[INACTIVE][MECH] DwarfForge v1.7 - Run Furnaces on Lava [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by mattmoss, Jun 17, 2011.

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    About the furnace not illuminating, setBlockID to 62?

    Chris :cool:
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    I tried a few different things to that effect.... and maybe I'm using the wrong API or not updating it or something. Sometimes the block changed, but turned. Sometimes the inventory popped out. I wrote code to grab the inventory first, change the type, then put the inventory back... but then nothing was smelted.

    But as I said, it might just be unfamiliarity with the API. I didn't see a setBlockId function; or did you mean setTypeId? In any case, I'll be hacking on it more to get it right.
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    You could just fake-place a lava bucket in the furnace to make it work and glow, the lava bucekt will disappear because it's used and 1000seconds should be enough for one click :p
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    Fixed the illumination/block type thing... I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong before, since the code is essentially what I tried before... but now it's working.
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    I do not extracts. Jar! And everything else derives!

    Everything worked sorry!
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    Simple, compact furnace that runs on/over lava. I like it :)

    Now, if you don't mind, I'm going install this on my server, then poke around with the source code for more awesome power. ^_^
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    I'm still adding more features, so if there's things you want, you can either request them or make pull requests on github.
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    What I'd love to do is add production chests, similar to what's in LavaFurnace. Possibly a separate plugin for production chests?
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    Although I might vary a bit later exactly how the chests work... I just committed changes to support an input chest (on the left facing the forge) and an output chest on the right. At the moment, it only supports small chests, but I'll try to fix that soon.
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    Then why don't you just use Lavafurnace? Kinda seems a bit.... silly to ask a different plugin dev to make his plugin exactly like someone else's.
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    Production chests were 99% done when he asked. That said, DwarfForge is not exactly like LavaFurnace anyway. Different goals.

    WARNING: Potential bug, which I am going to fix right now... If there is no space available in the output chest for refined/smelted items, you will lose them. So don't yet load up your input chest more than the output chest can handle.

    UPDATE: Fixed. Re-download v0.6.1

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    My fiance and I have both plugins on the server we run so that the LavaFurnace furnaces don't break. This one is my preference though for two reasons:

    - Size: I like a small space requirement.
    LavaFurnace - 35 blocks (37 w/ small chests); approx. 5x5x3 space (5x5x3 w/ small chests)
    DwarfForge - 2 blocks (4 w/ small chests); approx. 1x1x2 space (1x3x2 w/ small chests)

    - No permissions: No permission required to make one, so no difference between OPs and other players. And I can use Lockette to attach a sign to a dwarf forge and the chests to lock it for myself with no side effects.

    [Insert the voice of Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures] One MORE thing!

    The lava below the chest has a nasty habit of setting the blocks around it on fire. Since most people will build a dwarf forge with the furnace at surface level and the lava one below, the lava may set one of the blocks in the 3x3 space around it on fire. This could equal a house up in flames.

    Is there a way to add a check that turns off lava's ability to set fire if it is below a furnace?

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    Yeah, I noticed that the chests were regularly catching fire... I know for a lot of servers, fire/lava spread is disabled, but I expect for some that won't be the case. It's on my list to do something about. At the moment, you might warn your users about this until I implement such a control.
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    Quick fix for anyone building a furnace now:

    1. Build the hole two deep, so the lava is 2 blocks below ground.
    2. Place lava at bottom of hole.
    3. Put 2 furnaces over the lava, so the second one is at ground level.
    4. Place chests next to furnace.
    5. ???
    6. Profit(?) from chests not being on fire.
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    I just updated to version 0.7, which prevents blocks in a 3-block radius from a Dwarf Forge against catching on fire by means of lava. It's not protection against all forms of fire (e.g. regular fire spread, lightning), but the lava below the forge should no longer be the cause.
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    Loving the plugin but, my furnace extinguishes in a few seconds, doesn't last long enough to smelt anything.. what sort of info would you need from me to figure this out? Thanks in advance :D
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    There's a few possibilities I can imagine. Some things to look at:
    1. When you punch the furnace to start it up, right-click the furnace to open it up and watch the smelting process. The little flame on the left should remain mostly filled the entire time. Do you see it drain out gradually? Or does it just extinguish in an instant?
    2. Are there any errors showing up in the console?
    3. What other plugins do you have installed?

    UPDATE: After a while, the forges on my own server start doing the same thing... burning less than 10 seconds. The repeating task that keeps the forge burning generates an exception and so the forge goes out. Exactly why the exception is generated, I don't yet know, but I am looking into it. Still... I'd appreciate any of the information above you could provide.

    Try downloading version 0.7.1 and restarting or reloading the server.

    I added code to log some problems I was experiencing, and I put in a workaround to skip re-ignition of problematic furnaces. This means that generally the furnaces should continue working, but some of them may go out after 25 mins rather than lasting forever.

    If you continue to experience problems and notice DwarfForge messages in your console, please report those messages!

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    Can you setup a config to determine the time it takes to cook the raw materials like speeding it up???
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    It's on my TODO list.
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    You asked for error messages, so I"m seeing these in the console:

    04:47:45 [SEVERE] [DwarfForge] Instead, found block state [org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlockState] [email protected]
    04:47:45 [SEVERE] [DwarfForge] Skipping ignite on this block.
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    Thanks... that's the same one I'm seeing on my server. I'm working to figure out what the heck is going on.

    While I'm working on figuring out the bugs in 0.7, here is version 0.6.1 which doesn't have the protection against fires from lava, but does seem to be more stable.

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    Permissions Support?
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    Wow... lol
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    I'm sorry, did not see that it had it if it does. Does it?
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    The plugin does not have Permissions support at the moment. Manbeast77 has nothing better to do, apparently, than to mock you and your request.

    As far as Permissions support goes, I will add it to my to-do list.

    To you and anyone else experiencing problems with v0.7.1, try installing v0.7.2 which has a fix for this problem.

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    I had no intention of being rude. I was actually just wondering if it had it as I was going through and working on my permissions file. I will still use of plugin without permissions support. On the server I am working on people will not be able to use buckets for lava anyway, so they will have to have there forges deep under ground OR find a surface flow.

    This was a great idea for a plugin. Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks... and I didn't mean to imply that you were being rude. Your posts are fine. It was the other poster mocking you who was rude.
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    I do like the idea of input/output chests. I do however not like the idea of the furnace running for free of charge and making coal less useful. What about a config file to disable that function and allow it to take lavabuckets, coal, logs or planks (maby even in that order) from input chest when needed as fuel to work.

    Also, double chests would be highly usable. I can already see myself adding two signs over input as shops, one to buy coal other to buy resource. Stuff goes through furnace to output box which is also a shop to sell product - and i keep profit :)
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    Not a bad idea: automated fuel input. It's not exactly what I wanted out of the plugin, but it should be easy enough to configure...

    Yeah, double-chest support is already on the to-do list.
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