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    Power Boots - Boots with super powers

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">GOING ON A ONE WEEK VACATION!</font>

    Version: 1.0.5

    Description: Choose whatever boot you want! Current boots are leather, iron, gold, and diamond. Leather turns dirt and sand to grass, iron changes blocks to ice for 3 seconds, gold leaves a trail of flame behind you, and diamond boots prevent all fall damage!

    * Leather boots let you turn sand and dirt into grass permanently.
    * Iron boots let you turn blocks you walk on into ice for 3 seconds.
    * Gold boots leave flames behind you.
    * Diamond boots prevent fall damage.

    * Added diamond boots.

    * Added iron and leather boots.
    * Fixed fire burn issue.

    * Plugin created.

    Bugs: I don't know, you tell me. ;)

    * Permissions support.
    * Chainmail boots <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">NEED IDEAS!</font>


    Thanks to NickBrahz for this video!

    * Speed boots.
    * Flying boots.
    * Boots that let you walk on water.
    * Flash light boots.
    * Rail road boots.

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Source: Power Boots Source

    Thanks to Mankho for the basic idea! :D
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    Mmm Octopie

    Maybe a toggle so it doesnt burn the block completely so you dont burn stuff down
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    Added to the list. Will take care of it today or tomorrow.
    EDIT: Tried fixing it but later noticed that blocks around the fire also catch fire which means this this isn't really possible unless you risk all surrounding blocks. Sorry.
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    This plugin is a good idea, but it's very weird. Easy for the player to catch on fire. It should not burn the block that the player is on. When used with WorldGuard set with fire spread off, it's a good plugin.
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    It burns after a second... plenty of time to move really. I just did this as a request though. If I get more suggestions it might get even more features.
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    Hm... Pretty cool. I might add it and just wait to see if anyone finds out it's possible. :p
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    can u make like a package? maybe like diamondboots make you run a little bit faster?
    iron boots make ice behind you? or snow trail? and wood would do something, jjust ideas :p
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    Ok added to the list.
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    Of course you have enough time to move, but 'm trying to say that if you stop moving, you burn to death. It should not burn the block under you, but the previous block you were on.
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    Ok I'll make it so if you're still on the same block even though you move, it won't do anything.
    EDIT: Done.
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    I really like your plugin idea. I'm really excited if you manage to figure out how to code speed boosts into a pair of boots; I hadn't thought that was possible yet.

    Question: Are you planning on adding a Permissions feature so I can turn it on for only certain players, possibly as a reward for completing a task or clearing a dungeon or something?
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    Can make Video?
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    Thanks for updating. Another suggestion. Instead of using different shows for different effects, you could set up commands to toggle on or off commands. This way, you can have multiple combination of effects with any shoe. Or even without shoes.

    /sb fire
    /sb dirt
    /sb speed
    /sb ice
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    You really should fix how it sets a block on fire, even if you're standing on it... LMFAO at watching my players running around because they don't wanna die and they couldn't take them off.
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    Hey, this was my idea!

    Thanks for making it dude, 100% appreciated.
    (SUGGESTION: Since you seem to need to add some links to that signature, how about a plugin that lets you control the mob spawnrate and what mobs spawn? I'd truly love to have Ghasts roam my world without having to be in the Nether. I know plenty of people wanting this, including myself.)
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    I believe this is the plugin you're looking for: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...-entidex-control-mob-spawn-1-0-2-cb-527.7773/

    Also I was wondering, is there a config file for this plugin? I don't really like the leather shoe idea but the fire, ice, and speed one sound great :)
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    @MonsterTV Yes I am planning on adding Permissions support. Though, I'm going to do it after I implement all boots.
    @leslieliang I don't want this to be a command interface really... It's supposed to be the boots that have the features not you.
    @Firelight7300 LMAO! I can imagine that happening!! I fixed it, try the new download.
    @Monkah Yeah that's why I did it in the first place :p skillinazn gave you a link to a good plugin to use.
    @skillinazn I will make a config file after I fix the iron boots and implement the diamond ones. Also, the leather's power is supposed to help you make the desert filled with sand a useful place :p

    BTW please tell me if I should implement the chainmail boots! Also, name change coming soon, check OP.
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    Question! :D
    Is it just to open with winrar, delete the META-INF and then place the files into the other minecraft thing where u must delete the META-INF to make mods work?
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    Chainmail boots should be able to have no fall damage prehaps.
    I don't know, make it configurable. Maybe have about 10 options for our boots.
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    what about boots that let you fly? and you right click in the direction you want to go with them?
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    Anyone know how to get this to work?
    btw i liked the idea with no fall damage and fly boots :)
    Suggestion: Boots that gives you unlimited air (breathing under water).
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    Ya that's the issue. I rather not have boots fill a desert with grass, but that does sound good if you want to change the terrain though.

    They made a helm for that already xD
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    hmm can you make a config file? So I can disable the leather boots turning sand to dirt? Thanks! :)
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    How do i get the "permission modul" or sumthing?
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    @okd95 just place it in your plugins file of the server. This is not a single player mod + no permissions yet.
    @Raspberry Yeah I'm probably gonna make the configuration file before I even make the diamond boots...
    @Monkah thanks for that suggestion. More chainmail suggestions plz!
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    erm, you could make it safer by stopping the trailing flames within 2 blocks of the player.
    By the way, make the golden boots extinguish the flames within two blocks radius of the player, so I could turn back without turning into a Zombie Pigmen :p
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    Ok I'm considering making it two blocks but as I said before, fire spread makes it hard to extinguish unless I risk surrounding blocks (which I won't). Also, what's the point of having just two blocks burn behind you? I mean it would be hard to make this effective. :p
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    Here is a video of this plugin in use!

    So i was thinking seeing there is alot of ideas floating around for what boots should do, some way to choose what boot does what, for example lets say there are these options:
    Walk on water
    Speed up
    No fall damage
    Turn blocks into a certain block that is under you

    There would be some sort of command like "/Set <Boot Type> <Ability>" So for example you would do "/set GoldBoot(S) Fly" or "/set IronBoot(S) fly" Just a thought!

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    Ok... some people have been asking for more configuration... I'll do that after:
    1. implemented diamond (testing phase)
    2. make config file (currently)
    3. added permissions
    After I do the above I'll add configuration options, but it would be in a config file and not in-game.
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    Yeah i found a pretty good tutorial by "the minecraft crew" on how to install the bukkits to the server, also how to set up a server, on youtube. :)

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