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    AppleTree - The only standalone apple tree plugin.


    Version: v0.4

    AppleTree is a very simple plugin that was designed with the sole idea of turning trees into apple trees. There is a configuration file that will be created in the same folder as craftbukkit called appletree.properties, which you can use to customize different aspects of the plugin.

    Properties Guide:
    • CanDropDecay - (true/false) Whether or not apples drop on decaying leaves.
    • GAChance - (number between 0 and 1) The chance of a golden apple drop. 5% = 0.05
    • CanDropGold - (true/false) If golden apples can drop.
    • AChance - (number between 0 and 1) The chance of an apple drop. 5% = 0.05
    *NOTE: The properties file is located in the root server directory!*


    • Apples spawn from destroyed leaves.
    • Chance to spawn golden apples as well.
    • Properties file for different settings.

    Version 0.4
    • Allowed compatibility with newer bukkit versions.
    • Fixed the "Stupidly long constructor" error
    Version 0.3.1

    • Fixed the bug where golden apples don't spawn.
    Version 0.3

    • Added a appletree.properties file for customizations.
    • Added source.
    Version 0.2

    • Allowed drops from decaying leaves.
    Version 0.1

    • Original release.
    Source: http://bit.ly/gt9Gxp

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    HOLY CRAP HELL YEAH. Testing this any second.

    Okay, so i chopped up a bunch of trees and I dropped 6 regular apples and 2 golden ones. The drop rates seemed to vary wildly, but my main observation is that leaves only drop apples when they're destroyed manually, not when they decay. This forces players to first chop down the leaves and then finish up with the tree (and I'd personally rather chop down the tree and watch the apples rain).
    Other than that, I'd rather keep the golden apple drop rate infinitesimal (1 in 100? better than 1 in 3). What's the drop rate right now anyway? Will it be possible to customize it?
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    make a file to config the chance of drop! plz!!
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    That's a wonderful idea! I'll implement it ASAP. Means I don't have to worry about perfecting it and the owner can have whatever they like!

    EDIT: Also I'll see what I can do about the decay drop.
    EDIT2: Version 0.2, added decay drop. The config will come tomorrow afternoon.
    EDIT3: Also to answer your question, the drop rate is (and was) 1 of 200 for golden, which I agree is rather high. Configs tomarrow.
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    block drops does this pretty efficiently. Just don't want you to waste your time :D
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    Never seen that before... And I don't feel like I've wasted my time or will continue to with this project because this is a very simple, single purpose plugin, as well as this being a great project for learning.
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    its also LW, thats what people want, i dont want all the shit dropblocks offers, i want this.
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    Good job! This plugin is great and drops seems to be fair enough.
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    Theres nothing wrong with this plugin, in-fact it is better to have it dedicated to one drop if you just need that, but how is BlockDrops not lightweight?
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    blockdrops has to be created and runs on EVERY block type, mobs, vehicles, and when all I want is the process for trees to drop apples it would seem a plugin like this would be less extensive and easier to manage. blockdrops works on all blocks and probably has more checks going in and out of it than something as simple as this might. So for the purpose of having ONLY apples, this plugin is ideal, is it not?
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    This is partially true. I was just wondering why. It doesnt actually loop through all the block types, bukkit has a method to get the b block that was broken. I have nothing against this plugin, infact I'm using it. I was just wondering why.
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    i didnt mean to infer you were either, i was just saying its simple and focuses on the point of only one thing, blockdrop is far more expansive and has many more purposes than just apple drops. I have contemplated using blockdrop but right now with LWC and its lag issues... im not sure I could handle another plugin like that. We shall see though, blockdrop works nice on my home server that is streamlined though.
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    Feature req: configure drops of items & ratio, instead of just apples... also permissions based drop rates and items.. using yaml it could look like this

        - apple: 100
        - goldenapple: 5000
        - apple: 50
        - goldenapple: 1000
        - diamond: 5000
    and does this affect drop rate of saplings at all.. and would saplings need to be included in something like the above?
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    Also please put in a option to have it not drop the apples/items on decay.
    Edit:: This might have been done already. If it has please disregard.

    I want the players to chop the entire tree down to get the apples/items.

    Maybe.. just maybe this is the fix for the stupid players who think its okay to cross the country side only cutting the trunks of the trees and leaving the tops.
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    @Phanku xD I'll release that later as well.
    @tremor No, this does not affect saplings. Also, I am not going to add Permissions support right now, but it is something I might consider in the future.
    @lonelydime I definitely can do that.
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    If you could add a config to toggle golden apple drops and maybe configure rarity of drops. Great idea!
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    Check out TreeHugger, it does this plus a bunch more features related to trees & leaf decay.
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    Really nice plugin, but there are too many apples ;D One tree gives about 4-5 apples :(
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    @Vlyn91 Yeah it was really just the first thing I tried, was going to edit it, but I am instead working on a config file to allow you guys to set the % yourselves! (and a few other things that have been suggested)

    EDIT: I'm sorry but it looks like the config won't be coming today D:. Been too busy, I should have a lot more time tomorrow.
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    Please add a variable on how much life the apples give you
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    Thanks, I'll just delete it for the moment.. the inventories of the players are full with apples :( Would only give an apple maybe per 2 trees. And a golden one per 1000? :p
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    Haha sorry. I'll be home in about 3 hours and I'll finish it up them. Also know that the chances are based on leaves broken, not trees, as trees have wildly varying amounts of leaves, smallest being around 50.
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    I know, but when you break the logs, the leaves go away. And most trees have the same amount of leaves in comparison to logs (even those huge trees, they have extra logs in them). So, breaking 5-6 logs = 4-6 apples :-/
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    I remember something like this on HMod, though it was called leafdropper. You could play around with what the leaves dropped, as well as the drop rate. It's initial purpose was to clear the leaves after the trunk was cut. Thanks for the release, and if leafdropper hasn't been ported, I was wondering if it was possible to install that feature?
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    Big thanks for this, it works with #336.
    1,5% and golden off is very good.
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    Great Plugin!

    Would you mind showing an example .property withing your post?
    (Can't access the created one so I just have to overwrite the existing with a "better" one and I don't wanna write any prop-file without example.)

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    I'm on my mobile phone right now so I'll give it a shot.


    Do you know why you can't access it?
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    Hi, great mod.
    Is it possible to mod how much life you get from the apple?
    If you can have a low value then you can have more apples dropping.
    Maybe it's a Bukkit value?
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    Can you have the config file be in a folder in the plugins folder? That's how all my other plugin configs are located. Thanks, nice plugin.
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    Another great feature would be if leaves would drop leaf blocks when destroyed.

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