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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RedFoxRedI, Aug 6, 2011.

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    update please
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    it would be great if this mod would work with chest-minecart too. Minecart gives the impression to arrive from the another bank by rails, explaining the same content of the cart
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    Update to 1317?
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    Very Nice Plugin!
    Would be great with you could do this as a Npc add on, where when you click on the npc it acts as your chest,
    which would allow you to make public bank around your server, where you can access you items.
    But nice plugin anyway, as said before
  6. ye, you should add this.
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    If I create a global bank and another global bank somewhere else. Could someone else look at that bank and see their own bank account instead of mine? This would be useful for RPG servers with bank located in different cities.
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    Wonder if this plugin is dead..if so hope someone can take it over as its a great plugin.
  9. Doesnt work for me i add the chests do gcb savebanks, ill then go to a chest put something inside of it, then go to another chest that is also a bank and its not in there?

    Do i have to have bukkitcontrib installed because im using spout and bukkit contrib crashes the server whenever i open a chest...
  10. Please update this is a great plugin and nobody else on bukkit has one like this!
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    Have you been busy?

    This plugin is really great, I hope you don't let it go!
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    I will continue the work in a little while.
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    What is the status of this? this plugin is amazing and a must have!!!

    edit:sorry just saw what time you posted that last reply :x
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    Cant wait for this to be updated. love the way you can choose how large the slots are!
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    Looking forward to this being updated as I made my entire spawn around a bank but without this plugin I just have a sign saying "under construction"
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    Would need an update to iConomy 6
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    Please update this.
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    I dont use an economy plugin as bartering is what it is all about.
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    I put together a version of this that works with the recent 1.0 bukkit builds. With full support for all (valid) enchantments, and multiple enchantments per item etc. Also I added register support so it can be used with loads of economy plugins (essentials, icon5, icon6, BOSE, some others i forgot...).

    I can post a link or give it to redfox if he approves. :)

    However I did strip out some features, so I removed contrib support and his update method for converting from old builds.
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    hehe i love this plugin but there is 1 small isue with the 2.0 version...

    Dispenser wont save there stored items when this plugins in installed..
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    What i am doing wrong! It doesn't work!
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    it work perfectly for me, last dev bukkit, last dev CB and last gcb, what's your problem @Sirharry0077? explain what doesn't work
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    I will start updating this on Tuesday... so... stay tuned!
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    plz insert chest minecart support ;)
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    *Chrees 4 you* :)
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    Kasper Bjerby

    Can you plss make a non-spout/contrib version?
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    Will never work.
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    Glad to hear it, hope my little bits of code helped.

    At least not without the really annoying, walking far enough away method.
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    Uh... its way passed Tuesday :p
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    Yes it is. The new version gets tested right now, and if there are no major complaints i will release it around christmas.

    And yes, Exote is right, at least at the moment there will be no version without Spout. The reason is simple: As far as I know Spout is the only thing that supports events on chest close or inventory close. And since this feature is crucial for my plugin, there will be no version without spout.
    Besides I ll stop the support of BukkitContrib, because it is outdated.
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    heck ya. love the feature to eduit chest sizes. 27 slots is way too much

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