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    InventorySave - Keep your inventory on death
    Version: v0.5

    With this plugin you will never have the problem again that you lose
    your items. Even if you fall in lava you won't lose your items.
    The plugin simply keeps your items and your armors in your inventory.
    If you want you can take players some money every death (iConomy support).
    Also you can let armor be auto repaired after death.

    • Keeps your items in your inventory
    • Keeps your armor in you inventory
    • supports iConomy 5
    • Take money from players after death
    • You can set if the armor gets repaired automatic after death
    • Configurable
    • Works with every death reason (Suffocation, Kill-Commands, Lava, etc.)
    • Permission support
    • Commands to configure the plugin ingame
    *Warning* Since 0.5 you need to be OP or have the permissions.
    If you don't have this you won't keep your inventory.
    You can deactivate the permission use and the op use but then everybody can use every command. I will add support for more permission plugins soon.

    Download InventorySave

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    1. Download the jar file and place it in your plugin folder.
    2. Then just restart, start or reload the server.
    3. If it's the first start it will create the config on it's own.
    4. Edit the config to your pleasant.
    5. Enjoy :)

    Video Tutorial (credits go to @BrandonHopkins)

    Commands + Permission nodes:
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    /is repair on|off --- turns the automatic armor repair after death on or off (inventorySave.admin.repair)

    /is eco on|off --- turns the use of iConomy on or off (inventorySave.admin.eco)

    /is cost <number> --- sets the cost per death (inventorySave.admin.cost)

    /is info --- shows information about the plugin settings (inventorySave.info)

    /is help --- shows all commands (inventorySave.help)

    inventorySave.use --- you need this node or you don't keep your inventory

    Standard config.yml
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    'Use iConomy:': false
    'Repair armor after death:': true
    'Cost per Death:': 5
    'Can money get negative:': false
    'Use Permissions:': true
    'Use OP(disabled if PermissionUse is on):': false

    Version 0.5
    • Added commands
    • Added permission support
    Version 0.4.1
    • Little bugfix
    Complete Changelog:
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    Version 0.5
    • Added commands
    • Added permission support
    Version 0.4.1
    • Little bugfix
    Version 0.4
    • Now you can set if you use iConomy in the config
    Version 0.3
    • iConomy support
    • Take money from players for death
    • automatic armor repair
    Version 0.2
    • Now you keep your armor.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my (first :)) Plugin.

    • Add support for more permission plugins
    • Add command
      • which costs money
      • which automatic turns off after specified time
      • specific time for certain groups
      • configurable for those people who don't want this things, features...however
    • Add command which asks the player if he/she wants to retrive their inventory.
    • Add the possibility to just retrieve the inventory on specific death reasons
    • Suggest more :)
    This is my first plugin. I hope someone has use for it ;)and it would be great if you give me feedback and also
    suggestions to improve this plugin.
    If you find any bugs or errors please let me know.
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    Cave Johnson

    I would like it if you made it so you can set which death reasons they get their inventorys saved or not. I wanted to add in a PVP factor in my server but I haven't been able to find one that either times it or restricts it to pvp death only. I am going to be using this plugin but adding this feature will make my love it :D
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    Yeah i would like it also if it only safes on pvp death.
    Great plugin.
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    Yes very great ideas.
    When i'm back from vacation i'll implement them
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    Suggestion: Make some /command that players can use to retrieve their inventory "if they want to". They will only be charged $$ if they choose to recover their inventory. Otherwise, they will not be charged $$.
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    the config file in this plugin reset to its default for permissions after loading the server. and actually through no fault of this plugin allowed a dupe bug. Player dies...keeps his inventory...PVPreward creates a breakable sign with the players inventory within it. instant repeatable dupe! was quite funny although i had to wake up at 2 am to fix it : (
    i still dont know why it continued to set permissions=false in its config. tried it three times same result. using permissions 3.x
    Very stong possibility however, that i did something wrong and this plugin is not to blame
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    So, I'm finally back from vacation. I'll fix all these problems and I will look how to add the suggested features.

    @wachnlurn Got the problem. If you edit the config while the server is running, then it always changes back.
    Just stop the server, edit the config, start the server, enjoy :).

    @CoffeeOD @Cave Johnson @Switch0r @sleite
    I'll start soon to work on the new suggested features.

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    Thank you :D
    Does this work with bukkitpermissions ?
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    no not yet
    will also come soon
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    Signature for current information
    Sorry again :(
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    If this works in 1060, you can update your title ;)

    I'll be using this to replace scavenger if it works!
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    Oh yes sorry :) Forgot that
    Still compatible
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    When dying and losing connection players will lose their items. Don't know if there is anyway to fix this.
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    Wonderful plugin. :)
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    Hmm.... This would be very difficult, beacause if the player exactly loses the connection before the plugin can save his inventory then it's not really fixable.
    If it occurs very often please describe the situation so detailed you can so I can look for something to solve this.

    Thank you :)
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    It happens quite often on my server. If people are disconnected when they die they lose all their gear. I'm not sure if a fix is possible. I don't really know how else to describe it to you.
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    Ok. I'll think about it.
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    Thanks! If you could fix it that would be amazing!
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    Great plugin! support BOSEconomy?
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    No, not yet.
    Currently I don't have the time to add this feature because the new school year began and I don't have so much time for my plugins. I think in a few weeks I'll have the time for this.
    Sorry and I hope you understand.
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    Very useful plugin, keeps some of the players on my server :)
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    There is a bug in v0.5 (craftbukkit 1060) - when dying to a wolf, you do NOT keep your inventory. It is not dropped, either.

    This may be because dying to a wolf is a new death type.
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    On my server my users sometimes keep their inventory and other times not. Im using bPermissions and EVERY player group has:
    - inventorySave.use

    Was curious if there is anyway to make it more consistent in keeping their items?
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    It would be great to save inventory in mySQL just to prevent players inventory wipe.
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    Creepers can creep but they cant steal your diamonds!
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    Cave Johnson

    update and add the pvp thing I asked?
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    does this worked on rb 1185?
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    Yes should work
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    Ability to configure what is dropped and what is recovered.

    A feature to save players dropped items on death in mySQL.
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    Yes this would be very cool but I don't have the time for this because of school.
    My personal life is much more important for me as bukkit.
    I'm really sorry about that and I hope I'll find someone who will continue to update and add new features to the plugin.
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    I might be your guy then, I'd like to take a look into it first.
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