[INACTIVE][MECH/MISC] NoSlimes v1.0.2 - Prevents slimes from spawning! [1185]

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    NoSlimes - Prevents slimes from spawning
    Version: v1.0.2
    Tested with CraftBukkit #1185

    Remember the early Alpha/Beta of the game when slimes didn't spawn? Do you hate those green jelly mobs? In that case, this plugin is made just for you!

    Since the Beta 1.7.x update(s), people could also dupe items with sticky pistons. Now that they need slimeballs to be crafted, this plugin prevents players from getting any as there will be no slimes! Just make sure nobody can spawn, buy or acquire those slimeballs in other way and that people don't have already existant slimeballs.

    • Prevents slimes from spawning
    • Lightweight
    • No config, easy to use!
    Download (Latest version, wget friendly):
    NoSlimes.jar (Mirror)
    Source Code

    Place the NoSlimes.jar in your server's /plugins/ directory, just like any other plugin. Restart your server.

    • Nothing!
    • None known.
    Version 1.0.2 (Download)
    • Code cleanup
    • Yes, how amazing, almost nothing changed to the plugin again...
    Version 1.0.1 (Download)
    • Code cleanup
    • This update is optional. In fact, if you're in v1.0, you shouldn't even waste your time updating.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.0 (Download)
    • Initial release
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    Nice idea! I actually hate slimes, they are clogging my mob trap.
    But i like leightweight plugins! [diamond]
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    It's a simple plugin, so it's not too surprising that you each reached the same solution, but do you plan to differentiate your plugin beyond the onDisable message and Logger?
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    Hmm? Are you trying to tell me that this plugin already exists?

    And for the question, maybe. ;)

    EDIT: Got any suggestions? I don't know how ingame command toggle for mobs would work...
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    The arrows on the quote boxes point to the original post when using reply to quote someone.
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    Oh, thanks.

    I didn't even remember that such plugin existed, I haven't used it for ages either. I came up with this idea after seeing a few plugins that have config for each mob, and went with a lightweigth solution I could also use on my server, that only affects slimes.
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    nice plugin but slimes are cute! how can you remove them?!:p
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    Thanks for the plugin; Useful.
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    what he said ^^ unless u pop thru the bedrock (OOPS) and a slime pushes u thru :(
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    I have nothing to say in here, but v1.0.1 is released. A completely unnecessary update, but still wanted to release it, may run 1 millisecond faster. :p
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    ...and v1.0.2 is out, I am so useless.
  12. Can't essentials do this?
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    I am not sure, there's a lot of plugins that can do this. I've recently abandoned Essentials and moved to CommandBook as Essentials has gone towards the worse (more bugs and conflicts) to be honest. Sorry Essentials team.

    I just wanted to create the most lightweight alternative for one.
  14. That is true, well thanks for the plugin, I stopped using Essentials tonight.
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    From 1.7.0 you need slimes for sticky pistons...
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    Do you know piston duplication glitch?
    So this plugin is really needed and useful on some servers.
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    Personally, I still use this on my server. Slimeballs are our another currency than Dosh (iConomy). It can only be earned from special events, auctions and perhaps from the shop.

    EDIT: I just got the idea to toggle the spawns ingame again, as this should be possible right now and I have skills for it.
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    I think not. :p
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    Thats ok because it seems to work on 1.1-r4 :3
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    Can you please update this?
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    I don't have any plans to continue supporting this plugin, as other variations exist, but I'll take a look in few upcoming days when I get on a computer. I could fix it quickly. Just a few lines of code.
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    I have changed my mind yet again, there's a plenty of messy, unnecessary code that could have been done better (for example, see IceNSD, which was forked). This plugin won't be supported again. Sorry, maybe when I have more interest in Minecraft again.
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    Marked as inactive at OP's request.

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