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    Grenade Mod
    This mod allows you to use eggs as grenades.
    Just throw an egg with a rightclick and it will explode when it touches the ground.
    • use eggs as grenades

    Have fun and don't destroy your buildings ;D
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    Definite copy of code. If not, probably a virus. If its actually legit, my sincere apologies.
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    Well I opened both jars and it looks like this just makes eggs explode, the previous one uses /throw. So unless I am not seeing something you are just blaming someone without actually checking those downloads!
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    I think he was making assumptions based on the lack of effort put into the OP's post
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    Name Goes Here

    Okay, I downloaded and tested the plugin. It's actually not a copy of EggRenade.
    Differences: EggRenage causes a TNT to form at the site of the egg landing. The Egg waits a few seconds before exploding. This plugin instantly explodes. Also, this plugin is commandless.
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    Well, sorry. It isn't stolen then, I just usually lie around minecraftforums.net and the last time I saw something that looked like something else and had a wrong title, it had a config.exe inside and WAS a virus; it was called the rope mod. I didn't check this out because I don't know if its possible to auto-use a config.exe upon opening a .jar file. Sorry for auto-assuming, but OP you need to add some information and fix your title.
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    @STORMTROOPER update your post or this will be considered inactive
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    Source Code?
    It's Basic and i want to learn!
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    legit or virus? can someone be nice and get a virus scan report??? nice plugin but lack of details makes me wonder

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