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    CompassLock - Lockon your friends and team:
    Version: v0.1

    This has been requested by a fellow user of Bukkit. CompassLock is a very simple plugin which has one command to set your compass' target to another player, or the world's spawn (as set by default).
    The commands have permission nodes which is supported by Nijiokun's Permissions (latest version). For future versions there will probably be targeting of specific areas, NPC's (Citizens support),
    and more. I am still wide open to suggestions for this plugin, just PM me or reply below.

    * Permissions by Nijiokun Support. (latest version)
    * Locks on a player target, or the world's spawn.
    * Very light-weight and compatible.
    * Aliased commands.

    Permission Nodes:
    - compasslock.player

    - /compasslock player [target]
    - /compasslock spawn
    - /cl player [target]
    - /cl spawn

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Source Code coming soon.

    Version 0.1
    * Released CompassLock v0.1
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    Thanks for making this :D
    Going to test this when im done with my schoolwork lol ~.~
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    No problem =) Leave any suggestions for me, I will try me best to complete them.
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    Ehm i tried to go to a friend of mine, with the compass ,
    it will only work with the spawn :p
    i did /cl kip and he did nothing, not even a message :p
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    Would be cool if we could lock the compass to defined points as well.

    My server has many city-states, one very far from each other. Would be cool if we could do a /cl city1, so people wouldnt be lost.
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    Please reread the command, it is /cl player kip
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    Same , it keeps locking to spawn
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    Suggestion : lock on last death lcoation so you can find your gear
    (Even more usefull with DeadManChest plugin)
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    OMG YES! This is pretty much what I've always wanted haha :)

    Simple request:

    Add compass points so you type: /compassset Towm

    then you can type /cl Town and it will lock to that town.

    Thanks :)
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    An option to set the compass North, like real ones do?
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    Is this supposed to work at all? Last time I checked the API for setting a player's compass location was bugged.
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    Doesn't appear to work using RB766...then again it doesn't claim to lol
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    Who does still schoolwork :D
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    Omg exactly thats what i searching for!
    My mate always going away when we playing on my private server and he always get lost.
    So many thanks for it .
    Btw source would be AWWEEEESOME :)
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    Thats exactly what I heard..
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    Same here. I tried with 766 and it didn't seem to work at all
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    please update to latest recommended CB
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    It's not the plugin. Player.setCompassTarget() doesn't have any effect. It's been like this for a while.
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    It's because setting compass, since 1.3, is client side, after a player presses Leave Bed button. (I believe so)

    Maybe a way to send a packet with a fake "Leave bed"?
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    @vaiquero : Please test against latest RB or considered inactive. You may also want to add a wget friendly download.
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    This seems like it will go great with WorldEdit's compass teleporting (or my own QuickPort plugin once it's been reworked for the latest RB). Nicely done.
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    #740 inactive

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