[INACTIVE][INFO] JoinTell v0.1 - Tells players "Welcome to our server!" every time they join! [1509]

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    MOVED TO BUKKITDEV!!! Click here :)
    Just to be telling you, most of the stuff is there.

    JoinTell - Tells players "Welcome to our server!" every time they join
    Version 0.1
    Builds compatible: [1337 - 1509]

    Up-Coming Updates:

    LEGEND --

    Green = Almost Done
    Blue = Half Way Done
    Orange = Just Started
    Red = Not Started
    • Make it editable
    • In-game editing (after ^^ one)
    • Make it work with color
    • Give me suggestions!
    Thanks to:

    Orcem12 - He helped me with the config file

    How you can help:
    • Tips of java
    • Making a video
    • Encourage me to do more plugins
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

    Q: Where do you download it?
    Q: Where is the changelog?
    Q: What can you do with it?
    A: Go on the top of this forum

    Q: How do I install it?
    A: Just drag the jar into the plugins folder

    If you want to donate to me, please click here. (me subscribe button!)
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    looks like a ok plugin but it needs a editble config like essentials
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    As you can see in my To Do, I'm trying to do that. I might do that today! MIGHT
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    It's fairly simple, private message me and I can show you in like 5 minutes.
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    Can u teach me? (I don't know how to private message)
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    King Rat

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    @King Rat
    I'm sorry, is that an insult? I'm sure it is not. If it isn't then please ignore the following:
    /rant Me and you both know this plugin can be written in 5 secs. But I've been chatting with him, he really wishes to start developing. At least he actually wrote the plugin. So many plugins these days have been stolen or do the exact same thing as a different plugin. But give this guy a break, he's a good developer with quite a lot of potential. It's not fair to judge people off their very first plugins. Like mine was a continuation of plugin re-written by myself. It was bad. But I'm getting better which is exactly what I believe for this developer.
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