[INACTIVE][MECH] LethalAir v0.2 - Take damage from air! (Unless you wear a pumpkin helmet) [860]

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    LethalAir: Take damage from air (Unless you wear a pumpkin helmet!)
    Version: v0.2

    LethalAir is a simple plugin with a simple goal...with LethalAir installed, you will take damage from air (1dps) unless you wear a pumpkin helmet!


    • Players will take 1dps from air unless they wear a pumpkin helmet.
    Download LethalAir Version 0.2

    • Make damage vary by biome.
    • Players will not take damage during a storm.
    • Add support to configure helmet type
    • Add the ability to only designate certain areas to make air lethal.
    • Add more configuration options and the ability to set them with permissions
    • Add a toggleable (is that a word) option to not take damage while under a roof.
    Confirmed Upcoming Features: (already coded into next release)

    • Typing /lethalair disable will disable global LethalAir damage (it doesnt disable the plugin, just global damage).
    • Typing /lethalair enable will re-enable global damage.

    Version 0.2
    • Players now will not take damage within 10 seconds of joining the server. They will also be given a helmet if they do not have one.
    Version 0.1

    • Released early version of the plugin.
    -Credit to @Minecraft93 for original plugin idea-
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    Haha This is so epic thanks man!
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    How about a way to time how often you get damaged? For new players, they'd be spawnkilled.
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    A few things spring to mind.
    #1. Allow for the protective headgear to be configured by the server admin. Not everyone wants to use the pumpkin.
    #2. Permissions.
    #3. Multiworld support.
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    Well what happens when war breaks out and you dont have a gas mask? you die... this is basically what this plugin is. its to make war/ apocalypse server more real.
    Configurable head gear and multiworld would be cool. permissions would only be good for ops. the players would need to have the full effect :D!
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    How bout an command to set the air to "clean", so damage from no helmet is disabled. And then re-enable it with something like /air dirty. So you could make times of dirty air, like during wars.
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    designated areas`???? is it possible to add the option to just have a selected region be poison like a room or something like that?
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    Keep the suggestions coming I will be adding the plausible ones to the to-do list :p
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    this would be cool for making dungeons with gas.
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    Players will only get the free helmet for the first TIME they join the server.
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    then make it break after awhile :p. like gas mask filters. they need to be replaced :p
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    How about if attacked too much the helmet breaks? And the helmet would have super low durability too so you'd have to carry multiple if planning to fight.

    Or perhaps four modes,

    - You must find your own helmet
    - Whenever you log in, you get a helmet
    - Whenever you die, you get a helmet
    - Whenever you first join the server, you get a helmet

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    yea! nice that sounds cool
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    The permissions would be used because we could allow users on our server to spend their quest tokens on inherant protection to harmful environments while people who haven't completed the quests would die if they went to that world. Setting players to op is not a good idea.

    One important rule of game design: more options is always better than less.
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    Keep em coming :D
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    Can't wait till next version. Will be on my server for sure.

    also, quick question.

    How about an option that if your in a building, your safe?

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    Daniel Few

    Yes, because my plan was to use it like this :)
    I have a desert in my RPG world, and when u enter it, unless ur wearing the helmet (to sorta keep the sun off) you slowly take damage. But i want towns in the desert so if ur inside ur safe :D
    Could you maybe add an option to say how often you take damage and how much?
    Absolutely LOVING the look of this plugin and i will DEFINATLY be adding it to my RPG
    Thanks a lot :)
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    How about certain worlds. Multi World Support? I want to make mars.
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    Now if only there was a moon-like map generator so I could actually play in space. :p
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    Daniel Heppner

    Source code, please.

    It would be AWESOME if you put it on GitHub. I want to make a pull request.
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    Pretty good idea. On my server we have a Stargate to different themed worlds thing going on. This would be the perfect addition to my desert planet. Hoping for multiworld support so I don't have to have it enabled for all worlds.

    I even have a sweet texture I've been using for wearing a pumpkin head. Will be perfect.

  22. ^^ lol at that helmet

    This looks like one of those plugins that seems nice and easy when you start off making it and then you get tonnes of feature requests and it consumes you!

    But overall this is one of the greatest ideas ever... really can add to any experience
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    This looks cool, and it has some great potential.
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    Daniel Few

    I'm looking forward to specific area damage as I want to select my desert and have that hurt you :p
    Looking forward to seeing updates
    THanks a lot for this.
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    I figured I'd let you guys I won't be coding anything until Monday as my brother is getting married this weekend :p
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    Daniel Few

    Ooo congratulations to your brother :)
    Have a good time
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    Great Idea I second the requests for setting certain areas you need the helmet and Multiworld support(to the MOON!!)
    Or combined with the breath underwater plugin. you could make a fishpeople World :D
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    u should put that up in the front page of the plugin

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