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    BukkitPiston - Piston plugin for SMP:

    Since I don't have the time to continue developing, I've decided to release the source code.
    Hopefully someone can create a new mod out of it.


    Version: v0.54

    This mod changes iron blocks (by default) into pistons, which extend, when powered with redstone or redstone torches.
    Much like the original piston mod by Hippoplatimus. Right click on a face to change the orientation.
    Power it with redstone to make it push max. 16 blocks. (obisidan, iron and bedrock won't be pushed!)
    It is possible to change the piston properties like strength or block type. Take a look at the config.ini in the plugin/BukkitPiston folder.
    If you get an error like ebean.properties not found, create an empty file named "ebean.properties" in the bukkit main folder


    Jar File (doesn't contain config file)


    thx @MinecraftTutorialify for the vid

    thx @marvinody for the vid

    Version 0.54
    • fixed: updated to 860 (fixed nether, saving problems, etc)
    • added: autosave (interval is changeable in config file)
    • changed: max worldname length is now 255
    If you had problems with that (open)

    open bukkitpiston.db with an sqllite editor of your choice (e.g. http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/)
    and modify the table bp_piston_bodys (edit, modify table)
    edit the field world_name to varchar(255) (use the ...)
    same with the table bp_piston_owner.

    Version 0.53
    • fixed: exception on pushing sand
    • fixed: config.ini was not read
    • ebean.properties is created, if not present
    • known bug: /reload causes exception
    Version 0.52 (Beta)

    • Minecarts are pushed in the direction, in which they are driving
    • Sugarcane / crops fixed (thx meskeba)
    • Nullpointer event fix (runecraft and some other plugins)
    • Config file is generated if not present
    • Pistons are stored in a database (thx @Sammy for his tutorial)
    • A LOT of code refactoring
    Version 0.51

    • Few event fixes, you should REPLACE ALL PISTONS if you use worldguard or any other world protection plugin, to reset the owner
    • Owner is used as the one, who pushes the blocks
    • Protection plugins might work, not tested. (owner dependent, not activator)
    Version 0.5

    • Piston material is always immovable!
    • Added block place / break events
    • A few other fixes involving redstone
    • Config option to choose tools which can change the piston orientation
    • Warning if save file is readonly
    • Option to restrict changes in direction to owner (only pistons placed since 0.5)
    • Option to restrict building pistons to ops
    • Piston strength corrected
    Prior changelog (open)

    Version 0.43
    • Fixed iron duplication bug
    Version 0.42

    • Piston extension is a few ticks delayed, to ease the build of toggled blocks
    Version 0.41

    • Fixed PistonBlockStrength was not used
    • Integrated powered & detector rail in default config
    Version 0.4

    • Fixed player was hurt when a block was above the piston extension, player still gets hurt on purpose, when squashed
    • Custom cancellable event fired upon extension / contraction
    • Config file (set strength, change piston block id, set immovable, destructible stuff etc. (don't mess with this too much!))
    • Improved player / sand movement
    • 1.5 support (ready when you are, bukkit)
    Version 0.3

    • Flying sand / gravel !! (thx gmfreaky)
    • Piston won't stay extended when power source is destroyed by piston
    • Content of chest / furnace / dispenser will be moved, too
    Version 0.2

    • Some bugfixing
    Version 0.1

    • Internal release

    Future plans / Known bugs (open)

    here's a rough timeline, no guaranty though:
    0.6 piston edit mode via command, sand pushed like in the original pistons, block crushing
    0.7 improved x/yml config file
    0.8 sticky pistons
    0.9 permission plugin support
    1.0 final release
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    Better make sure you don't go pushing chests furnaces dispensers and redstone related things around (although pushing a piece of redstone could be cool) (evil ideas)

    There was another plugin like this released today already best make sure there's no name clashes there.

    Your version however is better because of the way you did the direction Providing up works just wondering how you handled sand atm if up works.

