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    AlwaysDay - keep it day time or night time
    Version: v0.3

    AlwaysDay gives you the option to keep it daytime on your server. By default it will be enabled when you start your server, but it can be disabled by an operator using the command: "/adtoggle". This will toggle the plugin. To use simply input all the world names you wish to keep daytime into the Worlds.txt file. Defaults to keeping it day when starting the server up but using the command: "/an" it can be switched to alwaysNight. To switch back use "/ad".

    /ad - keeps it alwaysDay
    /an - keeps it alwaysNight
    /adtoggle - toggles the plugin on and off

    * Keep it daytime all the time or keep it night time all the time
    * Can be toggled on and off by operator
    * Multiworld support

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    Version 0.1:
    * Release

    Version 0.2:
    * 818 support

    Version 0.3:
    * 860 support
    * Option to make it AlwaysDay or AlwaysNight
    * Different Commands
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    I just had mine going for 5 hours and it worked fine. What do you mean by blink cause il try to look into the issue?
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    Sorry. I mean flashing when it gets dark. Then nothing happens :O And sorry for my bad english :( Thanks :)
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    I'd love to use this, but I need wget compatible links.
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    Perhaps a variant: AlwaysNight...

    just an idea.
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    Yeah. That would be great
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    seems like it could be useful for a select few. could even tie it into this one, maybe make it a command for either /alwaysday or /alwaysnight (/ad and /an as aliases)?
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    yeah it wouldnt be hard at all, just cut 'n paste, mostly.

    Could see possibilities in some really hardcore survival servers, a dedicated gladiator world in a multiworld server...
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    added the alwaysNight option thanks for the idea
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    Does it work for build 818? :)
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    this has been working pretty much flawlessly since I installed it. just 1 issue I've found though. When I start my server, even though it's listed in the worlds.txt, it doesn't start off as Always Day. Toggling it on then typing /ad makes it work, but if I reboot the server for whatever reason I have to redo that. I don't often find myself rebooting it, so I don't mind reapplying it. Just curious if I'm doing something wrong :confused:
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    thanks for pointing this out im expierencing it also, i'l look into a fix

    pretty sure i fixed it

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    Should I redownload it then or are you putting up a new version? I won't be able to do it regardless until I get home in a couple hours anyways.
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    i put the updated download link up thats the only thing thats different same version number so redownload it if you want.
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    but it turns night anyways :( [zombie]
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    Thank you for your work on this plugin, Offn00b!

    I am using it to keep a world always midnight and wanted to reinforce the suggestion of having the ability to have the world load as always midnight through reboots. Would be a huge huge help! Its really silly when they enter "The Dark World" to find it constantly noon, because I was tired and forgot to do it after the nightly reboot. lol.

    Thank you for your hard work and time!
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    Where is the .jar file?
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    mediafire :'(
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    this is realy got me mad i cant figure out why but i installed it and tried toggling it off but it stays day even after unistalling it, it still turns day!?!?!?
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    It's says on the download page it's a jar file but when i download it's a zip file with wierd files in it?
  22. Thank you for making this plugin. We like to play normal Minecraft without to many mods but when we build things like CPU's and Ticker displays and are working on massive memory arrays and things like this nice to not worry about the day and have the ability to turn it on and off.

    When we are done working on circuit stuffs just use your command to disable it and put everything back to normal. Very fun, thank you so much once again you took a simple concept and made it even better.
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    Hey, what would the permissions commands be? if we have permissions installed.
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    there aren't any permissions, I think it's just OPs use the commands. Either than or anyone can. although I'm fairly certain it's OPs only.
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    Kevin Forte

    It seems as though this gets a little buggy on 935. It sort of flickers from night to day and then back a few times before eventually becoming day again.
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    I turned off the Server. Put the File into my plugins-folder and restarted it!

    then I used the command "/ad" and it seemed to be working! but nothin changes oO?

    I am doing it wrong?

    sry 4 my english!
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    I am using the latest recomended build and for some reason this plugin doesnt work all the time. Sometimes I get in the game and it will reset the sun once and then stop working. Sometimes it stops working after a couple of minutes. Sometimes it never works at all.

    I cant seem to get it to work. Ive tried restarting the server, toggling it on and off, hitting /ad and /an ... nothing seems to make it happy.

    Its not always bad though, sometimes it does work for a couple of hours with no issues. But it does stop working 100% of the time.

    I am running a weather plugin, simplesave, mcdocs, heroicdeath. Ive tried to use the server with out any of those plugins incase they were messing with always day, but that wasnt the case. It still went nuts on me after a while.

    I love this addon and would love to see an update. If there is any info I could give to help pls let me know and youll have it.
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    Trevor Bradley

    This was working fantastic for me, but appears broken with the latest update...
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    please update for bukkit build #953, it doesn't appear to work
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    it's working for me on RB 953 :eek:
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    sorry guys ive been gone for a while its probally not working on newest version. Sadly i cant fix for another week as i get back the monday after the one coming up.

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