[INACTIVE][GEN] TBOnline v0.1 - Online Users (show World & Groups/Prefix) [766-819]

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    Version: v0.1

    This plugin will show you the Online Users by Group, and will display the user name with their group or user Prefix, followed by the World they are on.



    • Will show Online Users by Group and User/Group Prefix, and their World..
    • Type: /list, /online, /who, /players or/playerlist
    • Need Permissions for this to work like described.
    • Works without Permissions also. Default is GREEN username for everyone.
    • Permissions support :) Currently cannot disable access for Groups/Users. It is accessible to everyone. Funny that it uses Permissions though and I didn't do this yet, but not that important.
    • Sort Groups by 'rank' variable in PermissionsPlus Plugin.
    Source Code - Eventually...

    Version 0.1
    • First release, will show Online Users by Group and User/Group Prefix, and their World.
    • Type: /list, /online, /who, /players or/playerlist
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    I am wondering, what does it take to get a plugin approved other than the content formatting that I have adhered to?
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    wow thanks for this i dont use essentials but another plugin for kind of "normal commands" such like warp , give etc. but such an online list was missing :)
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    already has ben made called ichat and its better
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    Tears :( Oh wait, no you are wrong, its not like iChat.... phew! good thing people cannot read plugins and their descriptions ... :) Please read properly before making senseless statements. iChat is like HeroChat, and HeroChat owns iChat bigtime. This is ONLINE PLAYER LIST. Does that make sense to you? This is not for chatting, or adding prefix or groups, it TAKES prefix and groups from PERMISSIONS to show in the PLAYERLIST!
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    Nice, this looks awesome :p Might want to add a wget download link thought. (Thats what it's called right?)
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    please update to latest recommended CB (i don't think there is a need for the version range either)
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    The first plugin that shows the normal number of players online, maybe could be done to directly show how the corner of players online? :rolleyes:
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.

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