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    RuneCaster - Draw Runes, Cast Spells:
    Version: v1.1a
    Author: Hohahihehu

    RuneCaster is similar to RuneCraft, but with different runes based off the Futhark alphabet (Viking Runes). For those who don't know what RuneCraft is, you draw a rune on the ground with blocks and activate it by placing torches on it. Depending on the shape of the rune, different effects will occur.

    Any/All Feedback is appreciated, as well as bug reports. I want to make this plugin as good as I can, and I need your help to do that!

    • Draw a rune on the ground and place torches to activate its effect
    • Inscribe runes onto your tools to make them more useful
    • The /runecaster command gives information about different runes
    • Server admin can individually enable/disable runes in the RuneCasterConfig.properties file.

    Version 1.1a (Bugfixes!)
    • Fixed TSLPC error (The Stupidly Long Plugin Constructor.) This was what spammed your consoles on startup.
    • Fixed internal plugin error messages when you tried to search using a rune name spelled in all lowercase.
    • Fixed some minor punctuation things in messages.
    • Added a message to the Eiwaz rune letting people know it's currently broken. I'm stil looking into it!
    Version 1.1 (Suddenly, Update!)

    • New Rune: Gyfu
    • New Rune: Reid
    • New Rune: Tyr
    • New Rune: Laguz
    • New Feature: Enchanting - Inscribe runes onto your tools for a variety of helpful effects
    • New Enchant: Laguz on Sword (Refreshes breath while moving underwater)
    • New Feature: List Command - Lists all the different runes currently available. Access with /runecaster list
    • New Feature: Info Command - Gets information about a specific rune, and if it's enabled or not. Access with /runecaster info <runename>
    • Hopefully fixed Dagaz, it should work now
    • A lot of optimization in my code, which doesn't mean much to people running the server
    • Probably broke a lot of stuff.
    Version 1.0 (Another Big Update!)

    • New Rune: Hagall
    • New Rune: Eiwaz
    • New Rune: Sol
    • New Rune: Odal
    • Isa Rune Redesigned: Instead of creating a useless ice pyramid, Isa now freezes all water in an area around the rune. The area increases with a permanent rune.
    Known Bugs:

    • Eiwaz creates a patch of grass and nothing else. This is some sort of bukkit bug I suppose, and will hopefully fix itself.
    Future Features:

    Near Future:
    • A rune which allows one to travel between different worlds, provided you know the name of the world.
    • Admin customizable rune materials.
    • Spell System! Use certain combinations of runes together to activate awesome spells!
    • Several Runes involving mob spawning I couldn't do before
    At some Point:

    • Even More Runes!
    • Some way to find out how to draw a rune while ingame
    • A way for admins to individually allow/disallow runes to groups
    Rune Library:

    Oss: Pulls the user through space towards the heavens.
    Reid: Sends the user on a journey into the depths of the earth (Liable to get you stuck in rocks)
    Gyfu: Randomly grants a valuable or worthless gift, depending on chance.
    Wynn: Brings a little bit of delicious joy into the world.
    Hagall: Winter's chill descends upon the area around the rune.
    Isa: Channels the power of biting cold to freeze water solid.
    Jeran: Calls upon the fertile land to grant a bountiful harvest.
    Eiwaz: With the power of the earth, grows a tree from the ground.
    Sol: Scorches the earth with the mighty heat of the sun. ***
    Tyr: Fires a sudden barrage of arrows from midair.
    Laguz: Condenses water into a pool and extinguishes nearby fires. **
    Odal: Forms a protective shelter to shield the caster within.
    Dagaz: Call back the sun to drive away the darkness of night.

    --Oss---Reid---Gyfu--Wynn--Hagall --Isa---Jeran--Eiwaz---Sol----Tyr---Laguz---Odal--Dagaz

    ** Abusable: Disabled by default

    Rune Blocks:

    These are the different blocks you can make runes out of:

    Sandstone (24)
    Double Step (43)
    Brick (45)
    Mossy Cobblestone (48)
    Clay (82)
    Netherrack (87)
    Soul Sand (88)

    Lapiz Lazuli Block (22)
    Gold Block (41)
    Obsidian (49)
    Diamond Block (57)
    Glowstone (89)

    Illustrated Tutorial:

    Below is a brief tutorial on how to use the plugin, with accompanying pictures!

    (NOTE: The tutorial is old, Smooth Stone can no longer be used to make runes, and Isa no longer makes a pyramid of ice. The activation premise remains the same.)

    Tutorial Inside (open)

    1) The first step is to mine out the shape of the rune, like below.


    All runes fit inside a 5x7 block boundary, and they can be oriented both North-South and East-West. Vertical Runes will not work, but they may in the future! The rune in the example is Isa. Yes, it's just a 7 block long line.

    It is just as easy to build the rune above ground as well, but it'll make step 3 a tiny bit harder.

    2) Fill in the shape of the rune with a valid rune making block.


    The valid blocks to make a rune can be divided into two categories, Temporary and Permanent.

