[INACTIVE][MECH] EekRunes v1.4.0.19 - Runecraft Port (Now reads magic.dat!)

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    The latest version can always be downloaded from here:

    Code can be obtained from https://github.com/Eeketh/EekRunes

    I am attempting to port the below to Bukkit, because there's a lot of functionality I've been missing.
    (Note: the original Runecraft mod is by Superllama. He doesn't intend to port anything until Notch releases the API, so it looks like this will be the only Runecraft for Bukkit)

    So far, only the 7 below runes have been ported:
    • Secret Passages
    • Waypoints/Teleporters
    • Compass
    • Oracle
    • Freezer Rune
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Power Tool (power pick/shovel)
    Runes can also be loaded/unloaded using the following commands:
    • /eekRuneAdd <name>
    • /eekRuneDel <name>
    • /eekRuneReload <name>
    • /eekRuneList will list all the loaded runes
    Please note that the rune name when loading is case sensitive.

    Runes can be switched on/off by editing the settings.ini file created when you first run the plugin.
    If more runes are added after you have run the program, they will be added to your settings.ini file as disabled.

    Note: There are some slight differences with the way my hidden passages work:

    1) The keystone is always used as the "ink". Whatever the keystone is made of, the entire door will be made of.
    (note: I believe the previous system either used it as ink, or a key you needed to use, depending on how rare the block was. Nobody I know uses keys, so I didn't think it important)
    2) The door activation can now be triggered by redstone.
    3) If you right-click the keystone while holding a redstone torch, you will ONLY be able to open the door with redstone - right-clicking will not work.
    (this is to keep secret doors harder to find)

    Superllama - Original Runecraft creator.
    @MRH - code to read from Runecraft's data file.
    @Herr Riz - NotRunecraft code
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    What does settings.ini have in it? should be DoorRune=true (it's case sensitive)
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    oh yeh, there all on true. strange when i test the power tool now, it acts like i described befor.
    thoes are the only ones i care about lol.
    maby its something to do with the biome terrain modifyer. i doubt it though.
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    Well no :( But its ok as long things work again. Also have yiz ever fixed when someone destroys a waypoint/TP it severes the link? Right now the link stays, so even when the TP is completely gone, you can rightclick the ground and it teleports you.
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    Just installed, tried the compass rune in the formation of an X of cobblestone, right clicked and nothing happened.
    Is making/activating runes different in EekRunes to RuneCraft or is something wrong?
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    Ok, I must be dumb... Can someone please school me on the redstone hidden doors? I used a key block on some of my hidden doors, and since that's not implemented here, The next best thing is the redstone doors, I guess, but I can't figure it out (haven't played with redstone wires yet). Another thing that doesn't seem to work the same is with "runecraft", when you out dirt in the keystone surrounded by cobble, you'd get a natural stone door (usefull if you wanted to make a stone wall appear untouched). Now it makes dirt. Is there any way to make natural stone without giving myself some?
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    In the original Runecraft several blocks were treated as air. These included dirt, grass, smooth stone, snow covering, and possible some others. Please, please make this functionality the same now.
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    Teleporters worked for me when replacing air with stone or dirt
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    Could u make the hidden door work on every block? Right now i think it only works on cobblestone :S
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    Mine says the following:

    The file was automatically made when I ran the plugin the first time... Is it wrong?
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    Correct, which is also different from RuneCraft, but in a good way. The problem is that you have to mine out the corners to draw the runes in the first place, which should not happen. It's mostly aesthetic, but it's also very annoying.
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    I found a slight bug: I constructed a compass out of white wood blocks and when it activated, three of the blocks turned to regular brown wood.

    Not that big of a deal but if it's an easy fix, why not?
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    OK, Call me a dummy but I need help. I got a new server with bukkit & a bunch of other mods. I understand that this mod converts runecraft to Eekrune using the magic.dat file. So where am i supposed to install runecraft so it convert it after i get eekrune?. Thanks in advance.
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    Copy the magic.dat to the EekRunes's folder in the plugin folder and then run bukkit.
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    But delet every file in this Folder first ;)
    And don't forget the Backup.
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    My users are requesting keystones, especially with teleporters. They don't want certain people getting into certain places. Is it possible to get this functionality in without too much hassle?
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    I'm having the exact same problem Geremy is having. Other runes work fine, but PowerTool isn't. It says it activates when you use the rune, but it only mines one block. Latest eekrunes and craftbukkit. Using biomemod, minecart mania w/addons, persistence, nether, elevators.
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    Another bug: Water isn't being counted as a tier 2 block. Tested with teleporters and waypoints.

    And another feature request: Please add command to display a list of all activated runes.
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    Very cool project! I know lots of people are very interested in getting RuneCraft-type functionality in Bukkt. :D
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    Can you allow fences to be used in Hidden passages?
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    can't seem to get Waypoint and teleport to work at all.

    Also, I can't get the taller hidden passage ways to work.

    Lastly, Power tool activates but it doesn't add an effect.

    Oh and I use 250 build of bukkit if you need it.
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    Hi all,
    This mod seem really nice but i've a error when i try to active the rune:
    Could not pass event Block_Damage.

    I've restart the install of the plug but nothing.
    Any idea?

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    I just tried it with the redstone torch in my hand. It worked and it was created, but I couldn't close it.
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    I thought teleports already had it... I'll check my code...

    Will check this at lunch today too...

    Yup, should be able to do that today too...
    DONE and DONE

    I'm surprised you can't already? I've already agreed to do a lot this lunchtime, so might have to wait until tomorrow
    Tested - already works... place the fence in the middle, with the rest made of cobblestone

    I remember there was a block destroy event added... maybe they removed the damage one? will look for you and update if need be...

    If you create using redstone torch, it'll only respond to redstone. So you need a button or something, to let you in.
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 1:07 PM ---
    Updated: see above post.
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    works for me now.

    if its not to hard or time consuming, can you add an OSD for ammount of uses left?
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    Thanks for adding the rune list command... but what is it? :)

    Details on the keystone: They keystone is working in general but it should be more specific than it actually is. Any item is currently working as a keystone, but the Runecraft mechanics are that it's supposed to require the tier of the item used in the waypoint or higher.

    Thanks for all your work! My users greatly appreciate it.
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    Thanks Eeketh.
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    Wow, that was pretty silly of me ^_^
    The command is eekRuneList
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    Hello, want to report a slight bug. Apparently I can't make waypoints (haven't tested with teleporters yet) out of double steps. It just doesn't register. I exchanged all of the blocks for something else, and then it worked, so there's nothing wrong with the placement or the plugin.
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    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Runecraft doesn't say anything about double-steps... should it be the same as a single?
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    Hey, can you please add a config for how many blocks the PowerTool destroys? :D

    (I mean the radius around the block you target).

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