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    CraftBox - Extended Recipes and Systems
    Version: v0.2.0

    Development on this plugin is on hold for an undetermined time. I may or may not return to working on this plugin in the future. As a side note, I have officially abandoned my attempt to propagate Redstone power over Redstone wire, I suspect that currently the implementation I'm looking for is not possible.

    The Light Weight recipes mod.
    Adds new recipes, with plans to incorporate special unique recipes and extra systems based upon previously unobtainable blocks.

    NOTICE: CraftBox.jar was renamed to CraftBox2.jar, due to problems with managing files on GitHub. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
    CraftBukkit 766 Compatible Jar: CraftBox2.jar

    Source: Git Hub Repo
    The source also depends on my Utilities repository.

    • Ice Recipe
      • Convert 4 Snow Balls, 4 Snow Blocks and 1 Water Bucket into Ice Block.
    • Toggle recipe availability using togglerecipe ItemResult
        • Turning off recipes requires the server to be shut down and restarted.
        • Reloading the server will have no effect.
        • Turning on recipes only require that the server be reloaded.
        • Commands can only be run from the server console at this time. Once I've setup permissions this will no longer be the case.
        • Note that the example shows the command as /togglerecipe, however in console you need to omit the /, so if you want to toggle the ice recipe you enter:
          • togglerecipe Ice
            • or
          • tr Ice
      • ex. togglerecipe Ice
      • ex. togglerecipe CoalOre
      • ex. tr Ice
      • ex. tr CoalOre
      • tr / togglerecipe without an argument will show a list of valid arguments.
      Show Features (open)

      • Coal Ore Recipes -
        • Convert 8 Coal and 1 Cobblestone into Coal Ore
        • Convert 1 Coal Ore into 8 Coal
      • Redstone Ore Recipes​
        • Convert 4 Redstone Dust and 1 Cobblestone into Redstone Ore
        • Convert 1 Redstone Ore into 4 Redstone Dust
      • Lapis Lazuli Ore Recipes​
        • Convert 8 Lapis Lazuli and 1 Cobblestone into Lapis Lazuli Ore​
        • Convert 1 Lapis Lazuli Ore into 8 Lapis Lazuli​
      • Web Recipe
        • Convert 4 String and 1 Soul Sand into Web Block
          • Web blocks do not display a name when highlighted
      • Soul Sand Recipe
        • Convert 1 Sand, Water Bucket, Lava Bucket, Bone, Pork, and Jack'O'Lantern into Soul Sand
          • You'll also end up with 2 empty buckets, however, other plugins could cause the buckets to not remain.
      • Diamond Recipe​
        • Convert 9 Coal Ore into 1 Diamond​

      To Do:
      • Allow Admins to modify Recipe costs.
      • Add new recipes for...
        • Sponge
        • Leaves
      • Alternative recipe systems.
        • Create diamonds using blast compression (more along the lines of how industrial diamonds are created) rather than using the crafting table.
        • Water to Ice conversion units. (rather than a crafting table recipe)
          • This might be implemented using Snow Blocks and Hatches. Obviously this would mean waiting for 1.6 to be released as well as a RB correlating to 1.6 from the Bukkit team.
      Ideas to Research:
      • Setup use tracking
        • (Research required) Allow admins to setup daily maximums
      • Utilizing time for special recipes.
      • Chain mail armor pieces.
      1. Download and save rar.
      2. Place jar into your craftbukkit\plugins folder.
      3. Start server.
      4. Have fun, with your new blocks.
      Show Recipes (open)

      • Shapeless - position of items is not important.
      • Coal Ore Recipe
        • Does not accept Charcoal
      • Diamond Recipe
      • Soul Sand Recipe
        • Does not destroy buckets
        • Shapeless
      • Web Recipe
      • Redstone Ore Recipe
      • Lapis Lazuli Ore Recipe
      • Restore Recipe: Redstone
      • Restore Recipe: Coal
      • Restore Recipe: Lapis Lazuli
      • Ice Block Recipe

      Version 0.2.0
      • Added ability for recipes to be toggled on and off from console.
      • Added Ice Block recipe.
      Older changes (open)

      Version 0.1.3
      • Modified Soul Sand recipe
      Version 0.1.2
      • Added Web recipe
      • Added Soul Sand recipe
      Version 0.1.1
      • Added Lapis Lazuli recipes
      Version 0.1
      • Initial Release
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    What exactly are you typing in?

    The command is case sensitive, so when it displays options, you'll have to match the options exactly
    Ice Coal CoalOre LapisOre Lapis etc.

