[INACTIVE][MECH] Gastronomic v1.4 - Adding realism through hunger. [798]

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    The first specialised hunger plugin for Bukkit!
    Now with Thirst - open GastronomicWater Spoiler!
    Original Thread:

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1015938/Gastronomic.jar -CB798


    Ever felt like something was missing from Bukkit? A sense of immersion, of depth? Ever felt like people shouldn't be able to survive for weeks without a single piece of food? Gastronomic provides a reason to kill those pigs, catch that fish, and cook that bread. So gather up your [wheatpicked], [redmushroom] and [meat], and keep reading.

    • User-specified hunger intervals, increments, and damage amounts.
    • Per-item hunger restoration amounts.
    • 'Effects' system allowing very customisable health restoration/damage effects.
    • Permissions support.
    Give gastronomic.admin.* support to trusted players, and gastronomic.player.* permissions to all, or configure permissions manually from the list below.

    gastronomic.admin.enable - gives access to the /gastronomic command.
    gastronomic.admin.reload - gives access to the /gastronomic reload command.
    gastronomic.admin.sethunger - gives access to the /sethunger command.
    gastronomic.player.checkhunger - gives access to the /hunger command.
    gastronomic.player.checkfood - gives access to the /food command.
    gastronomic.disablehunger - give this permission to disable hunger for the user/group.

    /gastronomic - enables and disables plugin.
    /gastronomic reload - reloads all configuration files.
    /hunger - checks your current hunger level.
    /sethunger [player name] [hunger level] - sets player's hunger to the specified amount.
    /food [id] - tells the player how much hunger the id restores.
    /food list - lists how much hunger each food id restores.
    Known issues:
    • If configuration files are deleted for any reason, the server may show some scary messages. Don't worry, it should work out fine! If not, report please :).
    • In GastronomicWater, users must left click to empty buckets (bug with bukkit not calling correct events on bucket use)
    Planned Features:
    • Iconomy Support?
    Each player is given a hunger value, starting at 0. Every so often, at a user-specified interval, every user's hunger level goes up by a specified increment. This goes on until their hunger level reaches 100, and they begin to starve. At every following interval, damage will be taken until food is eaten, restoring hunger levels back to 0.


    • Firstly to this thread for inspiring the creation of Gastronomic. Thanks to Bashur and the other posters in that thread!
    • Secondly to TimberJaw, whose Hey0 mod (here) served as ideas for some of my plugin's functionality.
    • A Very Special Thanks To FullWall To Allow me To Continue This Amazing Plugin!


    #Minecraft Properties File
    #Sun May 22 10:26:48 EDT 2011
    message-40=Your stomach rumbles.
    message-eat=You feel better after eating. Your hunger is now +hunger+.
    message-100=You are starving\! Eat something, anything\!
    message-health-restore=You feel full and your vitality increases. Your health is restored by +healthr+
    message-check-hunger=Your current hunger is +hunger+.
    message-20=You feel a bit peckish.
    message-stuffed=You feel stuffed, like you couldn't eat another bite.
    message-80=Your stomach aches from hunger.
    message-no-permission=You don't have permission to use that command.
    message-60=You're getting hungry.

    V1.4 - Updated to CB798
    v1.3.4 - compatibility, bugfixes.

    Ill Be Working on Gastronomic Water..

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    I hope this can get resolved soon, because I would like the hunger plugin download to work. Maybe we should get the moderator's attention?
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    Link is dead =(
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    yep ;(
    pls reupload :)

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    I'll even host the file for you if needed!
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    He got hacked.
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    Why'd you stop the plugin dev?
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    Not me. Check his profile.
  9. Lets be not so dramatic - lets say he got exploited, cos im 100% nobody actually hacked his password but rather got it somehow by other means than using a dictionary- or bruteforce-hack. ;)
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    @Zothen: Oh yeah, the mysteries of people magically hacking into your computer and stealing your life...
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    Someone definitely downloaded this one.
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    I am using the download from the old link and it seems to work just fine...
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    You mean the inactive version by fullwall? The donwload link works, but I cant get the actual plugin to work, which is why im anticipating this new one.
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    I downloaded the inactive one yesterday. It seems to be working fine for me and my players. Bukkit build 793
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    Okay, I'll also try the "old" version and report back tomorrow...
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    Tanner Benuzzi

    Link not working?
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    Was that a serious question??? :confused:
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    Yes. did he get a virus?
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    Okay, the "old" version seems to be running on cb803. But it's a little buggy. Atm I don't use foodeffects and percentage and health restoration. If I use one of those options my players can have HUGE negative amounts of health by eating some cookies in quick succession. And sometimes the hungerlevel raises up to 1000 (yes, three 0s)! Damn, have I been hungry!!! ;)
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    Woudnt he have emailed the bukkit admins and come back by this time now?
    At least if he could make a new temporary account and post a working link here. xD
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    Unless it was his e-mail account that was hacked, or if he used the same password...
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    Hacking is a very freaking lame excuse! Stop whining and moaning about that.
    If he wanted -- he'd just created new mail, new account and all that shit.
    He just dumped us.
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    And why would i just dump all my work?do you honestly realize the faggots out there? i lost everything dude you know that right?ive been pissed off the past few days thats why i havent tried to conntact anyone.

    so far i lost these.

    xbox acccount
    yahoo account
    msn account
    github account
    dropbox account
    youtube account
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    [email protected]!
    i hope u find a way get your accounts back (for ex. call the support!!)
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    I was gonna use this with survival island :(
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    well once i can get my account back ill be on fixing this.
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    KK Thanks :)
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    With you chernobyl! like this plugin!! :D
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    You wanna convince me that you don't have sources and jars on your hard drive, or that you can't upload those? That's hilarious.

    As for hacked accounts:

    1) Someone, who know you close enough did that 100% Cause no phishing shit will get all your accounts, they usually need only 1 or 2 of them. Check your relatives)

    2) Being hacked means, that you're foolish enough to use password that's easy to brute(12345, qwerty, mama or something like that) or that you gave someone your password(wich is really stupid thing to do)

    3) Every account is easy to restore though mail. Restoring mail is of course a hell harder to restore, but you should've been using some tricks, like linking it to your phone number and shit.
    If you registered your mail to your real name and other contact information(as every rational man should do) -- you can just recover it with your passport and other credential documents through support, but that will surely take some time(like a week or so)

    Have a good luck with unhacking and upload jar as early as you stop pissing out.
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    Who cares Gness. Let him be, i know its really frustrating when it happens. (But someone playing mc gotta have don it chernobyl :p)
    Well well, hope you get your stuff up asap, we are eager to get it on our servers! ;)
  31. Gness, why dont you stick it up where the sun dont shine and stay on topic? Or do you lack a life that you need to play clever-shit-sherlock here? Bugger off or show some respect to somebody who at least was able to do something...
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