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    Reputation (Version 1.7)

    Important: CraftBukkit will be restricting namespaces in plugins, 1.7 has been patched to support this. Please re-download the latest version to allow the plugin to load with new CraftBukkit Builds.

    A Simple Player Reputation plugin developed upon request from:

    Tracks Player Reputation in the form of a numerical score on the Server, e.g. PlayerA's Reputation is 50. This plugin could be used to aid in deciding wether a player should be banned or not for example.

    • All Users:
      • /rep [player] - Shows a Players current Reputation.
      • /rep + [player] - Increases a Players Reputation by 1.
      • /rep - [player] - Decreases a Players Reputation by 1.
      • /rep best - Shows the Best Players within 10 of the Maximum Reputation.
      • /rep worst - Shows the Worst Players within 10 of the Minimum Reputation.
    • OP Only Commands:
      • /rep add [player] [amount] - Adds to a Players Reputation.
      • /rep sub [player] [amount] - Subtracts from a Players Reputation.
      • /rep set [player] [amount] - Sets a Players Reputation to a certain value.
      • /rep reset [player] - Resets the Players Reputation to the default vaue.

    Note: If you are updating from 1.0 please overwrite the old repusers.db​
    1. Copy "plugins\Reputation.jar" to your CraftBukkit Server Plugins Directroy
    2. Copy "repusers.db" to the root of the CraftBukkit Server.
    Default Player Reputation - The starting value can be set in repusers.db with "defaultrep=" e.g. "defaultrep=50".​

    Cooldown Time - The time limit affecting the use of the +/- commands can be set with "#cooldown=" e.g. "#cooldown=60" for 60 Seconds.​

    Known Bugs
    • Default Reputation is not Read Correctly (Fixed)
    • /rep reset does not work (Fixed)
    • Can throw Player Not Found even if it exists (Fixed)
    • Duplication occours in repusers.db (Fixed)
    • /rep will only accept lowercase names (Fixed)
    Change Log
    • Version 1.7
      • Added ability to change cooldown time
    • Version 1.6
      • Added privilege level based usage phrases
      • Fixed Best/Worst Player List
    • Version 1.5
      • /rep +/- Now has a 20 Second Cooldown
      • Improved Best & Worst Player Lists
    • Version 1.4
      • Removed ability to + Rep Yourself
      • /rep [playername] is now Case Insensitive
    • Version 1.3
      • Fixed Duplication Error
      • Fixed Player Not Found Messages
      • Removed best/worst list limit
    • Version 1.2
      • Added Player Messages For the Targeted Player
    • Version 1.1
      • Added additional User Commands
      • Added Best/Worst Command
      • Fixed Default Reputation
      • Fixed /rep reset Command

    Important: This version is not currently working on CraftBukkit #456, I will upload the patched version soon.

    [MC]Reputation_1_7.zip (Current Version for Current CraftBukkit Builds)

    [MC]Reputation.zip (Version 1.7 with older CraftBukkit Build Support)
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    Thanks for developing this plug-in! [​IMG] I'll test it out in a bit and post some feedback.
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    Yes, great useful plugin, but isn't the point to have other players give others rep for helping them, or being nice?

    I think you should add the command to add rep to a player to normal players.
    But make it timed, i.e Cannot use it twice withing an hour.
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    Awesome idea! I was hoping for something like this! cant wait to test it. I think it would be nice to have other player input. But maybe handle it by asking plaers to /mail an Op with a recommendation to give a player Rep.
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    this seems familiar....
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    I like that this plugin can be great for a mod team keeping track of players behavior.

    A way to list out every with under or over a certain reputation (like a way to see every with under 10 rep)
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    Yeah, I'll see about adding a timed (2 uses everyday) reputation command for everyone to use which just increases or decreases the target's rep by 1. It wasn't added to the prior release as the request didn't require it.

    I'll also see about adding a Top Players command too so players can check the most positive rep people e.g. those above 50.

    I've updated the plugin with the aforementioned features. Dropbox is currently experiencing problems so I'll serve the file. (MDit Download Link)

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    Put in a feature like the Phpbb forums where if users receive too many negative reputations they get banned/kicked from the server.
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    Isn't working on #126 - can't give or take rep.

    Also if it isn't already in the plugin - I'd like to suggest that it notifies a player when they receive a +/- rep and showing who gave it to them.
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    I was thinking about adding methods to the plugin so other developers can take advantage of the Reputation values and create plugins to aid that sort of integration with forums or automatic banning/kicking as you stated. It would even be possible prevent building if a players rep is too low.
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 6:02 PM ---
    I've just tested the build against #126 and it's working, are you using the correct commands for your privilege level ?