    Here is an example of calls made to the server.
    Show Example (open)

    >togglerecipe Ice
    17:21:05 [INFO] Recipe for Ice has been toggled off.
    17:21:05 [INFO] However this change will not take effect until the server is restarted.
    17:21:09 [INFO] Invalid recipe title, options are CoalOre Diamond Ice Coal Lapis LapisOre Redstone RedstoneOre Web SoulSand.
    17:21:09 [INFO] /toggleRecipe RecipeResult
    >togglerecipe ice
    17:21:17 [INFO] Invalid recipe title, options are CoalOre Diamond Ice Coal Lapis LapisOre Redstone RedstoneOre Web SoulSand.
    17:21:17 [INFO] /toggleRecipe RecipeResult
    >togglerecipe coal
    17:21:21 [INFO] Invalid recipe title, options are CoalOre Diamond Ice Coal Lapis LapisOre Redstone RedstoneOre Web SoulSand.
    17:21:21 [INFO] /toggleRecipe RecipeResult
    >togglerecipe Coal
    17:21:24 [INFO] Recipe for Coal has been toggled off.
    17:21:24 [INFO] However this change will not take effect until the server is restarted.
    >tr Coal
    17:21:26 [INFO] Recipe for Coal has been toggled on.
    17:21:26 [INFO] However this change will not take effect until the server is reloaded.
    >tr ice
    17:21:28 [INFO] Invalid recipe title, options are CoalOre Diamond Ice Coal Lapis LapisOre Redstone RedstoneOre Web SoulSand.
    17:21:28 [INFO] /toggleRecipe RecipeResult
    >tr Ice
    17:21:31 [INFO] Recipe for Ice has been toggled on.
    17:21:31 [INFO] However this change will not take effect until the server is reloaded.

    Oh, My apologies, I forgot to mention that the command only works from the console at the moment as I do not currently have any permissions systems setup.

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    Thank you, I just realized that after reading over the posts and replies/examples. I got it working:) Besides that, amazing plugin, though when the ore is mined it only gives the usual amount, so if you place it you loose any extra ore you used to make it. No fix for that, I suppose.
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    No, there will be no 'fix' for this, its an intentional mechanic. However, I will be providing a version of the coal ore recipe that uses 1 coal and 1 cobble. In a few weeks, possible months, I'll have access to some more tools that will allow me to have both available

    The reason for the currently inflated cost is due to the fact that you can convert coal ore into diamond.
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    I disabled that one:p
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    Working on getting Redstone ore transmitting redstone signal. So far I have figured out how to get Redstone Ore to switch between its active and inactive states.
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    If i write /togglerecipe CoalOre / Ice in my Console it doesnt work ..

    "2011-05-20 13:46:28 [INFO] /toggleRecipe RecipeResult"

    The recipes doesnt work for me ;(
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    In console you need to omit the / its for in game only. I suppose since this is a console only command I should update the documentation to omit the / as well. I will do this when I return home.
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    I testet it without "/" .. Doesnt work ;l
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    Would you be able to paste your console session? I'm currently at work, and therefor don't have access to do any debugging, but I can try to assist you as much as I can.
  11. Just to confirm @Maguron - you are typing this command in the server console, NOT your client chat ?

    Nice to hear your are getting closer with the restone ore power issue. Nice - looking forward to it.
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    Making progress on redstone power over ore, but its been tough! Currently working through a series of bugs preventing it from working entirely.

    Still working this out. Going on some 20-30 hours of solving this problem...

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    heres a few recipes I'd recommend.

    (snowballs just doesn't make any sense in the recipe.)
    snow snow snow
    snow water snow
    snow snow snow
    (snow blocks)

    cloth nothing cloth
    nothing cloth nothing
    cloth nothing cloth
    (yellow cloth)

    (the method of getting mossy cobble in creative was to put leaves on cobble. this made the most sense to me)
    nothing nothing nothing
    nothing sapling nothing
    nothing cobble nothing
    (any sapling)

    smooth coal smooth
    coal smooth coal
    smooth coal smooth
    (smooth stone)
  14. Personally, my hopes are high that he manages the redstone ore problem !! Recipes can always be added later, and I believe he's going to add an option for admins to make up their own recpies (to a degree - not sure how many options will be available), which would allow you to change the recipes to suit your own preferences.
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    The options will be limited. There are already plugins that provide admins with the ability to design their own recipes. The goal with this plugin is to create a set of balanced recipes with some additional systems for admins to have an easy drop in plugin to expand the available gameplay options.

    Unfortunately, going on some 35-40 hours of development on the redstone issue, and I've not made much progress. I'm starting to loose steam on this one.

    Maybe I can be encouraged by some increased download numbers :p
  16. Dissapointing - but I know you are trying your best - I presume you already know, but on bukkit ver #793 (http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/793/) they fixed certain redstone states, if that assists at all ?
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    Well, I wasn't aware there were bugs with redstone states, so there is a possibility this played into the problems I've been having. Thank you for the update, hopefully when I go back into attacking this I find that the problems weren't all my fault :p
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    Cool - balanced recipes! I've looked at some other recipe plugins but didn't like the options offered and never got around to writing my own. Love the options you have so far and look forward to anything new (love the redstone idea if you get it working and the blast compression sounds interesting).

    My only concern is that my some of my users may scam coal off everyone to create diamonds :D
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    Balanced recipes for creating chainmail armour would be nice :) Haven't had time to think about what recipe yet.
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    Moved to Inactive Plugins per Author's Request

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