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    LogSign - Leave a sign behind when you log out:
    Version: v0.3b

    LogSign is a plugin designed to leave a sign behind when a player logs out so people do not build on top of players. This way they don't spawn in to their death. One of the beta testers and I were playing around with building on top of where someone logs out one night and found when you log back in if someone had built there it didn't throw the player off to a safe place. So you start taking damage and die if you can't find your way out in time. So after searching all I found was a request so I decided to take a stab at forking a plugin and making my own to do this. So don't be too harsh ;)

    No permissions to set

    Download Plugin: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20201238/LogSign_rar
    Source Code: https://github.com/DDMoose/Log-Sign


    • LogSign drops a sign with player name, random afk meesage, date and time of log out.
    • When player rejoins the server, the sign is removed.
    • Customizable messages (To customize open up /LogSign/messages with a text editor like SciTE and put in what ever messages you like)
    • Make a little better grief proof. Was thinking maybe 3x3x3 bedrock cube?
    • Add multi world support(Hopefully gonna try to add this weekend if I'm not to busy)
    Bugs & Errors:
    • Currently no multi world support(player logging off on secondary worlds will produce an error)
    Found a Bug? Got an error?
    There is a couple ways you can report it
    [email protected]
    Or here on the forums
    (*Which ever way you choose please be sure to include CraftBukkit version. plugin version, any errors from the server log, what you were doing when you got the error, and any other info you think might be important.*)

    Special Thanks and Credit

    The guys over at DeathSign(scoutisimba and codename_B) for releasing their source so I could fork it to make my plugin. Saved tons of time and made starting off much easier having a base to work with.

    And of course my beta testers as well for putting up with all my updates and testing over the last couple nights.
    • TaintedLives
    • DevyOrHal
    • Lilith8984
    Concept Idea was from Brock Blocking Samson's post @

    Version 0.3b
    • Public Release
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    I like this plugin mainly so I know where to build Obsidian cubes around those that annoy me. (DevyOrHal)
  3. This may work exactly the opposite of the reason to put it in....
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    Seems a much better way that having to manually open the nbt files to figure out where a player is, so they can log in on a pp-tnt combo. I did that to a bunch of users on April 1st.
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    Yay for using this to Grief!
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    Could edit what the signs say then people would just think they are random signs floating around. Or even like claiming land signs maybe. Then not tell pubs joining your server the plugin is on the server but only your trusted regulars.
  7. /plugins kinda displays the plugins running on the server? Lol, so kinda hard to hide, unless you plan on intercepting that before the server gets it?

    - a 3x3x4 bedrock cube would probably be pretty annoying, if people log out in your house or stuff like that.
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    Considered inactive.

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