    1 other request is a config to set the block to use would be made of win iron would not be good in my server :p
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    whats the problem with pushing chests, furnaces, dispensers, etc? redstone, torches etc. are destroyed.
    sand is handled like andy other block. it falls down when the piston is contracted.
    i will add that config option to the next version.
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    Can this push up? Because the other Bukkit Piston mod cannot at the moment.
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    You're missing the recommended build # that you tested in the thread title.
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    jup, you can use it as a jumppad. but sand / gravel won't fly up like the original

    sorry, fixed it
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    Sweet! Definitely downloading to my server then. :) Keep up the good work!
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    When they will be pushed, they actually destroy, and place on the next position. So all chest content will be removed, and so it will in furnaces etc.
    Btw, launching sand and gravel is impossible, because there is no function to set the vertical speed of it to my knowledge.
    Also, my Piston plugin, has no change on faces if you click it, so this would be better.
    I will test this one for bugs or something, and if it has the same kind of features as mine, mine will be useless, and there is no point of adding your features to mine.
    I don't like to compete against others, because all I want to do is bring mods to servers, if there are any better, then I'm done. :D
    Good job ;)
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    Hey @BasBloem, just letting you know I stopped working on my PistonPlugin(thread in the WIP subforum). If you're interested in getting in contact with me for coding purposes or whatever, feel free to send me a message. Best of luck in all your pistony endeavors!
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    @BasBloeam i did not mean to compete with you. i was already finished, when i saw, that you released a piston, too. btw: nice idea with the different push strengths...
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    @redspider as said before the contents of the chest would be lost when removed and replaced by the plugin that would make for some pissed of players.

    Just an idea For the config file.

    Add a blacklist /whitelist for what can /cant be pushed would be cool from a server owners point of view. i love having a lot of control over a plugin Means i can set it up to best suit my server. :)
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    Blake Johnson

    hi, great mod, i must let you know that if you place a switch to enable the piston in the direction the piston is going, it will destroy the switch and dup the iron block. granted the switch has to be placed where the piston will be extended to. Either way i decided i should let you know.
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    Nice bug find blake. As soon as that's fixed and there's a config file ill be adding it to my server for sure :)
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    Blake Johnson

    oh man the players on my server are going nuts over this. great great plugin. keep up the great work
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    thx :)
    just to make sure, i understand you right; you mean, the piston stays extended, even though the power source is gone?
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    Blake Johnson

    for example i placed a stone pressure plate where when someone stepped on the switch it would push them into a pit or something. however the piston broke the switch and the piston stayed extended, thus dupping the iron block.
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    Wait could 1 not just turn the piston on with a lever and remove the extended part of the piston and gain an iron block?
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    hehe, thought of that already...
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    Is it possible to set config. for pushing obsidian? I'm using movecraft and I want to make "hatches" you can use to open the vehicles. I tried to find a way to access the code with notepad, as I'm well-versed with Python and decent with Ruby and I figured you were handling it with the block's ID and thus it'd be easy to do a minor edit, but when I open the class files in notepad I get the twenty million symbols of death.
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    i'll release source as soon as i got all bugs fixed and permissions implementet. guess, you'll have to wait untill then...
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    I would still like a way to stop chests and what not being pushed because of plugins like LWC and the protections are on the space you move the chest you then have a protection stuck on mid air that you cant remove and i as the admin would have to reset all their gdam protections also I could see it being abused in a way as such.

    Push chest take items push back.... owner rages.
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    Why will it not fire people up into the air as it does sand and gravel? Nice simple mod though :) Where is the block for it in the texture pack?
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    Great idea Redspider ! Waiting for the official release is just a pain in the neck.
    I've installed the plugin on the last bukkit version but I can't build a piston.
    What is the recipe ?

    I've tested (I : iron - R : redstone dust)

    { }{I}{ }


    { }{I}{ }
    { }{I}{ }

    and others recipes without success
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    Why can the pistons not fire a person in the same way as they can gravel and sand? Also, can i add this to my texture pack, if so, how? Good clean mod though, love it :)

    Just spawn an iron block 42.

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    Smoky you answered you own question there the texture for it is the normal iron block texture.

    Cant wait for a way to handle chest protection I cant have my users pushing chest or I would already have this installed.
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    Doh !

    Sorry for the stupid question...
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    i'm still unable to build one, could anyone please tell me how? :)
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    Blake Johnson

    @Kagemand the piston is just a regular iron block. just go to your workbench, fill the slots iron ingots and there you go.
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    oh... thank you :D
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    How about setting up a custom event to fire before moving the piston? I would love to put this on my server but it bypasses PreciousStones protection, this could let me intercept the block move inside protected areas and cancelling it.

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