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    It would be nice if these modes were available:
    > Mass-claim bookcases. It was annoying to type /shelfwrite for every single bookcase I owned. Especially since I owned a whole library of them. How about a /massclaim command, which you toggled on until you toggle it back off? Then just left click all your shelves. You can write on them later then. :D
    > Remove the 01: 02: 03: at the beginning of each line - it's kinda annoying!
    > Right click shelf again within the next 120 seconds to turn the page, if applicable.
    > More pages. 5 is not enough! And it should check how much pages are actually USED, too.
    > CopyShelf!
    > Infinite pages - although you have to manually add them (costs paper?)
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    First of all, you have some great ideas! I appreciate you taking the time to list them.
    1. Thanks for the idea! I knew the current way of viewing pages wasn't very elegant and was looking for a better method. I will likely implement this in the future.
    2. Shelf copying is a planned feature. I just haven't added it to the ToDo list yet. I might add an option to require a book to copy text.
    3. Text file importing is also a planned feature, but it is already on the ToDo list! I already have a method in mind for processing the text input.
    4. What exactly do you mean by custom location for shelf output? Similar to a sign interface?
    5. This sounds like an interesting concept. I'll think about it, but I can't make any promises.
    6. I don't really have the time or experience necessary to develop a client mod, but you might be able to mention to the creator of the mod you mentioned.

    I have a plan to make it where a Bookshelf will actually drop a Bookshelf when destroyed. Then you could just replace the them. I'd rather implement that since I can see it being more useful and widely appreciated.

    I put the numbers there so players could easily find and edit the line they wish. You would rather count individual lines to find the line number you wish to edit?

    All of these features are already planned. The max page and line count will both be configurable through Permissions. However, I would not suggest allowing all players to use an 'infinite' amount of pages if you run a larger server. Database size could grow very quickly when there are players with many 10+ page Bookshelves. I will leave this up to the admin though.

    Huh? You mean like display the amount of used pages? I suppose I could add this, but I don't really see much use.
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    1. There's only 10 lines, there's virtually no counting involved. I'd much prefer the line numbers gone, as it distracts from the reading. :<
    2. Sort of. You know when a bookshelf says "1 out of 5 pages"? It should only show the [amount of paper you put into the shelf/amount of pages you used]. Take your pick - adding pages per paper or just adding pages? :3
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    Not a problem!

    That, or I was thinking having a small text-box window to the top left, about where the coordinates would be on an F3 keypress. Though having looked through the java again, it looks like that's a client interaction.
    I have a plan to make it where a Bookshelf will actually drop a Bookshelf when destroyed. Then you could just replace the them. I'd rather implement that since I can see it being more useful and widely appreciated.

    Actually, yes. Since there's only 5-10 lines a page, it'd be easy to keep track of. The page tracker is good, though.

    It'd be good for when text documents can be imported, as well. I do see my players wanting to be able to read novels in their shelves. And I wish I were kidding <_<

    In the end, though, having the shelves with infinite pages wouldn't cause the SQL to bulk up as much as it could. Players still need to WRITE the stuff, and the common factor will be that more of them will be interested in digging/fighting/swimming/eating/building than writing.

    Therefore, the risk (overbloated files) would be offset by the likelihood (disinterested players). And even if one or two DO have the gift of gab, they'd only be bulking out as much as a potentially large text file. I've written RTF novels that are hundreds of pages long... and only ~100kb in size. My server can handle that. So a griefer would still only just end up making a spamcase, not a server lagcase.

    My issue, though, on thinking about it, would be the potential for malicious code insertion on public servers. Any way to shorten the number of characters per line?
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    1. The only reason I put the line numbers there is because I had the expectation of making the max line count configurable through Permissions. With the addition of the new Minecraft Video Settings option to adjust the GUI Scale, I figured I would give the option to have more than just the default 20 line limit for the chat window. I suppose I can do away with the numbers if not having them doesn't seem to cause much of a problem for anyone.
    2. I will have to agree with Zenithas and say the page tracker is fine as-is. I want players to be able to have blank pages if they wish.
    I appreciate the info! I don't mess with very many large text files so I just gave the advice thinking it's better to be safe than sorry :D. Regardless, the max page and line count will be configurable to the admin's will. Who would want to read novels through Minecraft?! That sounds like it would be such a pain. :eek:

    Just out of curiosity, what malicious code would you expect? I have already properly escaped any user-entered single quotes that would allow for alteration of my queries.
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    Well, one of the people on my server actually asked me if he could make stories with this thing, but he then became pretty disappointed upon finding that he could only do 5 pages. :<

    Also, the characters per line does not need to be decreased. If anything, it needs to be increased! =/
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    If you've already isolated the query end, then that'd address my concerns. Java code entry can be vulnerable to a malicious user who blocks off the end of a field entry, is all.

    Pretty tired atm, sorry if I'm not speaking as well as normal.
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    I'm getting an exception on entering /shelfwrite and right-clicking a bookshelf and when calling /shelfsave on the bookshelf.

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    Is this the first time you have used ShelfSpeak or are you updating from a previous version? If you don't have any shelves yet, I suggest you just delete ShelfSpeak.db and let the database recreate.
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    It's a clean install of the current version. I deleted the database from the ShelfSpeak folder but I'm still getting the exception. I dunno if interacting with the bookshelves is causing the problem or if its conflicting with one of the other plugins on my server.
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    Ive got a feature request for

    Scroll able text

    this would work like this you would place a sign on a bookshelf and if you look at the sign and use your mouseweel it would send you via chat the lines of the page your at

    this would greatly reduce the amouth of typing while reading long storys ^^
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    I haven't received any other reports of that error so there is a possibility that another plugin you have might be conflicting. Please provide a list of plugins you use and I will check for any problems.

