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    DailyQuote shares a random quote when the onfigured command is used (/quote by default) or optionally, when a user joins the server and the plugin is configured to do so.

    1. Use any command you want to be given a random quote, just configure the settings file.
    2. Configure the settings to be given a new quote on login, or turn it off.
    3. Use ANY quote content you want, not just one website or topic, as long as you have the quote file downloaded.
    4. Does not give the same quote over and over.

    Possible Planned Features:
    1. Possible External web site integration? Honestly not sure if its worth it as websites just add lag.
    2. Colorized output, better formating.

    "Other plugin"
    I know that another plugin exists that is sort of like this.. but I also know that one is based around something that not everybody can agree on or wants to see (bible verses). I wanted a plugin that was both flexible and could serve the entire community, not just a small minority of it, that did also not force a topic or set content on others. So I coded my own. I feel that this plugin is different enough to be considered a entirely different plugin, and even if you do not feel that way the fact is I don't want to be stuck with bible verses so I coded my own. If you disagree with this that is your right, but I will ask the mods to remove any trolling/flaming that goes on in this thread so please be respectful.

    Jar Download:

    Quotes Files:
    I need your help. As you will see when you download the plugin and it creates the default quote file and settings automatically the quote data file is simple in format and is just one quote per line. Problem is, I don't have many quotes so the defaults are really slim. I need quote files! People who submit links to quote files by this thread will have their contributions to the community added here.

    Change Log:
    1/19/2011 @ 1am - Initial Release
    2/4/2011 @ 2:30pm - Added checks so the same quotes are not duplicated.

    Bukkit version:
    Bukkit version is #128 and it has been reported working with CraftBukkit #283 or higher. If you are using an older version please update, and if you find that it does not work with a newer version, please say so here so that I am notified.
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    Great plugin!
    Just 1 tip: you should make it so it doesn't show a quote 2 times in a row.
    Thnx for the great plugin! [​IMG]
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    Could you release the source? I would like to see it as an example :)
  5. Could you possibly make it grab random quotes from players in-game :p?
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    I'm at work atm but yes like all my other plugins I totally will be releasing the source.
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    Attached Below... One of my Favorite Quote Text Files... Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy.
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 9:08 PM ---

    Do you think it would be possible to detect if there isn't enough space on the current line for a word to fit and continue a quote on the next line? I'm not sure if it would be easy, but it would make the output of QOTD look a whole bunch cleaner. If thats not possible, is there a character that can be inserted manually for a new line? Maybe something like \n?


    Ok... Here is another quotes file...

    This one has a few "retro" computer references in it.. this file contains over 500 quotes, perfectly formatted to fit within a single line in minecraft.


    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 10:21 PM ---

    Do you think it would be possible to have this plugin support multiple text files, and assign a command to each one, configurable via the dailyquote_settings.txt?

    For example..

    #DailyQuotes Config File
    #Thu Jan 20 13:04:00 EST 2011
    #Add on files are named with the command that calls them .. ie. dailyquote_hint.txt, dailyquote_joke.txt, etc.
    It would be nice to use your plugin for random hints, rules, or possibly other uses I haven't even thought of yet. Maybe even triggered by NPC's in the future.

    What do you think?


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    My MOTD is so huge, i'd rather if it just said quotes at random intervals. Maybe once every couple of hours. Is that doable?
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    To answer all your questions:

    Yes it is possible to have it quote at random or set intervals.

    Yes we need to count the letters and make sure the next word is set to the next line.

    I wanted to apologize for my vanishing act of the last few days; work has been hectic and on top of that my AC cord for my computer that has my dev environment broke; I dont have a laptop battery charger for it and it will not charge as the AC adapter is broken. I have a new cord/ac ordered and its in ship right now - just got the email - so in a few days I will be able to charge it up and fiddle with the ssh keys so I can add the source.
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    While your updating your plugin to guidelines.... Suppose you wouldn't be working on an update would ya? the random quote on interval idea would be fantastic to see. [​IMG]
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    Thread and plugin updated.

    Plugin no longer allows the same quote to be given in a row, as it keeps track of the one last used and refuses to give it out as a d unless it has no choice. This check will be reset if you reload your quotes..
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    I now have added top 75 Chuck Norris facts!
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    Dropbox updated.
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    So, about that 1.3 update that came through today. Noone else has probably noticed yet, but you have some contructors that are out of whack according to Bukkit... can we get an update? ;)

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    Mr Jimi

    perhaps make it so that each in game day a quote gets put up?
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    I had a death in my family so sorry for the being away, but I had to travel a bit and I simply did not have time for minecraft while dealing with funeral arrangments/etc.

    As soon as people remove all unofficial (And unwanted, I asked you guys not to do that!) builds fr all my plugins, etc I will work on an update.
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    An update of this is in the pipe, but all I had time for today was to update ExtendedDay, Noon, and Murder.
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    I wish feverdream would pop in like a masquerading hero with an update to this plugin and save the day, just as I always hoped he would... ;)

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