[INACTIVE][MECH] ClockDisplay v0.5 - Digital Clock Library for RedstoneChips [860]

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    ClockDisplay - Digital Clock Library for RedstoneChips
    Version: 0.5 for CraftBukkit [860], RedstoneChips 0.9

    Ever wanted to display time visually on your server? Then this is the library for you!
    This plugin provides an interface for use between the SensorLibrary daytime circuit and the BasicCircuits segdriver.
    Of course, this means that you need the whole RedstoneChips library for this to work.

    * Takes inputs from daytime
    * Separates digit values
    * Outputs two sets of pins for two segdrivers (one for each digit).

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    This circuit has sign arguments and automatic parameters. Enter this on sign:
    Line 1:dclock
    Line 2:[gametime/earthtime]
    Line 3:[tfhour]
    Line 4:[offset]
    If no argument is placed on Line 2, earthtime is assumed.
    Lines 3 and 4 only apply to the hour mode, and if blank, assume 12-hour mode and default offsets (6 for gametime, 0 for earthtime). tfhour enables 24-hour mode.

    Note on offsets: you MUST put something on line 3 if you wish to have offsets. If you don't want 24-hour mode, "false" would be just fine, but ClockDisplay will not recognize an offset without it.

    This circuit has three modes. Two are hour modes (12- and 24-hour), and one minute mode. These modes are enabled automatically based on numbers of input and output pins
    The setup is as such:
    * Hours

    - * 12-hour
    * 24-hour

    - * 5 input bits - direct carry over from a daytime hours circuit, 5 outputs (applies to both 12- and 24-hour modes)
    * 8 output bits:

    - * 1: clock - for actuating the segdriver (goes into the segdrivers' clock inputs)
    * 2-5: ones digit value, from 0-9. This goes into the first segdriver.
    * 6: blankPin - this starts the pins for the second segdriver. This segdriver needs 4 inputs, with the blankPin argument on the second line. Take the clock from output 1 to put into this segdriver as well.
    * 7-8: tens digit value, 1 or 2 (blankPin takes care of zeroes by not showing a digit).
    - Minutes
    * 6 input bits: again, a direct carry over from a daytime circuit, this time a 6-output minutes circuit
    * 9 output bits:

    - * 1-5 are the same as in hour mode
    * 6-9 are the tens digit output for minutes, 0-5. As with the second segdriver pins on the hours mode, take the clock from pin 1 and put it into the second segdriver

    So, in order to get a full clock display, you are actually required to build two daytime circuits, two dclock circuits, and four segdriver circuits. They will be setup something like this:

    [daytimeOut] - [dclockIn]     [dclockOut] - [segdriverIn]
         1       -     1               1      -     A1, B1
         2       -     2               2      -       A2
         3       -     3               3      -       A3
         4       -     4               4      -       A4
         5       -     5               5      -       A5
                                       6      -       B2
                                       7      -       B3
                                       8      -       B4
    [daytimeOut] - [dclockIn]     [dclockOut] - [segdriverIn]
         1       -     1               1      -     A1, B1
         2       -     2               2      -       A2
         3       -     3               3      -       A3
         4       -     4               4      -       A4
         5       -     5               5      -       A5
         6       -     6               6      -       B2
                                       7      -       B3
                                       8      -       B4
                                       9      -       B5
    You can then take the outputs from the segdrivers and put them to clock pixels as with a normal segdriver. From the back, they are in counter-clockwise order, i.e.
    2      6
    3      5
    Where each pixel number corresponds to the output pin number on the segdriver, 1-1, 2-2, etc.
    For more information on how to work with the daytime and sedriver circuits, look here and here.

    Here are a few pics of the setup:

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    1-pixel-wide segment clock

    3-pixel-wide segment clock

    dclock inputs (hours)

    dclock outputs (hours) (with slight view of the two segdrivers)

    dclock sign (for gametime)

    And, without further adieu, the video tutorials! Two parts.

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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * Download RedstoneChips, and the BasicCircuits and SensorLibrary packages (available on the RedstoneChips thread) (no, ClockDisplay is not dependent on BasicCircuits or SensorLibrary, but without the circuits from them, it's not very useful).
    * Download ClockDisplay.jar (above)


    Version 0.5
    * Implemented custom offset

    Version 0.4

    * Implemented earthtime
    * Temporarily reset the gametime offset (revert from 0.3)

    Version 0.3

    * Fixed gametime offset

    Version 0.2

    * Implemented 24-hour mode (and tested).
    * Fixed code for 24-hour mode determination (code now requires only 8 outputs for hours mode).

    Version 0.1

    * 12-hour clock fully implemented. 24-hour started, possibly working, but untested as of yet.
    * Minutes digits work for any mode.


    * Implement properties to do custom offsets (for both earth and game times)
    * Requests?

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    Try this. I made one change and re-compiled the file. I've been running it with RB 953 for over 5 hours now and had no trouble. Let me know if it helps eliminate the errors for you. I make no guarantee that it will fix your issue.

