[INACTIVE][MECH] FenceStacker v1.0 - Stack those fences [670-684]

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  1. FenceStacker - lets you stack fences
    Version: v1.0

    You always hate it to stack fences from top to bottom?
    You just want them to be stackable, like every block?
    Then you are on the good place.

    • Being able to stack fences on eachother
    I take suggestions :)

    v1.0 - Download

    This plugin uses NO commands

    Version 1.0
    • Release
    • Being able to stack fences
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    Looks very nice, gotta give it a try tomorrow.
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    That sound awesome ;)
  4. Doesn't work, After stacking more than three, simply crashes
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    Hi, i may be wrong but i believe FenceStack already does that (and is compatible with CB 677)
  6. Oh lol, wasn't aware someone else made the same thing.

    Let me check for that

    It works normally on my server, maybe some details? any server errors?
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    Works fine for me, Simple thank you Muchly. Works well with the Portecoullisante Plugin :)
  8. Works for laters RB, #684.
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    Whenever I place a fence on top of another one my game freezes and the client closes. When I log back in, the fences are stacked. Every player on my server has the same issue. I'm running Craftbukkit #684. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
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    This plugin works way better than this plugin, it's also been on BukKit for a while now.
    I have no idea why there has to be 2 of the same plugin.

    I've also tested this plugin and it lacks some of the features you can do with the other plugin.
    You can' build from roof to floor, for example..

    Again, I suggest this plugin! :)
    (I'm not here to ruin your plugin Streammz, but as a wise person once told me.. "You don't have the freedom to chose before you have the knowledge"..)
  11. yeah, any forum moderator may place this to inactive, i'll be not supporting this anymore.
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    If you aren't supporting it, you should remove it from your signature, I was all excited :(
  13. haha yeah sorry

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