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    Live player updates for tectonicus

    Version: v1.22

    What does it do? teclp updates the positions of your players on your tectonicus map dynamically.


    • Setup tectonicus:
    • Setup teclp:
      • Download teclp.zip (link further below).
      • Unzip teclp.zip.
      • Copy the content to yout plugins folder.
      • Switch into the plugins/teclp directory and edit the config.yml (More infos under options).
      • Have fun.
    • Options:
      • distance-for-update: Values between 1 to 100, should be good.
        Low values: teclp updates often.
        High values: teclp updates seldom.
        Explanation: If a player moves more then the given distance. All players locations will be updated.
      • worlds:
        Each world for which teclp should create a tectonicus players.js must be specified.
        In the following form.
                 world: #First world
                      - '/Path/to/output/'
                     - '/Path/to/second/output/'
                 nether: #Second world
                      - 'C:\Windows\path\to\output\' 
        You can add as many worlds and as many output paths for them as you wish.
      • debug: Default value false.
        If true gives you additional informations about whats happening.


    • Live update for players positions (only tectonicus supported).
    • Variable update frequency (distance-for-update).
    • Multiple outputs for one world.
    • Multiple worlds supported.
    Download teclp: Here jar only
    Source Code: github

    • Version 1.0
      • First public release.
    • Version 1.01
      • Fixed warp/teleport bug.
    • Version 1.10
      • Added cavemap support.
    • Version 1.11
      • Fixed multiple outputs
      • Added multiple worlds (Not yet fully functional)
    • Version 1.2
      • Fixed multiple worlds
      • Added proper error messages.
    • Version 1.21
      • Fixed TSLC
    • Version 1.22
      • some small fixes and refactoring
    Planned/Feature Requests:

    • Hide/display player command. LOW
    • Fixed/Low update frequency for large servers. LOW
    Know Bugs:

    • Depending on the plugin you use, you might need to do a manual reload before teclp sees multiple worlds.
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    Needs an update for build 600! :D
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    Good to know will be done this we.
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    Are you planning to support 1.4? Either way just wanted to say thanks for this plugin!
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    Planning to hope I will get it done today
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    Hello, do you get it done? It will be very cool when you finished it.
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    Yep, I am waiting for it too.
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    The thing is I'm waiting for OrangyTang (the creator of Tectonicus), for adding one feature I need for the upcoming release of teclp, ich will include pretty much everything dynmap has. So you guys want a fast (and somewhat dirty) update for 600, or do you rather want to wait some more time till OrangyTang manages to add the feature?
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    This looks great! I'll use it if I ever get tectonicus set up.

    I'm running a headless Amazon ec2 server with some obscure Amazon version of fedora. Can you please explain in plain English how I can get tectonicus set up on it? I'm not too good with linux... Thanks!
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    We want fast and dirty update for the latest recommended CraftBukkit snapshot and later the updated version after OrangyTang will releases a version with feature you mentioned.

    Take a look at the official thread here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1022&t=95739
    Need to be said, running Tectonicus on a headless machine is a very, very complex. If you're not too good with Linux, your chances to get it working are vanishes.
    It's better to copy your world directory to your home machine, Linux or Windows (didn't important while it is not headless), render the map and upload it to the server.

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    You might get it to run unter a Debian/Ubuntu system but other then that it really hard.

    @Hrdkr: I feared that. I will start hacking asap.
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    Thanks, mate, you are doing a great job.
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    Ok, thanks, I guess that's the easiest way to do it.
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    Hey I'm nearly done, but I would need some testers.
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    I'll gladly help testing.
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    Me too.
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    Hm at the moment it felt asleep. I'm still working on it but due to RL I'm currently not able fix it.
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    RL = Real Life?
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    Yeah. I'm doing my final exams really soon.
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    Good luck then.
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    Hey guys just a short update. I managed to get back to working at teclp and I MAY release some sort of beta this evening. Sadly I completly throw away backwards compatibility, but it is now faster, better an feature richer then ever before ;-)

    Ok forget that. I never said that I will release something today right ? You never heard it ...
    Here you go http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23297274/Projects/Bukkit/teclp/beta/teclp-beta.zip

    As long as teclp is running nobody will be able to login on your server .... (Sad, sad penguin) and to get teclp running you will need to copy (or do a ln there) your tectonicus output to plugins/teclp/data/ and you will need to modify the config.yml to something that works (Report back) or just delete it.

    I'm away over the we so don't expect anything till next week (tm)

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    I develop a similar plugin as yours and maybe adding a few functions to the web like built in webserver and/or weather+time.
    Would you allow me to use some of your .js and .html parts?
    It would help my lazyness ;)
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    I'm afraid I'm not in a position of allowing it ;-) The web code is based upon the orignal code of OrangyTang and is further redeveloped by DarkLiKally. So I'm not the one to ask.
  24. Is there a Solution for theProblem with?
    I tried the installation readme on wiki.

    I tested it to start it with:
    and with
    Using Debian 6 x64
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    The Question wich distibution of linux are you using, you might have to fix xvfb
  26. I use Debian 6 with 64 Bit
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    An idea of when you will support 2.00 and 860 ?
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    As soon as I get some free time, I will update the codebase and hopefully get everything to work they way I want it to ;-9
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    Are you planning on updating this soon? I would definitely love to use it!
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    Has any one actually figured out a way to make the icons move on the map while players move in game without refreshing the page?
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    I'm going to add that as soon as I have updated the plugin.

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