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    and what to do when i downloaded the har and put in it in the plugin folder ?? how to get the clock ??
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    If you already had the clock then there will be no problem. That link was just for a fixed version of the original that was causing errors. Otherwise you will need to look at the OP and follow the tutorials there to build the clock.
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    oh after some time working on this, i finally got the clock to work.... ish
    posting video link of what happens on my server

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    Heh, apparently no one noticed that this is [860] and the current CB recommended is 953.

    That could be why.

    I'll see about getting a new build out in the next day or so.
  7. thanks, looking forward to being able to use this on CB 1000
  8. any progress on getting the library updated? :)
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    Is here anybody how know how i can reset an segdriver via redstone?
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    for some reason i cant make the first clock thing... the sign that sais

    when i try to activate it it does nothing!
    any idea what the problem is?
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    can u make a tutorial of how to make the chips for the clock himself?
    i made all the dclocks and segdrivers and datimes and whatever and i dont know how to setup the clock chips like the pixel whatever u showed in the first tutorial video :/

    plz someone plz
    i wanna make a clock but malkierian forgot to add to his tutorial the part of making the clock him-self :/
    can someone explain to me on pm or send me a tutorial plz
    i made all of the chips and transmitters and it works and all but i dont know how to make the clock :/
    i made the digits and all but i dont know how to make the chips change the wool colors and all of this
    thx anyway

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    21:22:44 [SEVERE] Could not pass event REDSTONE_CHANGE to RedstoneChips
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 25
            at usa.Malkierian.ClockDisplay.dclock.inputChange(dclock.java:146)
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    making one right now will post it in a little

    edit: srry its taking so long for video, internet keeps shutting down + mike broke

    but yea basicly u put wool then lapiz block behind that, and behind lapiz u put cobble stone and on cobble stone u put (so like this sign<cobble<lapiz_block<wool)
    a sign like this

    pixel (ist line)
    (color off) (color on) dont include () (2nd line)
    channel name to listen on (3rd line)

    then just left click it
    example sign:

    white black
    and looking from the back of ur clock u wanna label ur pixels like this
         - 1-
    |            |
    2     --     6
    |      7     |
     3    --     5
    will still make video just in case ppl dont get this
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    Can you add a funktion for a realy display not only a clock?
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    can someone give me a schematic of a clock cause i just cant make :p
    i try and try and it doesnt work....
    thx :)
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    Hi! I wanted to make a clock, but the if th dclock-earthtime-minute want to output a zero, it sets the A-Segment to low and not the G-Segment. What to do?
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    dude awsome plugin
    for those who didnt made it to do the clock here u go
    just activate the chips
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    activate and have fun
    it is a one pixel wide clock
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    booring, don't want to copy everything from others, I want to build myself and want to understand this plugin instead of copying all
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    ok then ill make a full tutorial today :p
    (if ill will be bored enough xD)

    guys if someone can give me a program to cut the video for 2 parts then ill upload today tha plugin tutorial :D
    malkierian u need to add the tuto of adding the transmitters and receivers to the clock that would be a bit more helpful :p

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    There is much free software which you can use. Windows Live Movie Maker or VirtualDub are only two of them
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    but i need one that can make one video 2 video like cuting them for 2 parts...
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    Then use Windows Live Movie Maker or VirtualDub btw. I know what you're needing but maybe you don't know how to use, contact me in Skype: manuelhimmler if you have more questions.
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    whats up? nothing with cutting the video? upload it on zippyshare and i will cut it for you
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    i finished :D
    here is part1:
    enjoy :D
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    Cool thank you for the tutorial.
    Why you guys always make the tutorial with gametime, I think nobody knows the bug in earthtime because noone uses this functionality.

    The minutes have the bug that the segments A and G are swapped in the number 0,4 and 7 (all other numbers don't use segment A and G or they use it both).
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    you welcome :D
    btw earthtime works fine to me....
    just changing the dclock and daytime to earthtime and it works fine....
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    i dont know why I have this problem but i changed a and g segment and finish xD
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    Help, when i create the sign for dclock, gametime i cant get it to activate. I can get the other signs to activate just not the dclock ones
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    Im curious when you are going to update to bukkit 1.0 !!!!!!! I would love to use your plugging but unfortionatly is is OLD please update asap. I have made all the circuits but the "dclock" is not updated or properly responding as well as the minutes section, also if you could show the "dclock" inputs and outputs in your video. Along with the fallowing paths {I don't just under stand 6 inputs instead if 5} if you could please update and describe the minutes i would be very grateful

    thank you for reading my message and i hope this issue is resolved in a timely matter
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    That's exactly what I asked for some months ago! oO Nice!
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    I don't think this is going to be updated. It's possible to build the clock circuit out of existing RedstoneChips chips without dclock (using a few bintobcd chips). I also found this:
    which might be a good replacement (but I didn't try it).

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