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    AlwaysDay - keep it day time or night time
    Version: v0.3

    AlwaysDay gives you the option to keep it daytime on your server. By default it will be enabled when you start your server, but it can be disabled by an operator using the command: "/adtoggle". This will toggle the plugin. To use simply input all the world names you wish to keep daytime into the Worlds.txt file. Defaults to keeping it day when starting the server up but using the command: "/an" it can be switched to alwaysNight. To switch back use "/ad".

    /ad - keeps it alwaysDay
    /an - keeps it alwaysNight
    /adtoggle - toggles the plugin on and off

    * Keep it daytime all the time or keep it night time all the time
    * Can be toggled on and off by operator
    * Multiworld support

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    Version 0.1:
    * Release

    Version 0.2:
    * 818 support

    Version 0.3:
    * 860 support
    * Option to make it AlwaysDay or AlwaysNight
    * Different Commands
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    @0ffn00b I haven't had any issues with it on RB953, although I haven't tried /an lately, so idk 100%. all I know is /ad and /adtoggle work for me, and turning it off makes time cycle normally and re-enabling it makes it stay day still.
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    thanks! this is EXACTLY what is was looking for!
    nothing more nothing less!
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    works like a charm, I forgot to add the world in the text file at first :p
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    This plugin saves us a lot of typing :) Still, sometimes it works right from the start and sometimes it doesn't even when I do the whole /reload, /adtoggle and /ad thing. Our world is written into the Worlds.txt file and CB build# is 953.
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    I haven't had any issues with this since 860, and I'm on RB 1000 now
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    It's a little glitchy with bukkit version 1000. Sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it does, and sometimes it goes back and forth from night to day.
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    Alright, now on RB 1000 it even kept setting night with /ad enabled :confused:
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    I have to change my stance on this working @ 100% in RB 1000.
    it sets itself to around 7000 (original MC 0-24000 time) and would reset back to that before it would hit even 8000. now after a restart (one of many after going to RB1000) and several server crashes (due to popped circuits :mad:) it's waiting until almost 13000 (moon is rising at this point) before resetting. back to 7000. No console errors no lag, no config changes.
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    its dont work by me. I do /ad and its will go to dark :( can you help me :D?
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    Update please ?
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    Would appreciate it if this mod could be updated, or if another one exists elsewhere someone could link me to it.
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    At first the plugin didn't work, however, once you "manually" add the world name to the worlds.txt file found in the plugin folder for AlwaysDay then it works fine. It would be nice if there was an auto update of which world you are on.
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    not intending to be rude, but the OP says:
    as for the auto adding worlds you join, that'd be nice, but I'd say make it toggleable if anything (off by default in my opinion)
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    Can we PLEASE see a source code? Pretty please with a cherry on top :D?
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    lol that was more for the people that were lost in the last couple pages...but thanks for pointing that out...anyways I was noticing today that it would lag and the sun would go down with it enabled so i dont know i'm switching plugins to something more reliable cheers
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    where is the Worlds.txt file I know where the file is but not the .txt
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    @death942 there should be an AlwaysDay folder in the same folder where you put the AlwaysDay.jar file. In that folder should be where the Worlds.txt file is. if it's not there, you can create it, then add the names of the worlds you would like always day into it (one world name per line)
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    plz update :(
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    plz update? :(
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    Yeah, please update! :)
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    Sorry everybody no longer updating uve been working on a new android application and anyways i switched computers and no longer have the source code. If anyone wishes to decompile and continue the plugin feel free to
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    Doesn't seem to be working at all for me...
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    Could you add a config file where I could disable the "auto toggle" ?
    Cuz' I don't often use it (but it's SOOO useful) and at every reload or reboot it turns on :)
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    Works with RB 1.1-R1.

    I decompiled the code and rebuilt with the latest Bukkit JAR file just to be safe (didn't need to make any code changes to get it to build). If there's still interest in this plugin (and with 0ffn00b's permission of course) I can set up a BukkitDev page and keep this plugin maintained.
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    Awesome! =D
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    Thanks! You should really keep this up to date, it would be awesome. It makes it great for building on creative maps.
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    You should create a separate page so we know when you have updated it.

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