[INACTIVE][INFO] ItemId - 1.12 - Returns item id for easy reference [684]

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    ItemId - Shows the data id of the item you're holding.
    Version: v1.12

    This plugin returns the name and id an item.

    • /itemid - displays the id of the item in your hand
    • /itemid <data id number> - displays the name of the item that corresponds to that id number.
    • /itemid <item name> - displays the id of the item you've typed in. Note: Not case sensitive. Spaces are replaced with _ for better matching (ex diamond sword is diamond_sword).
    Quick Links
    • Upload the ItemId.jar file into your plugins directory.
    • Permissions setup, itemid.usecmd for those that can use the command.
    • None

    Version 1.12
    • Updated to work with craftbukkit 477+. Using onCommand now.
    Version 1.11
    • Removed the Stupidly long contructor
    • Added optional permissions support
    Version 1.1
    • Added support for /itemid <number> and /itemid <string>.
    • Removed instances of bukkit.*
    Version 1.0
    • Public Release
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    thanks for this man, much appreciated :)
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    You should try adding a right click function for blocks that have been placed.
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    I can do that. Sorry for the late response.
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    I could do that.
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    hey searching for an alternativ to searchids and found this, but i cant get it to work. i get an unknown command with CB453, Perm2.4 and itemid1.11.
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    I haven't tried it with permissions 2.4 yet, does it work without it? I'll have to look into 2.4
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    ok its an permission problem:(
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    I'll try to get an update out for you in the next couple days, I generally don't code on the weekends :)
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    ok, no problem, thanks for ur help:)
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    It works fine with Permissions 2.4 and craftbukkit [477]. What confused me is Permissions now requires that you rename config.yml to <name of your world>.yml, but once I figured that out I was able to use the command just fine.
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    This plugin is still supported and working with the latest recommended build.
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    How do you use Permissions with this mod? I'd like to set it so that moderators/admins can use it but not default users. Ive gotten Permissions to show the commands with /help to only mods/admins but moderators are unable to use the functions.
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    Missed that in the description. Sorry about that.
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    Works perfectly, thanks a ton!
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    No problem :)
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    Kevin Forte

    Does anyone know if this still works on 600+?
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    I just ran it in 602 and it loaded fine in console. In game, I'm not entirely sure but there's no reason it shouldn't.
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    Please update it to build 617 (latest recommented)
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    1.12 works fine in 617.
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    was coca beans added? i remembered when i tested it it showed up as a different item
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    How's this going for 670?
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    It works without a problem. Why not just try it instead of asking & waiting for an answer?
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    Nice plug-in!! Clean, basic and effective, uuhhh, just one suggestion: could you please update it to support RB740 (with the new minerails and such)? Thnx!
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    It should work with any minerals added as long as bukkit recognizes them since it just searches bukkit for their names. Do you have an example of one that doesn't work? (beyond colored wool and the mess that that is)
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    Does this work with 766?
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    cb 684 - inactive
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    I've been getting busier and busier with my life as of late and no longer have the free time I need to develop or maintain this plugin. Anyone that wants to take it over is more than welcome to, the latest source can be found here. It's been fun!
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    I'll test my java skills. I think it's best to start out updating someone else's plugin first before making your own ;)

    What does updating a plugin usually consist of? If it means making tons of new code, I don't think I'm up to the task.
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    This plugin is very easy to keep updated since what it does, bukkit never changes. You can add on to it just adding whatever it is people want, as for keeping it running it needs little to no work. Just keep tabs on major changes to bukkit to make sure they don't change something that this plugin uses to work.

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