[INACTIVE][MECH] CodeLock v0.1 - Lock your buttons with a keycode [670]

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    CodeLock - lock your buttons with a keycode
    Version: v0.1

    Lock your buttons with a code so only players who know this code can activate this button.

    • Buttons can be locked with a code
    • Buttons are indestructable if you didn't place it
    • Blocks with a button on it are indestructable
    • Iron doors are indestructable if you didnt place it
    • Blocks around an iron door are indestructable
    Latest Version
    Source Code

    • /setcode <code> - After you placed a button you can set a code with this command
    • /code <code> - After you pressed a button that needs a code you can enter it with this command
    • Prevent buttons to get destroyed from lava or water (if I figure out how to do that)
    • Maybe the ability to lock levers and pressureplates
    Version v0.1
    • Initial release
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    To stop a button from getting destroyed you could make a custom class for a button block and change its setting to be not destroyed by water or even invincible, anyways this is a great mod!
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    This looks pretty awesome!

    Is there any way that it can be set up to work directly on doors?
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    If you know how to use redstone, you could use redstone repeaters or delay circuits to make the door open a second after the button is pressed, giving you time to get ready to go through the door before it closes.
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    Dear god this is AMAZING. I love the "Access denied" message, too - right now it's rigged to the bomb bay activation on my movecraft stealth bomber in case anyone steals it. So fitting.

    If you can make levers work this way, I'll love you forever.
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    OOO finally, something to stop all those thieves! :)
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    As far as i can tell, it does not block the player's right-click from activating the button
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    Need to check this, thx for the idea.

    Maybe i'll implement a door lock as well.

    Levers are on the todo list, will try to make it before weekend.

    It should block both, right and left click.

    All of you, thx for the replies
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    Daniel Few

    Tell you what i'd love. However it might be a bit complicated:

    Use it as a reward system.
    1. you put a button down
    2. it has a random code generator built in so when you type something like /code gen <player name> it send them a ONE USE code that they can use to open a door. Once there through the door, the code is not valid anymore.

    They can then take whats in the chest. So whenver you type /code gen <name> it generates a new code and assigns it to the button.

    I dont know if this is possible but it would be cool :/
    Also, can you make iron doors stay open until you've walked through them? I dont beleive this is possible with MC

    Thanks alot for this plugin!!! Good luck :)
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    Cool Testing Now :D
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    LWC also works

    use redstone, and make repeaters, make a delayer

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    Daniel Few

    What do you mean? that wouldn't do the code gen thing. I'm not sure thats what i ewanted.
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    too bad i was reffering to what he said, not you

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    Daniel Few

    What you got the wrong reply?
    And what do u mean -Danny? :S ur confusing me haha
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    like danny said, use a delayer.

    your other idea sounds funny but its nothing for this plugin.
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    True :)
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    hey, trying it out - seems to be only blocks touching the door.
    Blocks 2 away from the door are destructable so not really a security since they just break blocks behind the door or 2-3 blocks away.
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    Sure, id does only protect the blocks around the door. How should i figure out where a building starts and ends.
    Use an area protection plugin like worldguard for this purpose. then everything should be fine :)
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    Downloading and eagerly awaiting lever support. No pressure, though!
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    Great idea,

    but how do I remove the locked door?! (and blocks around)

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    You could make all the same material touching the door unbreakable.
    I don't want to install wg for a simple lock like yours. Yours is so easy to use and implement.
    I wish plugins were more a la carte to keep size, memory under control.
    I guess I can make my safe out of obsidian.
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    isnt there a simple block protection plugin out there? i dont use them so i dont know^^
    i dont want to implement a big protection system into this plugin, like you said, its simple :)
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    It just prevents other players to break your doors or buttons.
    You can destroy without any restrictions.
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    so after i give the button a code, how long till it resets and i need to input the code again to unlock?
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    Wow im loving this plugin...
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    Will you add permissions support? :)
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    Hi, I am very anxious to try this out. Problem I have is all these errors lol. I'm running craftbukkit #670

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    until you enter the code for another button. i'll change this to logout too

    Hm, i dont know. Maybe when mor people want it. but atm i dont think so.

    Hm thats strange, can't replicate that. Maybe update your java version?

    P.S. I think there will be an update with doorlock and lever support tonight.
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    Sry, but still no update today. cant find the time to work on it.
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    Requesting permissions support, I'd rather not have people running around creating invincible blocks/doors on a whim :p

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