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    <font color="rgb(153, 51, 0)">SuperWheat - Wheat automatically re-grows after harvesting!</font>

    Current Version: 0.1

    SuperWheat re-plants crops for you after you have harvested them. SuperWheat also stops crops from being broken by other players before they are fully harvested, so nobody can destroy your crops.

    * Players can't destroy your crops until they're fully grown.
    * Once you harvest the wheat, no seeds are dropped but the wheat is automatically re-grown.
    * Permissions support!

    Future Features:

    * Stop crops from being trampled by animals
    * Have it work when wheat is broken by water
    * Feel free to suggest ideas!

    How to set up SuperWheat:

    Simply just place SuperWheat in your plugins folder and give/don't give your users these permissions! Simple as that!

    Permission NodeWhat it does
    SuperWheat.allow.crop.destroyingAllows you to destroy others' crops
    SuperWheat.allow.crop.regrowingAllows crops to be automatically re-grown after being harvested

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    * v0.1 - Initial Release


    @ChrizC for originally suggesting the idea
    @viper2g1 for re-suggesting the idea
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    what kind of permissions is this? yeti or bukkit?
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    Yeti, I plan to add Bukkit permissions soon. (I still have to learn how to use them! :p)
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    thanks.. and it's 100% working XD uber gread hehehe..

    EDIT: one more thing.. destroying permission node isn't working.. I'm OP and ADMIN but i can't destroy the block i have the permissions *
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    What isn't working? I'll fix it ASAP.

    It was an error on my part, I wrote one of the permission nodes wrong, sorry. :(

    Instead of:

    It should be:

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    Oh wow, I suggested this idea AGES ago. Nice one! :D
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    may i suggest reverse it? so ADMIN can destroy the crops?
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    Hm, good idea. I had it like that when I was making the plugin but decided to change it, I can change it back.

    EDIT: Done. :)
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    It works good when I hit the wheat with my hand but if I use my water harvest system (I have ALOT of wheat!) it will sweep everything away :(
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    I'll add it to the future features list. ;)
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    Very cool, Great work thescreem!!
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    there's a glitch here.. I have a residence plugin, and that residence is owned by someone, and have a wheat farm that no one can destroy except the owner.. but combining with the SuperWheat, they can get the wheat, and destroy the crops and return it to seeds..
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    This is because SuperWheat is overriding whatever residence plugin you have. I can't add support to every residence/area protection plugin, since there is just too many of them to even list. I'm sorry. :(
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    aw ok then
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    Will definitely be using this when it supports wheat being broke by water. :)
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  16. Hi there,
    i've made an automatically (spells it so?) wheat-farm with pistons, but if i push the button for activate the pistons the wheat's gone. Would be nice if you can fit that ;) It would be rly cool if the wheat drops down when the pistons are on and new wheat plants if the pistons gonna move back. :)
    i'll show is maybe sometimes >.< sorry for my bad english.

    would be nice if the wheat doesn't gonna down if i run over it :) maybe ;)
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    Bukkit SuperPerms should be great. I will wait until yyou add them. ;)
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    +1 to this, then it will be EPIC! :D
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    I love this Plugin, but the re-growing doesnt work, i destroy it and i become wheat but not more! It´s doesnt re-growing :(
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    Please Update to 1337! And Make it so Crops never get trampled! I'd love you haha
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    Will this work with Water running over it?
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    Shame this has gone inactive, i really enjoyed this plugin and was hoping to see it grow. (See what i did there? :3)
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    Mista Epic

    Good idea. Make more mods! I loved your SuperSigns plugin, and this sounds like a good idea!
  24. inactive? WTF I WANT THIS PLUGIN :D works in R3?
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    update SUPER WHEAT!!!
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  27. thank you! Waiting for this plugin :) hope its gonna work nice
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    still not working??
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  30. AWESOME :) waiting for it!

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