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    InventorySave - Keep your inventory on death
    Version: v0.5

    With this plugin you will never have the problem again that you lose
    your items. Even if you fall in lava you won't lose your items.
    The plugin simply keeps your items and your armors in your inventory.
    If you want you can take players some money every death (iConomy support).
    Also you can let armor be auto repaired after death.

    • Keeps your items in your inventory
    • Keeps your armor in you inventory
    • supports iConomy 5
    • Take money from players after death
    • You can set if the armor gets repaired automatic after death
    • Configurable
    • Works with every death reason (Suffocation, Kill-Commands, Lava, etc.)
    • Permission support
    • Commands to configure the plugin ingame
    *Warning* Since 0.5 you need to be OP or have the permissions.
    If you don't have this you won't keep your inventory.
    You can deactivate the permission use and the op use but then everybody can use every command. I will add support for more permission plugins soon.

    Download InventorySave

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    1. Download the jar file and place it in your plugin folder.
    2. Then just restart, start or reload the server.
    3. If it's the first start it will create the config on it's own.
    4. Edit the config to your pleasant.
    5. Enjoy :)

    Video Tutorial (credits go to @BrandonHopkins)

    Commands + Permission nodes:
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    /is repair on|off --- turns the automatic armor repair after death on or off (inventorySave.admin.repair)

    /is eco on|off --- turns the use of iConomy on or off (inventorySave.admin.eco)

    /is cost <number> --- sets the cost per death (inventorySave.admin.cost)

    /is info --- shows information about the plugin settings (inventorySave.info)

    /is help --- shows all commands (inventorySave.help)

    inventorySave.use --- you need this node or you don't keep your inventory

    Standard config.yml
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    'Use iConomy:': false
    'Repair armor after death:': true
    'Cost per Death:': 5
    'Can money get negative:': false
    'Use Permissions:': true
    'Use OP(disabled if PermissionUse is on):': false

    Version 0.5
    • Added commands
    • Added permission support
    Version 0.4.1
    • Little bugfix
    Complete Changelog:
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    Version 0.5
    • Added commands
    • Added permission support
    Version 0.4.1
    • Little bugfix
    Version 0.4
    • Now you can set if you use iConomy in the config
    Version 0.3
    • iConomy support
    • Take money from players for death
    • automatic armor repair
    Version 0.2
    • Now you keep your armor.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my (first :)) Plugin.

    • Add support for more permission plugins
    • Add command
      • which costs money
      • which automatic turns off after specified time
      • specific time for certain groups
      • configurable for those people who don't want this things, features...however
    • Add command which asks the player if he/she wants to retrive their inventory.
    • Add the possibility to just retrieve the inventory on specific death reasons
    • Suggest more :)
    This is my first plugin. I hope someone has use for it ;)and it would be great if you give me feedback and also
    suggestions to improve this plugin.
    If you find any bugs or errors please let me know.
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    Nice work, just what i needed, would be great if you could link this to iconomy and have the option to take some money off the players when they die.
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    I used DeathControl and works perfectly except the endofstream error that let ur items drop.. If you can fix the endofstream, ill be using ur plugins..

    The main bug in DeathControl is like this..

    If u die any particular reason, and accidentally press Title Menu, ur items will drop.. Is ur plugin have a bug like this? if no.. then this is super cool..
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    @jamiehewitt ok, it will come in the next version
    @morizuki i don't know any bugs in my plugin. never seen one ;)
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    can u try the Title Menu error?

    -Die in anyway then press Title Menu while u died..
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    First I died.
    Then I clicked "Title Menu"
    Then I joined again
    Clicked on respawn and I had my complete inventory
    if I tried it correct there isn't this "Title Menu error"
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    oh XD thanks for that.. let me wait your armors.. and promised ill changed my plugins to u XD

    EDIT: Oh.. wait, does this include in dying in void, /kill, /slay, suffocation, cactus etc?
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    Should work with every death method.
    Will test it tomorrow

    EDIT: Ok I wanted to test it today :)
    Tested the kill command, the cactus and the void.
    Always working
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    hahah very cool.. ok I'm gonna wait it XD thanks btw..
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    when you get to keep your armor on death i'm totally gonna use this :) i've been looking for this for a long time :p
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    @morizuki so i tried suffocation and the "/slay" command
    always working ;)
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    imma put this on my server,, does this automatic repair in armor configurable?
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    If you mean that you can change that it auto repairs the armor in the config - Yes that's possible
    For the complete config look at my first post.
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    found a bug, i tried the title menu when u die.. and wait for it till I can login again, but the items have been duped.. when I go to where I've died, i can see my items floating around there, but I have my items...
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    ok i'll look to fix this

    EDIT: @morizuki please describe what you have done so deatailed you can, as the bug occured
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    i just tried falling, and die, then press Title Menu, just wait for 1-2mins then login, then click respawn and when I respawn, i got the items, but when i return to the scene where I died, i saw my items laying around there..
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    funny i tried this a few times but i always working correct
    did the server restart or reload within this time?
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    nope.. I tried to wait 5mins.. and it still pursue.. but if i reconnect asap, let say 30secs.. there will be no items..
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    Sry my english is not so good ;)
    So if i understand correct, when you reconnect the items are not there any more right?
    another question: are you able to pick up the items?
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    yeah.. and yeah..
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    ok i think i know what's the problem
    bugfix will be out in a few minutes

    EDIT: should be fixed now
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    Gonna try now, If it works. I will jump for joy! :D

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    awesome plug in! the armor update went fast! nice work, i removed cenotaph and added this.
    tnx for an awesome plug in :D
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    Glad that you are happy with my plugin :)
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    CB tag has to be at the end, edited
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    ok thank you :)

    Big update comming the next few days ;)

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    Wow great plugin I will use it!
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    Thank you. I appreciate that :)
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    Interesting plugin, I could see using this instead tombstone. I would have small request tho, currently Im looking way for players to purchase "timed" inventory save, similiar to "prevent item drop" items in certain mmorpg´s.

    1. Would it be possible to add duration for this command, maybe something to allow admins configure duration for each group, so after certain time it would not save player inventory upon death?

    2. Maybe command for players to enable inventory save, use of command would cost money? `Something like /is on, after cooldown it would automatic disable use of inventory save (force /is off command for player after certain time?)

    Thanks for plugin, I do understand if my request are not something you´re looking to add, but cant blame for asking :p

    I know there is Time Rank plugin, but I do not like the idea installing multiple plugins to do simple task.
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    Very nice ideas. I'll have a look at it when I'm back from my vacation.

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