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    Melt - Melt the ice

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">GOING ON A ONE WEEK VACATION!</font>

    Version: 1.0

    Description: Just type in "/melt <radius>" and it'll melt all ice blocks in that radius!

    * Melts ice blocks in a specific radius.

    * Plugin created.

    * Whatever you want.

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Source: Melt Source

    Thanks to Kevin Forte for the idea!
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    Kevin Forte

    Ha! That is awesome! Thanks a ton! After a little testing, this is Exactly what I needed! A couple suggestions though:
    -A single permission node, just cause.
    -A configurable cap to how high that radius could be (I tried 200 for the hell of it and it stopped up all use of commands xD)
    -Is it possible for the plugin to run the same script (or whatever plugins do) twice on one command? It takes using the command twice to rid of all the ice in the radius for some reason, so I figured it'd just be convenient for the plugin to do one more last step.
  3. do this melt snow as well?
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    Ok I'll take care of the things after I return from vacation.
    I'll add a permission node, and make it run twice. I'll TRY the config but I suck at files sooo... :D
  5. Hey, I hope you don't mind I did that for you ;)
    What I changed:
    - Runs two times now
    - Highlighted some parts of the chat messages with colors. It seems you wanted to do that.
    - Permissions!
    - Limit!
    To define Permissions, use the Permissions Plugin. The basic node is melt.use, and you can also give users the melt.ignorelimit permisson so they can set the radius higher.
    To define a limit, create the file limit.txt in /plugins/Melt/ and write your desired limit in there. If there is no file, the limit will default to 30 blocks.
    I submitted a pull request to your github. I will edit some more bits in there, so expect another one soon.

    And, at last, the download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17041897/mcplugins/Melt.jar
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    You are one epic person Superyoshi! I'm going to list you as a co-dev too! Anyway I can't update anything now, so I'll see about this later!
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    @retsrif whenever i read what you write it comes out in a super happy voice in my head 'cause of your picture lol
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    Thats awesome face for you! :)
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    Kevin Forte


    Hey man, is it possible for you to extend this plugin to work with all blocks, not just ice? Like add an argument for an itemid/itemName that it will search for and then clear out? It could be a really, really useful anti-grief tool if you could :)
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    Sure I'll check it out.
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    Kevin Forte

    Actually, I have a weird request xP Do you think you could sorta walk me through the process over IRC or something? I've been reading that Sam's Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours and I'm about halfway through, so I kinda want to start seeing some actual examples or working through them :p
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    Yo, can you add snow please? I don't really mind all the ice, but I hate snow in my shit. That would be great!
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    Indeed, it would be very nice if it could melt snow
    Because in my server we have a snow problem because of the snowy weather...
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    The title has to be updated to latest RB, considered inactive

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