[INACTIVE][MECH] AlwaysDay v0.3 - Keeps it day time or night time [860]

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    AlwaysDay - keep it day time or night time
    Version: v0.3

    AlwaysDay gives you the option to keep it daytime on your server. By default it will be enabled when you start your server, but it can be disabled by an operator using the command: "/adtoggle". This will toggle the plugin. To use simply input all the world names you wish to keep daytime into the Worlds.txt file. Defaults to keeping it day when starting the server up but using the command: "/an" it can be switched to alwaysNight. To switch back use "/ad".

    /ad - keeps it alwaysDay
    /an - keeps it alwaysNight
    /adtoggle - toggles the plugin on and off

    * Keep it daytime all the time or keep it night time all the time
    * Can be toggled on and off by operator
    * Multiworld support

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    Version 0.1:
    * Release

    Version 0.2:
    * 818 support

    Version 0.3:
    * 860 support
    * Option to make it AlwaysDay or AlwaysNight
    * Different Commands
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    It just got released and you already got a view.
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    nice plugin. i will give it a try
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    Thanks. Giving it a shot now!
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    Dr Danco

    Useful but I would prefer TimeFold :)
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    Wow this is just what i need Thanks Keep up the Good Work :)
  7. Source Code Possibly?
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    WOW i was just thinking that i needed something like this.:) Ill try it. Look forward to more great plugins!
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    A bit more info.. does it simply reset to day when night is about to come, or does it actually just keep the sun in the middle of the sky?
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    every 30 seconds it resets it to the sun in the middle of the sky. I was going to make it keep the sun in the middle but that was to much of a memory hog. This keeps it so the lighting effects don't change and it also doesn't slow down the server at all.
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    Every 30 seconds. Is there a config file that we can use to change that? It would be helpful, for say, a not so good server to change the sun's position every minute or so to keep down on server usage.
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    I could add but is it causing your server to lag? I feel like it shouldn't be because all its really doing is changing the position of the sun and not the lighting since the lighting doesn't change during that small movement of the sun.
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    lol, no, just wondering. My server runs on 6GB of RAM, I gotz this. Just wondering, you know.
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    Actually, if you could make it so that the sun repositioned itself to the noon timeframe, I can imagine you could make it so that a variable is used and have the plugin read that data from a configuration file to set the time to whatever time is in the config file for each world.

    Which would actually be extremely handy now that I think about it... anyone know of a multi-world time setting plugin that will (optionally) keep that time in-place?
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    thats a good idea and its not hard to implement thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to implement that this weekend. Would you want it to be stationary or reset to that time every couple seconds? stationary will be less efficient
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    this is just the best!!!!
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    Well, to be completely on the customization route... make that variable as well if at all possible. So that you can set a # of seconds that would reset the time to the time.

    This would be good for a world that is in a perpetual state of twilight, or one that has 4 minutes of darkness and 1 minute of daylight.

    Also it will allow server operators to adjust the setting accordingly to what works well with their particular setup.

    But I think a good round number of 30 seconds would be good.
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    this apparently doesn't work for me (#803)
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    whats the error?
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    updated to #804 and worked
    the sun just wasn't resetting
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    I had to turn it on and off via the command to get it to work :/ would be nice if that wasn't the case


    ok it turns out when it turns night it just cancels it but it keeps it at noon during the day

    P.S. I'm using 8.14
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    When a recomended build comes out for 1.6 i'll check if that problem still persists.
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    This plugin is nice but it isn't very reliable, sometimes it makes it to night and then resets, and sometimes it gets half way through the night and resets. I'm assuming it's because I'm running this on a laptop at the moment and not a dedicated server?
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    I've just updated and i'll run it for 24 see what happens.

    Also any chance in your next version would it be possible to have a no storm option?
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    Trevor Bradley

    I'm getting this too on my 819 server. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. There is a really cool effect of a "night flash", where during sunset, it's day for a fraction of a second, and then back to sunset again.

    I'm looking forward to this working on 818+ servers, I'm going to have to disable it for now.
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    im sorry guys i havent had time to update for the new recomended build. The latest working is 798. I have finals so im not gonna be able to update for a bit.
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    Was able to update for 818 and upload if there are any bugs let me know but it was working fine for me.
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    Thanks. I was reguesting about updating this on the forum. I will try it.

    Not working. Have you added a download link for V.0.2?
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    yea just downloaded myself and its working.. any error? Make sure the world name is in the correct capitalization and reload the plugin after changing the Worlds.txt
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    [Edit] It does only blink.

    [Edit edit] It works now. I don't know why haha :)

    [Edit edit edit] It does only blink. It worked 7 times or anything like that. Then it only blinks.

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