[INACTIVE][MECH] DeathBan v0.3b - Temporary Bans on Death [400+]

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    This plugin will kick and temporarily ban players that die on your server. Gameplay becomes an intense fight for survival as soon as you leave the spawn.

    Properties: plugins/DeathBan/DeathBan.properties
    bantimermsg=till you can rejoin. Visit us @ ROXBOT.COM while you wait.
    deathkickmsg=GAME OVER - Thank you for playing. Visit us @ ROXBOT.COM while you wait.
    banduration - Length of deathban in seconds.
    10800 = 3 hours(default)
    3600 = 1 hour
    1800 = 30 minutes
    900 = 15 minutes
    300 = 5 minutes
    safedistance - Radius around the spawn where deaths will be ignored. Can be set to 0 if you are using another mod to make the spawn a non-pvp area.

    bantimermsg - Message players see along with the deathban timer
    deathkickmsg - GAME OVER message players see when they are deathbanned.

    DeathBans: plugins/DeathBan/DeathBan.txt
    Format is one name per line followed by the time the player died. If you would like to clear bans you can either delete the line of your choice or the entire file to clear all bans.

    0.1 - First Release.
    0.1b - Added source to jar.
    0.2 - Modified death detection.
    0.3 - DeathBans occur on death without having to respawn.
    Fixed TLSPC error message.
    Fixed namespace
    No longer notifies on death(use a plugin like Server Events).
    0.3b - Fixed plugin.yml

    Download: DeathBan.jar

    P.S. If you'd like to come see the plugin in action join my server @ RED.ROXBOT.COM
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    Hah, This is certainly unique; I think I may give it a go on my public server sometime.
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    Ooo. Tempted to set this on really really low to avoid the suicide-to-get-full-health tactic that even I abuse..
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    Is the source in the jar? At work so cant check...
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    Now there is enjoy.
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    I seriously think you should get a github, that said, good job and I will look at the source once I am no longer at work.
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    Out of curiosity, is there any way there could be a number of lives before this triggers? So I could give my players 3 lives before they have to sit it out for a while?
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    It would be quite easy to modify the source to add one life every x minutes to a maximum of 3, and only ban if they run out of lives.
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    That would be awesome. Could we also have the max adjustable?
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    The plugin is really about adding tension to the game and making you more concerned about your life. Deathbans add excitement and consequences while allowing servers to be almost entirely self-moderating. Drama, arguments and griefing all sort themselves out without admin intervention.

    Lives would not be something I'm looking to add. That said I think it would be a great stand-alone plugin if anyone wants to run with the idea. Perhaps you should pitch it to the requests forum.
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    Make it ban for current day. So players have 1 life for 1 day. And i mean irl day.
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    I approve of this.

    As Above: I'd like to see Life counters - either set max or they can gain X of time until a max amount, and when life counters are 0 that's when they get kicked...
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    Shay Williams

    If you try to join, then try again right away if bypasses it an lets you in.
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    Haven't been able to reproduce this. I'll usually end of stream when logging in quickly.
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    Shay Williams

    Doesn't work w/ newer builds, throws exception when someone tries to join after death and it always allows.
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    Could you make it so this only applies to certain users? For the most part people don't die on my server. Only a select few die and it's very often so I wouldn't mind just making them get penalized for dying instead of some one who dies maybe once a day.
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    How's the progress on this working with flight hackers? I boot them off manually if I catch them but I'd love to have some kind of enforcement when I'm not on the server.
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    Would it be possible to give this a command to purge the ban list so that everyone that was banned due to death can come back into the server despite not reaching the ban duration? Instead of manually deleting the file outside of the game?

    This is exactly what I need for a game I am organizing where it's a "Last Man Standing" type game but once someone wins, it would be nice to be able to purge the list and then have everyone join in again for another round.
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    Updated for builds 400+

    I'll look into adding commands and immunity later in the week.
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    So I couldn't get v0.3 to work with any 400+ builds. I've currently got v0.2 working on craftbukkit #423. WOOT! Jigabot where or where have you gone? Roxbot just poofed.
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    errors on craftbukkit 432
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    Is it possible to get peoples inventory items to spawn in a chest at their /home location when they die?

    And perhaps locked to them?
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    Updated to fix the plugin.yml should fix the InvalidPluginException. I changed the name space and forgot to update the yml file.

    @Volander there are mods out already that add similar functionality. Though the chest is usually placed where the player died and not at their /home.
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    @Jigabot Yes, and that is why with the /ban i would be nice to have it spawn in their home, as the player could be /banned for an extened period of time with this addon.
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    Just wondering if development on DeathBan is going to cease now that Roxbot is gone? I wouldn't even know where to start for updating the plugin myself.
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    treepunch, i know you're using deathban and stats/achievements. i was wondering if you were getting death counts? because i think maybe deathban is kicking player before it can register as a death.
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    I might be able to continue, let me check.
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    Someone please update this plugin. The only other option everyone is telling me to use Exile which doesn't work either. This was simple but effective and I need it for my RP server.

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