[INACTIVE][MECH/FIX(?)] dontkickme v0.1 - prevents kicking for reason 'Moved too quickly!' [766]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Naga, May 14, 2011.

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    Link down due server reinstall, will be finished soon, I hope.
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    Do the warning messages are blocked when I use this plug-in? ​
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    fyi, for me with the nether plugin, going thru the portal still kicks me (i dont know if your fix is still applied in 818. I assume so since its a more recent build). So I will try this plugin to try to fix the problem. Anyway for my server, I trust my players to not try any hacking.

    plugin works good but I do get console spam and when I enter the portal, I am unable to reach the destination. Console gets spammed endlessly and I have to reconnect, upon reconnect I am at the right spot. hmm.
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    Found that with 818: no longer needing this plugin
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    it does it for me in 818.
    notch's smp nether was the worst thing to happen to mp minecraft so many bugs and for what?! what is the point of having the nether its just dumb
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    When using this plugin to prevent stargate travel from kicking players, the y pos is changed at some point.
    Causing me to spawn inside a block or in midair.

    Using: 818
    Stargate: 0.4.8
    Dont Kick Me: 0.1
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    Jonathan Brooke

    Just installed latest Craftbukkit on my server (818) and any time we try to go through a portal (which we are unable to construct the legit way) we get hit with the You Moved to Fast Error Message? Should I use this plugin or is their a fix?
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    Same thing happened on my server... Using Multiverse and everyone who tries to port to the survival map and back to Creative Map gets kicked EVERYTIME
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    CraftBukkit build 819 (Not recommended build, don't use on your main server unless you know what you are doing etc....) has an initial fix for the Moved Too Fast kick. It isn't quite perfect and I've noticed some chunk loading problems.
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    Ahh yes I saw that late yesterday. I usually wait until recommended versions but I made an exception this time since it aimed for our specific problem. 819 so far fixed the troubles, gating works good. I've had it once that the chunk did not load but that was happening before so no big deal. No longer need this plugin, will continue to test!
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    Jonathan Brooke

    how is 819 as a stable release, i know its not recommended but is it acceptable and works with Essentials +Permissions etc?
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    Since 818 i get kicked when entering portals as well. Never had the issue before.

    We had Nether plugins before. But now we're using the Notch version we get kicked when using the portals for flying.

    This will work?
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    819 has been running good over here, portals are working good now
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    its safe to use 819 because all it changes is the moved to quickly stuff, the problem with chunks not loading also exists in 818 ._.
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    oyhşşş thank you
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    fyi, for me the latest RB (860) broke TP/Nether again with a "moved too quickly" error. Going back to 819 works fine again. Tried to pinpoint from which version the problem begun again and for me from 823+, the error came back. With 820 im getting once an internal server error during TP but afterwards seems to work fine. With 823 however, I get the TP problem back (moved too quickly) once out of 5 or so TPs.
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    Seems to work fine on CB860, except for some console spam o.o
    But apart from that, thanks a lot!
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    @Naga: #766 inactive
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    thank you so much this plugin helped me out so much for some reason in build 1000 i was haveing the issue with the kicking and moveing to fast but now its fixed thanks alot.:)
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    Plugin stops the kicks, but the travelers go back and forth through the portals, not very handy...
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  26. Yay for broken link!
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