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    CordilonPlugin is an RP-oriented feature-adding plugin for Bukkit. It adds character name setting, a name-supporting /playerlist (/who) command, and global/local/whisper chats.

    The latest major version branch, 2.0, is a port from hMod to Bukkit. All hMod support has been dropped in favour of the Bukkit-based 2.0 branch.

    The current version is: CordilonPlugin 2.0b.

    If you are getting a FileNotFoundException on startup, create a blank file in the folder above /plugins called CordilonName.txt and restart your server JAR.

    Warning: As of 2.0b, Bukkit does not yet support permission groups. This means all players have access to the admin-only /osetname and /clearname commands. If you are planning on running a production server with CordilonPlugin, wait until a version that supports permissions is released!

    Project website: http://plugin.cordilon.net/
    Readme (installation/building instructions and features): https://github.com/Kazinsal/CordilonPlugin/blob/master/README.md
    Downloads: https://github.com/Kazinsal/CordilonPlugin/downloads
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    what kind of plugin is this?
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    Right now, it looks like it adds the ability to for players to have "Character Names" instead of their login ID's.
    Also looks to add some chat features that are dependent on how close characters are to one another.
    It's all in the readme posted in the link.
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    Yea, it seems rather promising as a RP oriented plugin.
    Just need to fix that permission issue hes got there.
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    You should include a config file where you can add the name of the admin that can use the commands.

    Also I'm wondering, with this would i be able to set it so only admins can change names,then just for example change Pencil to [Templar]Pencil because I'm looking for something like that to use with my guild based server
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    I'm planning to add permission support as soon as it's supported by Bukkit. The main goal after that is to add toggleable guild prefixes and guild-specific chats (ie. you get invited to a guild, you can see and participate in that guild's chat).

    Config file in the future will have a few options relating to who can create guilds and maybe iConomy integration for guilds and namechanges etc.

    I hope the single-character prefixes work okay. I used them instead of commands because that allows for longer messages (less space taken up by the commands).
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    Well, I can still use groupusers for it and people wont be able to use the commands :D

    any chance you could add it so the nicknames also show above a players head? Would be cool!
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    Unfortunately, to my knowledge, changing overhead names requires client modding. If someone would like to prove that otherwise, please, go ahead! I'd appreciate it for sure!
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    ahh, that sucks :(
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    New JAR file for CraftBukkit build 126 available on the GitHub repo, just in case it was broken. :)

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