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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RedFoxRedI, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I know how that happened. we had a deadmanchest plugin. And sometime the chest was places in air. :p
    Thank you for fixing it.
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    @Ziden I will check it. Are you using Spout or BukkitContrib?
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    Im little bit stuck with giving permissions to players to acces a bank. IS it maybe possible to make a bank group so we can different groups of chest with the same content and that the owner of group can give acces to the group. And it looks like that the permissions dont work good. I want to give certain people acces but all people can acces it.
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    The bank sometimes gets contents of your inventory. Im not sure if Citizens or pvparena is causing this
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    I do not have any of them,
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    Very interesting... I'm currently looking into it.

    I could reproduce the bug. The cause seems to be a glitch with the inventory.close event. I have fixed it. I am currently checking wheter Permissions work and what the cause of the citizens problem is. Then I will release a fix.

    Released new Version 1.2.3
    Inventory copying bug fixed
    Added something that could solve the citizens (newest version) compatibilty problem (not sure, because i couldn't reproduce the bug and either citizens has no source published or i was not able to find it)
    Checked permissions (newest version) and couldn't find any problems. @Kardocraft if problem still is not solved you could send me your permissions file via pm so that i can figure out whats going wrong

    I will think about it and maybe add it with the next Version.

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    Thanx alot Red, ill be testing it today when i come home.

    BTW, could be usefull a command like /gcb open <player name> for admins, couldnt it ? :)

    Thanx for your attention !
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    I don't understand this completely but it seems anyone can make a bank chest.

    Would it be possible to only let "op" create a bank chest but all other players can access the bank? I was wanting to make a bank in my starting town but if anyone can create a bank chest then it would go against my idea for a bank in every town.
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    @Ziden someone already made this suggestion. I will add it with the next version

    @Deathfromace Normally if you don't use permissions it is defaulting to op, so that only the acces can be made by non-ops. If you use permissions then look into 'Permission nodes' in the first post.
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    "common chest for groups" for Factions maybe? :p So the group doesn't matter so much as the Faction does.
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    Thank you. I have ran into a plugin before that made it so you either used permissions or everyone could do everything..and with certain things that is bad. Thank you for the plugin I look forward to testing it out.
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    Request: I am glad it has a creation fee, can you also have an adjustable upkeep fee, as well as an adjustable interval in which this charges that upkeep fee. ex: Every 3days3hours3minutes and 33seconds (ingame or out of game) it charges a 100 coin upkeep fee to the owner, the bank becomes unavailable if the player cannot pay the fee, after 1 week the bank will swallow inactive bank items.
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    Nice idea, i will keep it in mind and implement it within a later version. Added it to the suggestions list.
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    commands doesn't work after enabling plugin in any type of ingame plugin manager

    you can add one chest in banklist.txt many times by "/gcb add"
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    hey red i think some people, including me, might like a way to share a 'bank account' such as above listed "a faction" so that a group of people or friends can use eachs other resources or if a guild leader or clan leader wants to reward everyone who joins the guild he can put items in it or something :p.. but its just a suggestion =]
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    @shadow I haven't designed it for any ingame manager. If you could tell me which one u use, I will look into it. For the second one: I know that and maybe it would be wise to disable it.

    @tommygoesha yeah, that seems to be right. At the beginning I wanted a light weight plugin, so when I figured out a nice way to implement it, I'll do it.
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    [blah blah irrelevant crap removed]
    I had problems with permissions, and for some odd reason it happened at the same time as I put in GCB.

    Problem solved, sorry to have cluttered your thread.

    Oh, and THANKS for the plugin! Made of WIN!
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    Joe Gandy

    I have a little issue. When opening the chests with tools or empty hand the chests are normal. The bank chest only opens when holding a block? Is there any known plugins that effect this one?
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    I have tested it a moment ago and I can access with empty hand and tools and it works. So it must be as you say some interference.
    In general it could be any plugin that somehow does something when player interacts. It could be that in the case of tool and hand the rightclick/interact event is cancelled and ist not forwarded to my plugin. You can send me a list of plugins that you use and I make a suggestion which one could cause the problem, then you could disable it and check. And if we have the cause I can somehow try to solve it.
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    Joe Gandy

    Sorry for the picture it's early and i'm not in the mood to write them out. :)

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    Ok thats quite a lot. First one I checked was SimpleWeaponsPermission. But I couldnt find the cause there. Before I start checking the others, I ll send you a version where my listener has a higher priority, i hope it will be called before the other one is called.
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    Legacy 2.7x permissions support please. I will love you forever.
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    Please give me a link, i can't find it.
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    Why does it need spout/bukkitcontrib to function?
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    I havent had the time to write the inventory close event on my own. BukkitContrib/Spout provides it.
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    Rater permissionsEx support.
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    Took me a while to find this. Great job!
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    Is there any way that this can be run without BukkitContrib or Spout? It seems like its conflicting with IndustrialCraft....:(
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    At the moment I dont see this possiblity because i think the way it opens the invetory GUI and the Inventory Closed Event is only possible by using Spout/BukkitContrib. Otherwise I must write it from scratch, and I have not the time for that at the moment.

    If you could tell in which way it is conflicting I could find a solution.

    I am currently working on the next version. Most of the things on the TODO list are already implemented, including permissionsEx support. I am looking for some testers, so if you are interested please contact me via PM.

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