use the ColorCodes directly on the sign?
    & and $ are not good for Colors on Signs, % would be nice
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    im working on my redeemcodes plugin on the moment after that i will update signedit!
    need Suggestions!!!!!!!
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    I personally would love to have multiple auto-updating signs across my world.

    Picture you have multiple towns. You want to have a global newsboard in each town so that every resident of your town knows what's current. Of course, you don't want to have to go to each and every town and constantly update the sign(s).

    What would be really cool is if you could save signs to a 'set.' So, you would look at a sign and type something like /mse set news. This would save the coordinated of the sign and the set it belongs to to a file. You then repeat this for every other sign in your world.

    Then, when you run the default editing commands, it checks the location of the sign against the file. If the sign you are editing belongs to a set, it changes the text for every sign in the world that corresponds to that set. This could even be helpful for something like prices in shops.

    Aside from that, I believe the /save and /load should be changed into /mse save and /mse load, respectively. The simple words 'save' and 'load' are a bit broad, and can apply to any plugin, so this may lead to conflicts in the future.

    Additionally, maybe colouring the error and confirmation messages? For example, when it tells you that the sign has been edited, it would be nice to see that as purple or yellow just so it stands out among the chat.

    Finally, when running the /save command, it tells you it's been saved, but that also shows how to use the command. I'm not quite sure why you need both.
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    THANK :D after i finish redeemcodes i will work on that!
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    Just thought of this: maybe also an /mse list command? I seem to forget what I name my signs, haha.

    Edit: Also, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm ridiculing your plugin. I honestly love it and use it a lot; I hate having all my signs look the same with the same colour and all.
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    The console help message for an incorrect command lists /sign as the command to use, but /sign doesn't do anything. I think maybe it's oudated from the hMod version? /mse works fine though :)

    Suggestion: Ability to edit multiple lines on a sign with a single command by the seperator "///"

    /mse &5Hello///&6welcome///to///my city.

    or some such.
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    Any chance of adding permissions? That would be really nice :)
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    im still working with my redeemcodes plugin soon i will update mysignedit with new features! include permissions!
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    im working on mysignedit now :D yay
    added /slist to see what signs u saved!
    gonna add /sdelete to delete a saved sign
    and more!
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    Great, I love to see some new changes!
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    gonna make toggle able text ! switch text with right click a sign!
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    does this log editors? would be hell if somebody could use obscenities on a sign that the logs show a different user placed.
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    First you took my old color-code without any permission, now you are using my new color-code without any permissions (and i havent released the code so you decompiled it).
    Also i dont see any comment in your post.

    And what about your "features"? Do you work off my todo-list or so?

    I have enough for now. Pls remove the color-code from your code.
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    This plugin bypasses the /region protection of worldguard, it also bugs the signs that they are indestructable.
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    @ShaDooM i use this plugin still on 304 and no problems -_- maybe a other plugin ?
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    so users who got the /mse permission
    cannot change signs in a region protected by worldguard?

    cuz for me they can

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