    I'm not 100%, but I'm fairly sure that would need to be a client mod. I don't think you can access a user's mouse wheel action through the server. Good idea though. I'm looking into the previously mentioned 'timer' option for more convenient reading.
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    I think there is a painting mod that hooks the mousewheel. If I remember correctly they look for the change to the active slot of the player.

    Also, for second page you could make it so the second time they right click the same bookcase it shows page 2, third time would show page 3. Clicking a new bookcase would set it back to page 1

    Any way to toggle off the ability of right clicking to read a bookshelf? Would like to toggle it off so I can easily stack bookcases.
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    Where has this been all my minecraftian life?
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    It works great, but one problem.
    Everybody can demolish them, and if you'd use icoland, it returns empty... So everyone can destroy my books.
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    just a odd thing i want to report:
    somehow you seem to be not able to place selfs ontop of already claimed shelfs
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    Please update for 776? I keep gettin an error like the others.

    2011-05-05 18:41:14 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_MOVE to ShelfSpeak
    Also, mysql support would be great instead of sqlite

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    I'm glad you like it!

    I should be fixing this in the next update.
    You actually can't place any block against a Bookshelf by clicking the shelf. I originally did this to prevent any accidental block places while attempting read a Bookshelf, but I plan on removing this.

    I am going to try to put out an update this weekend. I have been working on multiple other necessary projects and have not had much time for extra activities.

    I'll look into supporting MySQL in addition to SQLite.
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    Or make the read-action a leftclick.
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    ShelfSpeak v 0.6 has been released!
    Check the Changelog for details.

    I apologize to everyone for the wait! I have been very busy with other development projects. Unlike this plugin, they are not just for fun. You've got to do what you've got to do.

    I mentioned this in a previous post, but I suppose you didn't catch it. I believe this error to be a problem with Permissions, not my plugin. I have reported the error and fix to the Permissions developer.
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    First just wanted to say thank you for this amazing plugin. We've been using it on a server of 30+ people with just over 50 plugins since v0.1. The bookcases have riddles in them which lead you to other areas/bookcases. The whole thing winds up being a huge, multi-part quest with a pretty nice reward at the end. Naturally, I can't be there to supervise the quest; it needs to work on its own.
    So, to the point: at random, text will disappear from shelves and the shelf will revert to "The Bookshelf seems to be empty..." If I open the database in a text editor, I can see pieces of strings I've entered into the reverted bookshelf. However, if I open the database in an SQLite editor it doesn't show the information at all. It's usually only one shelf at a time that reverts to the empty statement and even then it's not very common.
    Am I doing something wrong or have I configured something incorrectly? Or do you have an idea what our problem could be?

    Thank again for this plugin.

    P.S. We've been having this issue since v0.1 but have just been rewriting the bookshelves as they broke.
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    You're very welcome! Sounds like a great server. I bet you'll be happy if I'm able to add in redstone triggers.

    That is some very strange behavior. I'll examine the code to see if I can find any problems. If you've been having this problem since v0.1 then it shouldn't have to do with SQLite. I must just have some funky code somewhere. Have you noticed any pattern while this has been happening?
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    Hmm... this looks quite promising. We currently use IOBookCase, which does essentially the same thing, and I asked them about making the books "read" on redstone activation. They said they'd look into it.. about a month or two ago... I see you're researching the same deal with redstone and/or radius. If you get it working, you've definitely got yourself another user! :D
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    We would love to use this for our server (which is growing rapidly) but we need this to support MySQL instead of SQLite. We think this is a very useful and awesome plugin btw, I cant wait for it to support MySQL, because as of now, it inhibits server performance.
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    Bradley Hilton

    Any chance of this getting updated to work for 818? Cause it sometimes works but other times it throws errors. If so that'd be great! :)
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    I'll work on it some this weekend. Thank you for your patience!
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    Bradley Hilton

    Thanks for doing it! Adds to the server
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    Cant wait for 818!
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    Without further adeu.. I present ShelfSpeak v0.7 for CraftBukkit 860! Now with file importing. Check the How To for information on importing files.

    I'll be trying to work on MySQL next, guys. Sorry for the wait!
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    This mod looks fantastic. I am going to be creating a library on my server of many books so the linking to a text file would be nice. But here are some things that I was thinking about viewing the video:

    1. no line numbers (changes above say that's gone so yay)

    2. since a bookshelf is basically one book, it would be nice to be able to right click and view page 1 then right click again to view the next page and so on... kind of like flipping through a book (make this a feature that can be turned on or off since some may not like it) but in my case I may have many books so going from mouse to keyboard to type a page command and another page command and another page command could be tiresome. So the commands are great to have in there, but as an optional default feature .. just right clicking over and over will turn the pages .. so to speak.
    Since when you are in the chat window, the scrollwheel on the mouse does not activate the change active item... would you be able to right click the shelf and then be on page 1 then scroll to page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. using the mousewheel? then each time u right click the shelf you just start at page 1 again.
    this would be ideal

    3. being able to not display the 'edited by' tag

    4. being able to make just having a 'book title' in the place of 'PLAYERNAME'S BOOKSHELF' instead i could just have 'QUEST JOURNAL *** PAGE 1 OF 2. Since players can always just type 'PLAYERNAME'S BOOKSHELF' this would make the title much more configurable. (if it's already this way ignore this.. i plan on installing tomorrow.) This looks awesome though. Great work.

    5. I use the secret door plugin and sometimes that involves putting a bookcase in front of a door. Is there anyway to not use the mod on certain book cases or if the bookshelf has no content just make it do nothing like a normal bookshelf? instead of give you a message... this could be an option since some people may like it each way.
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