[INACTIVE][MECH] Mining Drops v0.3 - Customize drops and their frequencies [860 - 1000]

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    Mining Drops
    Version: v0.3 Download: Link Source: Github

    Drops random crap when blocks break. No big deal.

    • Configurable item drop frequencies per block
    • Any block other than air can drop an item
    • Multiple drops per block (i.e. stone can have a chance of 1% for gold and 0.5% of diamond dropping)
    • XOR (Exclusive or) Setting: you can make it so that multiple blocks don't drop at once

    The configuration in plugins/AlbieRPG/Skills/Mining.yml works as follows:
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                xor: true or false, do you want drops mutually exclusive (one or the other)?
                    rate: integer from 1 - 10000, basically percentage of drop rate * 100
                    amount: amount of the item you want to drop

    Any questions on the above, please post here. I don't know how to make it more clear, but it looks kinda vague. You can have an unlimited amount of drops and blocks to break.


    Version 0.3
    • Fixed an issue where it would still drop even if the block was protected.
    • Internal renaming of files
    • Git
    • Updated for 950
    Version 0.2
    • Added XOR
    • YAML instead of Properties file
    Version 0.1

    • Release

    • Integrate with AlbieRPG Core and make a simple leveling system

    • #bukkitdev - Thanks for putting up with my lack of Java skill and annoying questions.
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    To help AlbireoX you should post the rest of the message - it should have some more lines after the NullPointerException line.
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    I've given up on this plugin. Try Zarius's. I'm making a game now :D
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    Looks awesome!!! On one of the servers I play, it seems impossible to gather even ONE iron ingot. Now I can prevent that from happening! :D
    EDIT: Aw, its being discontinued? :(
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    Thanks for that - hope the game goes well :)

    @ochenchi - have you checked out OtherBlocks? Let me know in that thread if you need assistance with a specific configuration.
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    Can you make it so that different worlds have different drops? Allowing for multiworld support?
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    The plugin otherdrops does exactly this and much more :)

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