[INACTIVE][MECH] DeathBan v0.3b - Temporary Bans on Death [400+]

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    This plugin will kick and temporarily ban players that die on your server. Gameplay becomes an intense fight for survival as soon as you leave the spawn.

    Properties: plugins/DeathBan/DeathBan.properties
    bantimermsg=till you can rejoin. Visit us @ ROXBOT.COM while you wait.
    deathkickmsg=GAME OVER - Thank you for playing. Visit us @ ROXBOT.COM while you wait.
    banduration - Length of deathban in seconds.
    10800 = 3 hours(default)
    3600 = 1 hour
    1800 = 30 minutes
    900 = 15 minutes
    300 = 5 minutes
    safedistance - Radius around the spawn where deaths will be ignored. Can be set to 0 if you are using another mod to make the spawn a non-pvp area.

    bantimermsg - Message players see along with the deathban timer
    deathkickmsg - GAME OVER message players see when they are deathbanned.

    DeathBans: plugins/DeathBan/DeathBan.txt
    Format is one name per line followed by the time the player died. If you would like to clear bans you can either delete the line of your choice or the entire file to clear all bans.

    0.1 - First Release.
    0.1b - Added source to jar.
    0.2 - Modified death detection.
    0.3 - DeathBans occur on death without having to respawn.
    Fixed TLSPC error message.
    Fixed namespace
    No longer notifies on death(use a plugin like Server Events).
    0.3b - Fixed plugin.yml

    Download: DeathBan.jar

    P.S. If you'd like to come see the plugin in action join my server @ RED.ROXBOT.COM
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    I'm currently running a server using this plug-in and love it but since this is no longer actively supported, I will begin testing awlawlawl's new plug-in, Hardcore.
  4. Could you add permissions that would exclude certain people from being banned on death?
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    Please revive even though u gotta recode... Other db plgs don't tell players time in minutes

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