    As for the player notification, i'll see about adding that to the build.
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    Yup, I tried (And so did others in the server) /rep + playername, to no avail.
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    @Pawned Can you read the Reputation values e.g. /rep [playername] ?
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    Yes - but because we can't alter rep, it simply says "[Reputation] Can't find playername!".
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    I do believe there is an issue with 1.1 and 1.2, fixing it now.
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    1.2 allows /rep +/- to work but things like /rep best and /rep playername seem very buggy, also you spelt "Received" wrong and you can /rep +/- as many times as you like without waiting. Also after just rep +ing a person twice, it said they had 22 rep. So yeah... I think the whole plugin is slightly broken :p.

    I'll wait patiently for a fix :)
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    1.2 suffered from a duplication error with the users file, i've corrected the spelling mistake too, I was just working quickly to get you a fix out, sorry !

    The no-waiting policy is intentional, it's only an increment of +/-1 to a Rep value anyway.

    Update: Fix Uploaded (Version 1.3) same Download link
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    When i do /rep Best.
    My nick comes up 5 times with different values. 52,50,50,50,50
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    Please ensure you're using the latest build, re-download it from the link as I've changed it a few times in the past hour.

    I believe I fixed this problem in the last build, you need to overwrite the repusers.db you already have and replace it with the one from the .zip
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    Works fine. Is everyone supposed to start with 50 rep though?

    Also it's kind of exploitable due to the no wait limit and the fact you can + rep yourself.

    You also can't check your own rep, if I do /rep Pawned then it says it can't find me :p.
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    Yeah 50 is considered the High value (You can change it in the repusers.db file, 0 and below is low, 50 and greater is higher), I'll remove the ability to + rep yourself (exploitable indeed).

    When I'm testing I can check my own Rep, I can't find a problem with that.

    Edit: If you're using a display name plugin, this plugin only stores your login name.
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    Though I am using plugins that alter display names, this is not the issue. My Minecraft username is "Pawned", typing /rep Pawned does not show me my rep.
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    I think I've found your problem, I've coded the plugin to accept lowercase names, you need to type "pawned" rather than "Pawned" :p. I'll change this in a later build but not now as it's only a minor issue.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, but thanks for helping out with the debugging ! :)

    Update: I've patched 1.4 to make the /rep Case Insensitive
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    Great - thanks. :)

    Could you possibly improve the best/worse system? It'd be a lot nicer if it just simply grabbed the top/bottom 5 players, instead of the system it's using now.

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    I did originally put that type of ranking in place while I was testing the plugin, I'll see about implementing it in a release as the output can be unlimited in the current version.

    I've just released Version 1.5 which firstly adds a "Per User" 20 Second Cooldown to the /rep +/- commands (to avoid exploitation) and secondly features a re-worked Best/Worst Players list which shows a maximum of 5 users with a reputation 10 below the max or 10 above the minimum respectively.

    Hope you're happy with the new Version, try it out and tell me what you think !

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    Bumpin for awesome
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    1. Best/Worst doesn't work correctly.
    2. Why even put a 20 second cooldown on? Why not make it so people can only rep someone once? Surely adding another table in to keep track of the rep transactions can aid with this.
    3. Should be two different /rep help for admins and players. Players shouldn't get the add command.

    Can we possibly get the source?

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    I've updated the Plugin to version 1.6 (See OP), this fixes the Best/Worst List and adds OP and generic user usage phrases which are accessible by typing /rep. In my opinion and indeed others, the need for a "Cooldown" to the /rep +/- commands is definitely required, this prevents users from frequently using the command and encourages them to use it wisely. This also limits the writes the plugin has to do to keep the data file up-to-date. All other functions are handled in memory, the plugin performs a write upon each modification to a reputation value, this ensures that the data is maintained even if the host server crashes.

    Players never had access to the /rep add command, I've tested this myself and it's not possible, only defined OPs can use it along with the other OP specific commands.

    I don't plan on releasing the source till I've cleaned it up and I'm sure that it's all working correctly, though I will most likely release the source quite soon.
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    Your [MC]Reputation.zip (Latest Version) is corrupt. The zip will not open.
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    Same error here, Google Chrome 10 (Dev), Windows 7 x64, WinRAR x64.

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