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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RedFoxRedI, Aug 6, 2011.

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    @po5: try out version 2.0 ;)
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    Matt Blair

    Just so you know, using the "/reload all" command completely wrecks your plugin. I will /reload all, and any chest that was specified as a bank becomes just a regular chest. Not sure how to fix this, but I wanted to let you know. And no, doing the /gcb reloadbanks command does not fix this issue. I'm not getting any errors in console, either. Restarting the server does not fix this issue either.
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    can you make this compatible with bukkit permissions?
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    EDIT: the problem was my fault.
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    @Matt Blair it wasn't designed to be compatible with an "reload all" command, but thanks for the information.

    @thepackett i will do it once i have enough time, yes.

    @Kardocraft it wasn't your fault.
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    Nope another problem was my fault. I didnt use the command at the right way :p.
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    The normal chest deletion glitch is fixed, but now I can't access any bank. Once I do /gcb add to a chest, it says bank added, but when I right click on it, nothing happens (dev build 2.0.1) and when i revert to 1.2.3 whenever I add a bank, it still registers as a normal chest.
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    OMG thank you this is an amazing plugin... this is probably one of the most useful plugins i have!! THANK YOU!
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    this looks like a really cool plugin and i know your busy but im having a problem with it I place a chest type /gcb add it says the bank is created i try to access it it says my account is created but it wont let me in to the box no mater what item i use to click on it i'm kinda new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated i thought it would be the permissions but i double checked them with this sight and they seem to be good im running the latest version of your plugin I know this is not much to go on but if you need more info ill try to git it to you
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    First of all read your server log if there is any hint that an error or something occured. I also need to know which permissons system and version you are using and wheter you run on spout or bukkitcontrib.
    Just to be sure, by latest you mean the development build?
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    never mind i had BukkitContrib.jar in the plugins i deleted it so there is nothing wrong with your plug in as a matter of fact it one of the best iv seen thank you so much by the way i found out what was wrong when the server said my username was not updated correctly.
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    According to my members, their banks were wiped somehow, I wasn't online at the time so I can't show any logs, but just saying this to let you know that there is still something that wipes chest somewhere in the code :)

    Great plugin, a suggestion though, when a player does /gcb add, could you make it so nobody can destroy the chest, or make an option for it at least.

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    @Scowen Ok, i will check it. The permission node 'remove' determines wheter you can destroy it or not.
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    sorry I thought i had it fixed but I was wrong it was working fine I changed nothing and now when I go in to the bank chest all the items are gone no errors where found in the server logs i am running spout with gcb 1.2.3 the newest one permissionsbukkit v1.2
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    I went back to to the old version and everything seems to be working fine now I don't see much of a differences in the way the two versions act and its a really a cool plugin so i'm glad I listened and backed up the server before I used the new version but its well worth taking the time to work out the bugs to git this plugin to work thank you for creating it.
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    I fixed the problem, but I still have absolutely no cue what happened. I just deleted the plugin from my server and reinstalled it.

    Awesome plugin, and it's useful for when we make a new world too (Users put the items they want to keep in a bank chest, then I make one in the new world, they keep the items they put int it). Hope to see you add EssentialsEconomy support in the future :p
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    I found another bug. When I use the dev versiopn and you put something in a furnace and open it later again all the stuff in it is lost. I tried it only running your plugin and spout and the bug was their and with a clean server the bug wasnt there.
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    is there any other download link beside the one from rapidshare?
  20. Essentials Eco support maybe?
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    its sounds nice.
    is it like a bank chest that everyone sees their one items ???
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    Is this still an active plugin?? id like to use this for clans but im not sure its 1185 compatible yet
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    OMG! If I had known this were here sooner... ty! :)
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    This is exactly what I was looking for for my RPG server. Excellent.

    btw I too love red foxes. beautiful animals. cheers XD
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    Could you support iConomy 6? that would be great!
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    Awesome plugin, my server does not totaly chrash now :)
    Two things, please support iconomy 6 or other economy systems (register api)
    And could you add that people have to pay money to make a chest, so not only admins can make banks?
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    im typing /gcb help, or add, nothing happens
    and im OP

    EDIT: Fixed, PluginSpy was causing this because the command starter with /gc
    Can you release the 2.0.1 source code ? its not in the .rar =( I had to decompile to change the command name to work, but it works nicely =]
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    @RedFoxRedI if u not continuing this, release source code or plz tell me where is the bug reseting chests ^^
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    Version 1.2.3 - people randomly lose their items
    Version 2.0.1 - when you put something inside a furnace the item disappears.
    No errors in log.
    Both bugs tested on cb1185, 1240 and 1317.
    Please fix it, this plugin is beyond amazing.

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