    Sandstone (24)
    Double Step (43)
    Brick (45)
    Mossy Cobblestone (48)
    Clay (82)
    Netherrack (87)
    Soul Sand (88)

    Lapiz Lazuli Block (22)
    Gold Block (41)
    Obsidian (49)
    Diamond Block (57)
    Glowstone (89)

    The blocks in the 5x7 area around the rune cannot be rune making blocks, even if they aren't in the shape of the rune. You couldn't, for example, place a Glowstone rune surrounded by sandstone, the rune wouldn't work.

    The blocks in the permanent category are much rarer, and for good reason. With the permanent blocks, you can make runes which you can reliably use over and over. They can burn out though, see below.

    3) Place a torch at each corner of the 5x7 area


    I used regular torches in the tutorial, but you can also use Redstone Torches as well. Whichever you decide to use, all torches need to be the same type. The torches will be consumed when you use the rune. There are significant benefits to using Redstone Torches over normal torches:
    -Redstone Torches have a 50% to not burn out a temporary rune, normal Torches will always burn it out.
    -Regular Torches have a small chance to burn out a permanent rune, Redstone Torches will never do so.
    When a rune is burned out, all the rune making blocks will turn to cobblestone.

    4) Place down a torch in the center to activate the rune!


    The torch you place in the center has to match the torches at the corners. Each rune will have its own individual effect.

    The Isa rune I used creates that pyramid of ice seen there, but other runes could do more useful things. The torches were consumed in the rune making process, and as you can see, the smooth stone (reminder: no longer valid rune making block) of the rune burnt out and turned into cobblestone. To use the rune again, I would have to mine out the cobblestone and rebuild it.

    Permissions Tutorial:

    Permissions Tutorial Inside (open)

    When you first run the plugin on your server, a folder called RuneCaster will appear in your server folder. In that folder will be a file. You can edit that file in a text editor like Notepad. There will be lines of text in there, such as
    Changing true to false will prevent anyone on the server from activating an Isa rune. You can disable all Temporary runes or Permanent runes in the same way.

    Enchanter Tutorial:

    Enchanter Tutorial Inside (open)

    It's very simple to use the enchanter. Just create a rune like normal, and place a torch on each corner. Instead of placing a torch on the center though, right click the center block of the rune with the tool you want to enchant. If you can place the rune you drew on the tool you're holding, then it will enchant it. If not, you will receive a message letting you know it didn't work. Tools have to be at least iron quality to enchant, so wood/stone won't work.

    The permissions involved with this are:
    They are all set to true by default. Rune permissions affect enchants, if the Sol rune was disabled, you couldn't enchant your tools with that rune.

    If the server crashes or restarts, you will lose any enchants you may have, but you should keep them if you leave the server then rejoin.


    Plugin (.jar)
    RuneCaster 1.1a

    Source (Though I can't imagine why you'd want to see my newb code)
    RuneCaster Source Code

    By the way, as an after note, this plugin was the first thing I've ever coded in java. I didn't even do a Hello world! program, just skipped straight to this :p.

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  2. A really awesome plugin that brings lots of variety and fun! : D

    And here's a question... is it possible to make different user groups use only certain runes?
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    Im not sure where to put the torch. could you please make a vid tut plz?

    Nvm i know now...

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    I really like the way this is coming along. Great work. I have a few ideas.

    Perhaps for a spell stacking multiple Odal runes on top of eachother to produce a larger castle. Maybe a little cottage that comes with torches and a bed.

    Combining Sol and Hagall runes could result in an explosion. If there is a way to spawn live tnt, it could spawn about six of them at a safe distance. Perhaps the energy released by conflicting elements. Might be disabled by default, but it would allow for an easy self destruct in buildings and a neat magic trick.

    If with the improved mechanics you can make a rune to summon mobs, multiple slime runes could make a larger slime. It seems ideal since it is so hard to abuse given slimes don't drop anything useful.

    On my server we have arena matches. I think this is a pretty common thing. It would be really fun and useful if you could enchant a sword with Isa to create a 2x2 rectangle of ice for instant cover. It would be easy to clean up, faster than placing blocks, and balance the ranged power of arrows.
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    Will this be updated with the recent version?

    01:13:24 [SEVERE] BLOCK_PLACED loading RuneCaster v1.1a (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: BLOCK_PLACED
    at com.Hohahihehu.plugin.RuneCaster.RuneCaster.onEnable(RuneCaster.java:
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:118)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:94)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:72)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:215)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:202)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:142)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:257)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:375)

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    when i try to download it i get a zipped file so i unzip and then i get a folder instead of a jar what should i do
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    We need 617 version! Very very! :)
    And we need to change the rune "icons" or add our own (for ex. cross, or house, like web icon) and grant them functionality of any existing rune in the plugin.
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    Awesome mod! Although i wish there was a way to cast Sol without killing yourself, or is that just me?
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    Awesome! This is JUST what I was looking for! This looks like a great mod. And by the way, does this mod require anything and is it updated for Craftbukkit Build #670? In my console it asks if it is up to date, so I am just wondering. (And yes, I know it says 617, but I want to make sure).

    EDIT: I get the same thing as Jerald above me.
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    Also receiving same error as crazycocok and jerald. Just updated bukkit today to 670. If this isn't compatible with 670 is there intention to update it in the near future?
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    It doesn't work for me ><
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    is there any way i can make it so only certain groups in the permissions plugin can use the plugin? like giving them a node or something? if i cant is there any way u can get it to do that?
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.

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