[INACTIVE][MECH] DwarfForge v1.7 - Run Furnaces on Lava [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by mattmoss, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic plugin, both my players and myself are pumped to use it.

    An amusing story for you: I went to show it off to one of them last night, only when I punched the forge, it wouldn't turn on. I kept punching it over and over again while saying to him "Damn, looks like the plugin doesn't work. I'll have to report the error."

    ...Then he put some items to smelt in it, punched it, and it magically started smelting. I had read this whole thread too so I had known about this. So there was an error all right, it was just between my chair and my keyboard. /facepalm
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    Thanks! Glad to see so many people enjoying it. Of course, I can't take all credit: my inspiration was Dwarf Fortress. :D

    Oh, the old PEBKAC error. Well, to be fair, after review, I think the original behavior was better (for the most part). The other option would be to send a message to the player indicating exactly why it was not starting up, but in the end I think 1.5.1 behavior will be best (sans any bugs found).
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    Thank you. It works perfectly for me with this version. The smelt time is blazing fast as well.
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    Oh yeah, that was a bug I introduced in 1.5. Found and fixed it while fixing the auto-off issues.
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    Totally forgot to reply to say I had it up and running and it seems to be going well. No problems as of yet and they are behaving much better now when you try to activate them without anything to smelt in the chests. :)
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    I played with this plugin a bit on my buddy's server and I must say its absolutely brilliant. You've done a fine job with it. I would however request the redstone signal being generated again when the furnace shuts down. The only reason I ask is because I'm sort of a redstone nut, building calculators and such to fool around.

    Anyway, I can see attaching a redstone wire to the furnace stacks (since i keep stuff organized too) I'd have a stack for mass making glass, smooth stone, cactus green - pretty much everything with nicley labeled signs to remind me of where im suposed to put / get stuff. - anyway, redstone wire ran to note blocks that would be set to varing pitches so i know which furnace stack has completed doing what its doing while Im off building something else in the area. Note blocks have a pretty long range that they can be heard and it would make a pretty awesome "i'm done" ding.

    Also if you can be bothered and this is probibly beyond the scope of this plugin but if minecart storage chests could also be accessed (even if only as an output) that would absolutely rock, since the then generated redstone signal could then empower a powered rail sending that storage minecart down to my warehouse.

    Even without these things though, this plugin is made purely of win an cheeseburgers. And I'm adding it to my server as i type this post. Great job man, looking forward to updates.
  7. It would be awesome if you could make the switch turn oni when the input chest is empty :)
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    Not working anymore. Please update! Thanks!
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    A little more information may prove useful;
    What build of Bukkit are you using? (I've tested it upto 1145 without any problems.)
    In what way is it 'not working'?
    Is there an error log?
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    @meiamone: If you're on 1.5, try version 1.5.1. It may fix your problem.

    I apologize that I have been unable to advance this further. Go figure... real life has become a much higher priority for me, and Minecraft very low.
  11. @mattmoss
    1.5.1 running here and no issues so far, using build 1147.

    I hate to do this to you with how busy you are and all, but id like to suggest the new feature of using the 'forge' as reversal tool. Ie, if you insert 16 iron bars (iron fence thing) it will process it normally using fuel (if enabled) and then output 6 iron ingots in destination chest. Obviously with a on/off switch in config as it may not be liked by everyone.

    1 Bucket > 3 Iron ingots
    8 Iron bars > 3 Iron ingots
    8 Rail > 3 Iron ingots
    1 Detector Rail > 1 Iron ingots
    1 Minecart > 5 Iron ingots
    1 Compass > 4 Iron ingots
    1 Piston > 1 Iron ingot
    1 Sticky Piston > 1 Iron ingot
    1 Iron Door > 6 Iron ingots
    1 Iron Block > 9 Iron ingots (for lazy people)
    1 Powered Rail > 1 Gold ingots
    1 Clock > 4 Gold ingots
    1 Gold Block > 9 Gold ingots (again for lazy people)

    List contains no items that have durability. To avoid people wearing items down and then smelting them to craft new ones.. optionally allow it for durability items that have no durability loss. Items in list should also be lowest amount of items to lower amount of resources in lossless fashion (apart from nonmetals that burn up while smelting)
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    You're better off grabbing a custom recipe plug-in and creating the conversion recipes through that. I'm waiting for CookBook on the dev.bukkit site to mature before I implement it on my server. Until then, I've got a complete re-implementation of the standard recipes plus some extras waiting...
    Point; it's not quite the same as you're using a standard furnace instead of a special furnace structure but at least the methods and plug-ins already exist but at least you can expand your options for other things at the same time.
  13. @Takel
    I do have a custom recipe plugin, but i wanted the whole forge simulation of smelting the stuff down.. and making it cost fuel.
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    Currently running "B1136" for "MC1.8.1" with "DF1.5". I will try the 1.5.1 now. The problem is simply that the forges do nothing. No error messages or anything. I have them set up exactly as I have done in the past. Maybe the problem was fixed in 1.5.1? I will update here as soon as I find out. Ok, apparently 1.5.1 fixed that problem too. Thanks!!
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    Just to let you know that I'm using v1.5.1 with Bukkit build 1149 and Minecraft 1.8.1 and the forges are working completely fine. The fire protection actually saved one wooden building in an NPC village too, where an open lava pit was right next to some forges.
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    Version 1.6 out: updated for recommended build 1185. Also: items are loaded into the forge one-at-a-time rather than stack-at-a-time. Easier parallelism!
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    I get a 404 error when I try clicking on the donload link.
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    Ditto, the link appears to be broken. :(
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    Download is broken.
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    Whoops... dunno how I messed the links up like that. They should be fixed on the first page, but here is the link as well so you don't have to go back: version 1.6.
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    Its not working, i can turn ON/OFF the furnace, but when i put a chest i cant open it and it disapear

    Im on Bukkit 1185
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    Matt L

    Alright, suggestion or idea from a lot of players on my server. We were thinking what if we could put a input chest from our mines that is linked up to our base somehow, via redstone or something, so that way we can mine and have a central chest deep in the mines and have that port it up to the furnaces up in our bases? Or any system of the sort with remote teleportation of the resources. Thoughts?
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    I had started on another plugin (DwarfLabor) that would accomplish tasks like that. Whether I can bring it to fruition right now is questionable. But it's something for a separate plugin, not DwarfForge.
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    Sol IV

    My server is not recognizing the dwarven forges. Running v1.6 and 1185 bukkit. The lava is spitting fire everywhere and the forges are not turning on. Not giving any errors in console either.
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    What does your console log say?
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    Would this work if my server is in Creative Mode? or should I reload it with Survival Mode on?
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    Not sure why you would need a furnace in creative mode. :confused:
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    Because our server is a Survival Server (Seriously) and Ops and Admins will use Creative Mode. Guests are on Survival Mode and Admins/ Ops are on Creative Mode to be simple. Any more questions?
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    Offhand, I don't see why it wouldn't work... but I've not looked into 1.8 details/modes, so... yeah. That doesn't answer your question, except to say that I don't know at the moment. You might just try it and find out.
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    Finally found a use for this plugin, for my public forging area, but... they dont stay lit after a restart... not sure if it is a bug, but I was wanting them more for the visual effect of them being on all the time.
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