[INACTIVE][INFO] AFKCommands v1.1 - /afk and /back [818 - 860]

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Must AFKCommands have only 1 command ? ( ONLY /afk )

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    [INFO] AFKCommands v1.1 - /afk and /back [818 - 860]

    Version: v1.1

    Player can set them to AFK by typing /afk
    And if they type /back then they are NO-AFK

    AFK Commands:

    /afk - to set you afk
    /back - to set you no-afk



    Need plugin:
    edit the config of iChat to:
    message-format: '+prefix +displayname: +message'
    +name must be change to +displayname

    • Players can set them to afk and back to no-afk
    Download AFKCommands
    Source Code [coming soon]

    • Add /afk list

    Version 1.1: ( 11/06/2011 )
    • Changed Your AFK --> You're AFK
    • Changed Your back --> You're back
    Version 1.0: ( 10/06/2011 )
    • Releasing plugin
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    iChat link
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    please change Your AFK to You're AFK. this is so terrible english :(

    plugins.bukkit.org -> ichat in search field

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    Yes. Your is a possessive (a word that shows ownership, as in "your shoes"); you're is a contraction of "you" and "are"-- that's what the apostrophe (this thing --> ' ) is for. Possessives that are related to pronouns (he, she, we, it, they, etc. - words that take the place of nouns for length purposes) do not contain apostrophes. This can be somewhat confusing since most words, like "house," earn an apostrophe when attempting to denote ownership. Something owned by a house is the house's. This is not the case, though, for pronouns, so people see "it's" and "you're" and think that things are owned by it and you. Not the case, for ownership, "its" and "your" should be used. These are the only two words where this gets mixed up, since the difference in pronunciation becomes blatantly obvious between "he's" and "his," "we're" and "our" and so on.

    I don't mean to sound condescending, I actually hope this helps you and others.
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    Are you being serious right now? writing up a whole english lesson for a foreigner? Stop fail trolling.
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    Are you being serious right now? Who said he's a foreigner? Even still, what's wrong with learning?
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    sorry guys I have changed it + download link :p

    I live in Belgium :p
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    I don't care if he is a foreigner but MOST of the time when someone does not speak english they are a damn foreigner. Even then you do NOT have to act like a grammar nazi everytime someone makes a few mistakes. I mean seriously?? He misspelled You're with your, a lot of people make this mistake.
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    thanks and at @cholo71796 Your afk would mean that the afk is owned by you ?!? You're afk means that i am away from keyboard so i was right. anyways, thanks @matjer
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    no problem :D
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    Yeah, I was agreeing with you.

    I don't really see that as justification.

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    oh okay :)
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    you don't see it as justification that he made a mistake ? Between you're a dumbass and your a dumbass?
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    I'm saying that making a mistake doesn't mean you should continue making mistakes. Hurrp.
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    if you make a DNDCommands plugin that would be great :p
    or i could make it myself once you release the source code ^_^
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    Why do u use the word "damn" ?
    Are your been racist? by using the word "damn" to describe a foreigner?
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    Neither. Just a ligament of speech.
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    it would be better if a message(which could be customizable) is displayed if the player is afk like:
    %PlayerName% is now AFK!
    %PlayerName% is nomore AFK!
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    Would be coool if it would be posible to call up a list who is AFK like with "/AFK list"
    and then shows in chat:
    %PlayerName% 1 is AFK
    %PlayerName% 2 is AFK
    %PlayerName% 3 is AFK
    %PlayerName% 4 is AFK
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    @svict4 : DNDCommands ???
    @Iso : That all the players see when a player typ /afk ?
    @Sicarius75 : Great idea
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    Both those features above would be useful.
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    Yes, because many people on servers don't wanna type in that they are afk. And it would be more comfortable
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    the afk list would be better if it was just a regular /list command, that displayed something like
    Online: person1, person2
    AFK: person3, person4
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    @matjer /dnd and /back
    DND meaning Do Not Disturb of course
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    Works thanks
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    if a person is AFK can it be attacked?
  28. realy lice plugin
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    [Afk] doesnt appear before my name in chat just like the picture
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    @nunber1_Master: Did you changed the "+name" in the iChat config to "+displayname"?

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